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  1. Daily LEGO Deals - USA

    Updated Deals > 20% @ Amazon.com (18 Deals @ Aug 21 1:00 PM) Last 48hrs City LEGO City Great Vehicles Ambulance Helicopter 60179 Building Kit... $13.99 [30% off] Dropped 13% on Aug 21 12:05 AM LEGO City Arctic Scout Truck 60194 Building Kit (322 Piece), Mul... $42.97 [28% off] Dropped 2% on Aug 21 12:31 PM LEGO Juniors City Central Airport 10764 Building Kit (376 Piece)... $37.62 [25% off] Dropped 1% on Aug 20 7:01 PM Creator LEGO Creator Expert Volkswagen Beetle 10252 Building Kit
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  2. Retiring Soon - open speculation

    Sorry, made a mistake. That set's still available. Meant the Ninjago 70618 Boat...
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  3. Star Wars 2019

    The other 2 being?
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  4. What LEGO set did you build today?

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  5. What Lego set did you sell today and for how much?

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  6. Polybags - general discussion

    40368 - Xtra Christmas Accessories
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  7. Brickheadz 2019

    I said I was too lazy to google, not to use my credit card. 
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  8. Daily LEGO Deals - UK

    Argos has the Technic Porsche at half price.
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  9. Australian General LEGO Update

    Have a used complete 79008 pirate ship ambush . $120.+ postage to wherever you are. Sails and instructions in excellent condition. Send me a PM if interested.
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  10. Indiana Jones 2019

    Obviously, a hot coed student who writes “Love You” on her eyelids. Brickheadz best seller. Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum
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  11. Bricklink's AFOL Designer Program 2019

    Mine shipped today as well.
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  12. Stranger Things 2019

    My wife was building the Upside Down and I noticed this trans black 1x4 antenna had a perfectly suspended bubble in it.  I can't stop looking at it from different angles.  I feel like John Hammond in Jurassic Park staring at his amber-preserved mosquito.
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  13. Why so serious? Have a laugh!

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  14. Materials guide for LEGO selling & shipping including postage box sizes

    I have to ship a package to Canada.  I have not done this in a long time.  I assume I just go through paypal still.  Do I have to sign anything or print a separate customs form?  Or is the custom form part of the label?
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  15. 71044 - Disney Train and Station

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  16. I can do better... This ad came up on Instagram just now, which led to a site making themselves look like lego and offering the MF for £12.24.
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  17. What Lego set did you buy today?

    It would be nice if tax was shown based on zip code and visible in the same way that allows a person to sort high to low price + shipping (+ tax).  Or manually show it as a one-off like "see price in cart" functions and a "no thanks" button.  As full featured of a marketplace they already are I shouldn't have to mentally calculate tax every time. 
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  18. Walmart Canada Sales and Clearance

    yeah theme like JW HP are what i look for, but still, i buy all what i find at good deal you never know what you have, only time will tell. I mean they was a lot of money to be done with nexo knight, and i passed on them, I do regret now, I had 60% off on them or 65% something like this,  some sets are selling for more then msrp.  
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  19. Home Goods

    Baseball cleats never move for me. Only that things that move for me is football cleats.
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  20. KMart/Sears - Shop Your Way Rewards and points discussion

    LEGO confirmed by a store manager to be returning to Kmart in November. Not sure about sears but we'll see.
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  21. Ideas #027: 21319 - Friends Central Perk

    Truth be told, I was never part of the avid audience for the show when it originally aired and yet still I recognized the location. A well done representation and overall interesting build of a diorama. So now.... how long before we get Happy Days, hmm?
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  22. Real Canadian Superstore

    😀 My wife was happy with the blueberries.
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  23. Selling Lego on Amazon.com

    i think to a large degree the higher expense is because of dimensional weight.What for ups is considered 205 pounds fedex considered like 150 pounds
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  24. What did you do today?

    Laundry Day 
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  25. Friends 2019

    The Friends 41350 Spinning Brushes set is Call to check product availability at SAH.
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