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  1. Daily LEGO Deals - UK

    To See the FULL Updated List of Amazon UK Deals, Please Click Here!!
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  2. eBay needs to set up 2FA for buying using eg. Google Authenticator. Then the account holder has to cough up. It serves them right for being careless with their credentials!
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  3. Daily LEGO Deals - USA

    Updated Deals > 20% @ Amazon.com (9 Deals @ Mar 23 6:02 AM) Last 48hrs Architecture LEGO Architecture Las Vegas 21047 (501 Piece), Multi $31.99 [20% off] Dropped 12% on Mar 23 2:30 AM City LEGO City Tracks $14.90 [35% off] Dropped 35% on Mar 21 12:00 AM LEGO City City Advent Calendar 60201 (313 Piece), Multicolor $23.50 [22% off] Dropped 9% on Mar 21 3:30 PM LEGO City Burger Bar Fire Rescue 60214 Building Kit (327 Piece) $31.99 [20% off] Dropped 17% on Mar 22
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  4. Daily LEGO Deals - CANADA

    Updated Deals > 20% @ Amazon.ca (67 Deals @ Mar 23 3:17 AM) Last 48hrs City LEGO City Police 6209768 Dirt Road Pursuit 60172 Building Kit (2... CDN$ 29.99 [40% off] Dropped 25% on Mar 22 4:00 PM Lego City Arctic Scout Truck Building Kit (322 Piece), Multicolo... CDN$ 53.99 [33% off] Dropped 21% on Mar 22 4:01 PM LEGO City Great Vehicles 6209743 Ambulance Helicopter 60179 Buil... CDN$ 16.99 [32% off] Dropped 23% on Mar 23 3:16 AM LEGO City Great
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  5. What Lego set did you sell today and for how much?

    Sold 14 silver centurion polys at $25 each. Buy-in? Free thanks to GameStop Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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  6. 21317 - Steamboat Willie

    Yes. It is hyperbole. Thus the opening line “April fools joke” and closing “something shiny”. It was meant to be funny. I laughed. Collectors will buy the set regardless. Eventually... But a large portion of these sets, in particular Ideas sets, are not bought by collectors. Investors will wait for lower buy-ins on this because the potential roi has declined with the mass release and easy access to the once perceived exclusive minifigs. Thus, lego will lose some income. It is the retailers w
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  7. Bricklink's AFOL Designer Program 2019 (formerly Löwenstein Castle thread)

    It’s not a combo. The expansion which makes up the back part of the castle consists of about 1500 parts. If you purchase a second castle set, you will have about 1000 of those parts. The remaining ~500 parts needed for the expansion will need to be purchased elsewhere like BrickLink. The designer provided a link to the site he plans to upload the instructions to for the expansion set on the comments section of the BL castle page. He also provided link for the parts list of the ~500 parts needed
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  8. Daily LEGO Deals - SPAIN

    Updated Deals > 20% @ Amazon Spain (2 Deals @ Mar 22 9:00 PM) Last 48hrs Juniors LEGO Juniors - Mercadillo orgánico de Mia (10749) EUR 11,57 [42% off] Dropped 17% on Mar 22 8:00 PM Super Heroes LEGO Super Heroes - Juego De Construcción Batman Los Ataques De ... EUR 20,97 [30% off] Dropped 22% on Mar 21 12:00 AM To See the FULL Updated List of Amazon Spain Deals, Please Click Here!!
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  9. General shipping questions, tips and answers

    Some info I just discovered during a recent transaction packing/shipping: Typical Modulars weigh about 5 lbs and without their boxes, fit nicely into a flat rate large priority mail box. I tried my own box (using ebay pricer) and the price was $23+ ea (coast to coast)...when compared to the flat rate it was a no brainer. And since weight is not an issue, I used a 2nd priority mail box to reinforce all sides of the box (took box cutter and 20 seconds for ea box)...sets still fit wi
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  10. LEGO Tower Mobile Game Announced

    Ugh. I finally quit Tiny Tower, then comes Tiny Death Star. I finally kick the habit and now LEGO Tower is announced!
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  11. Sealed Baggies - Possible Set?

    Chima minifigs double my Pet Shop sale prices. Who has enough wolves, crocs, lions, and skunks in their Pet Shops?
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  12. Daily LEGO Deals - Australia

    Double VIPs at LEGO Shop at Home.
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  13. 75227 Darth Vader Bust

    I’ll be loading up on target.com, and hopefully can get a couple while I’m at celebration too Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum
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  14. Visiting the US from UK, any obvious buys?

    I paid $ cash so no receipt, customs determined charges based on the UK RRP of £24.99. Still a superb deal as these were £75+ already. It was my first import from the USA, but I always get a receipt now. I declared them as I had 3 stuffed suitcases and knew that amount could result in serious prosecution. I worked for American Airlines at the time so not subject to baggage allowance.
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  15. BrickHeadz 2017

    I've noted that shipping 2 BHz is a lot more easier to package than just 1...selling in paired lots seem to be ideal...well at least for me. The issue w/ BHz is that the box condition is typically paramount since most are sold NISB...and most collectors keep them in their box like Funko. Nothing will invite a return more than a dented box.
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  16. Selling Lego on Amazon.com

    The listing for Disney Lego Cars 8639: Big Bentley Bust Out  has Disney as the "Brand Name". Would someone who can sell Disney brands please edit the listing and change it to LEGO for me? Thank you                                                                                                                      
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  17. Star Wars 2019

    Didn’t they say the same for the land speeder and donut hut? Exclusive is only exclusive until it isn’t. Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum
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  18. Super Heroes 2019

    I liked the trailer...the Spiderman franchise is showing good things by bringing in b-actors/actresses for bad guys  after seeing the recent Captain Marvel ( liked it but it was more of a tie in movie  leading to endgame than a standalone "blockbuster" action flick); Mar-Vel really doubling down on Nick Fury.
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  19. LEGO Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 2 (71024)

    Mods, please merge with existing thread.  Thanks.
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  20. 21133 - The Witch Hut

    It’s slow time of year. Holding ‘til 4th qrtr
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  21. Deal or No Deal - open discussion

    as a lot they are worth how much you intend on paying for them...are you particularly desperate, rich w/ no fiscal sense, too lazy to look up prices??? unless you're one of these then the price you actually pay will be the price its worth because you likely represent the "average buyer" for the lot. that said the the work is in the sell...not the find: and here's some of the work: look up how much each set is going for...add in shipping and 18-25% for fees and that gives you your break
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  22. What Lego set did you buy today?

    I recently purchased both Cafe Corner and Market Street to complete my collection of modulars. Both are 100% complete, built, and with instruction booklets, and I payed $450 total. Not as good as the deal I got on my other modulars, but I'm happy with it.
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  23. Bricklink/BrickOwl - Discussion, questions, & answers

    Yes, I did. Entered API info into bricksync.conf, from the error log file, BL side seems ok but always failed connecting to BO 
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  24. Minifigures - Disney Collection 2

    I wonder why Woody was special enough for longer legs and not others.
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  25. 71023 - Minifigures - The LEGO Movie 2

    I saw them at Michael's and JoAnn's Fabrics. They must hate parents. Kids already probably hate getting dragged in there and then they start whining for LEGO and not even particularly good LEGO, but TLM2 sets and Creator brick boxes. I swear I was there with my wife getting fabric for a dress she's having made.
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