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  1. Are fruitcakes running rampant on eBay lately? Selling, buying, listing, feedback, etc...

    Message him back with some “profanity” of your own ,  and just bang him on your blocked list. Problem solved. 😎
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  2. Bricklink's AFOL Designer Program 2019 (formerly Löwenstein Castle thread)

    Warning. I just opened one of my Löwenstein castle and three of the baggies inside wasn’t sealed properly and some of the parts came out. Hopefully I don’t have any missing pieces. Just be careful as you take the baggies out of the box.
    • 331 replies
  3. Australian General LEGO Update

    Rocket still going at LEGO Shop at Home. Resale potential of a nice little set fading.
    • 3,895 replies
  4. Daily LEGO Deals - USA

    amazon is selling 42056 at 30 percent above msrp I didn't think they did that
    • 25,497 replies
  5. Musical Picks

    • 1,667 replies
  6. Stranger Things 2019

    Stranger Things by Jez Rider [Insta: Jezbags]
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  7. Minifigure Photos

    Toy Story Lego Figures by Jez Rider [Insta: Jezbags]
    • 303 replies
  8. Minifigure Dioramas

    A Lover Spurned by Nick Sweetman
    • 114 replies
  9. Neo Space

    Flight of the LL-238
    • 228 replies
  10. Mech MOCs

    Cobra 79 by Tito Phurbojoyo  
    • 363 replies
  11. Brickheadz MOCs

    GOT nightking by Rokan Cheung
    • 109 replies
  12. Flora MOCs

    A Study in Pink by Sergeant Chipmunk
    • 128 replies
  13. Architecture MOCs

    Notre-Dame de Paris by Rocco Buttliere
    • 184 replies
  14. Modular houses - building tips & inspirations

    The Grand Hotel by Hudson LI
    • 821 replies
  15. Why so serious? Have a laugh!

    • 1,339 replies
  16. 10266 - NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

    No, just 2 generic NASA astronauts.
    • 94 replies
  17. What Lego set did you buy today?

    I finally got the Queen Ann’s Revenge! This is one I have always wanted. No figures or instructions but it was only $30 so I’m really happy
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  18. What did you do today?

    Going to Brickworld Chicago!! Second year we’ve made and this time without the wife rushing my son and through. Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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  19. 41597 - Go Brick Me

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  20. Minecraft Earth

    I realize I am late with this announcement but oh well. Anyway, here is the Augmented Reality edition of Minecraft a lot of us were expecting to come about. It will be free to play on mobile devices supporting iOS 10 or Android 7 minimum.
  21. Minecraft Dungeons

    Diablo style gameplay set in the realm & aesthetic of Minecraft more or less. Planned for release spring of 2020. Sign up for updates here.
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  22. MOC Highlights

    Fort George by Greg Dlx
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  23. opening a brick and mortar lego resale store

    How’s it going?
    • 88 replies
  24. Retiring Soon - open speculation

    • 15,497 replies
  25. Legoland 6374 Holiday Home in pristine condition

    I would like to sell my box of Legoland 6374 . The box has never been opened and the outer covering is still sealed. This Lego is even blistered (see photos) It is an unique collectorsitem. Is anyone interested in buying this set and how much would you pay for it? Keep in mind that it is a collectorsitem and there are only 2 to be found on the internet in this condition!   Kind regards!
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