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  1. City 2020

    they could also come up with this special rescue mastodon that we have over here.. its one of its kind 
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  2. Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 Deals

    This came in from the LEGO UK Affiliate program VIP Early Access to LEGO Black Friday Deals! Batmobile and mini Batmobile gift with purchase will be launching on Black Friday! The Mini Batmobile will be a free gift with all purchases of the Batmobile, until stocks last!  Black Friday at LEGO.com means up to 30% off selected sets from Thursday 28th November, with many items at 20% off.  Daily deals on selected sets going live every da
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  3. Retiring Soon - open speculation

    Well, we shouldn't care too much about it. For example the BB8 (75187) was unfindable for weeks on shop at home europe and suddenly reappeared to be fired out on a heavy discount. So the PR tag could easily come back, too. Or may be they just prepare to discount the restaurant on black friday - that would be a big surprise. But who knows, e.g. in the past we've seen the cinema 10232 discounted before leaving the store, too.
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  4. Friends 2020

    That bus is cray cray
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  5. Star Wars 2020 or maybe 2015

    Pretty sure “new” x wing is a bit of a stretch. Haven’t seen the film yet, but I’m betting that’s an orange is rust. As usual, underwhelming and uninspired designs. Very few from the new film, which is odd.
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  6. Daily LEGO Deals - USA

    Updated Deals > 20% @ Amazon.com (45 Deals @ Nov 19 7:00 AM) Last 48hrs BrickHeadz LEGO BrickHeadz Halloween Witch 40272 Building Kit (151 Piece) $6.99 [30% off] Dropped 30% on Nov 16 8:36 AM City LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center 60139 Building Kit $26.99 [46% off] Dropped 4% on Nov 18 8:00 PM LEGO City Great Vehicles Heavy Cargo Transport 60183 Building Ki... $18.99 [37% off] Dropped 21% on Nov 16 9:35 PM LEGO City Advent Calendar 60235 Building Kit (234Piece) $20.99 [30%
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  7. Australian General LEGO Update

    Good work Ed. I’ve got a couple myself.😎
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  8. Costco Canada Deals

    Further to the above, I called Costco CS to complain.  The person I spoke to was okay to deal with when I explained the crappy packaging and ordered replacements for me.  Supposedly with better packaging.  They arrived today and were in boxes, no packing materials.  Lucky they are in ok shape. One interesting thing they did say was that Costco has to ship all lego sets separately.  So even if you order two Diners say and they come two to a Lego case, Costco will take one and send you two se
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  9. Selling Lego on Amazon.com

    So apparently a lot of other items are suddenly popping up as Restricted for me; Xbox, Playstation, and Switch consoles, various board games, and some other random products like kitchen appliances and stuff. None of these were restricted 12 hours ago as I just sent out a shipment of some of these this morning. Something's messed up with their holiday selling permissions.
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  10. What Lego set did you sell today and for how much?

    Sold my last 41172 Water Dragon for $85 . 4 x buy in and were  available all day everyday at my local store.  Great little investment set. Cheap to post , easy to store and returns were excellent. Wish I’d bought more than I did .
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  11. LEGO Bans - Open Discussion

    Most have been unbanned with new site. 
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  12. My order status

    Same address. Different / new card in my wife's name.
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  13. Speed Champions 2020

    Most of the new SC sets have been 20% off for most of their life.  So I think they'll end up there.  Sadly, not @ LEGO though.
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  14. 76139 - 1989 Batmobile

    This is an excellent set and is at a great price. I thought LEGO was going to charge $350 Canadian and was extremely surprised at the $300 price. Day one purchase for me. Even sweeter with the GWP.
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  15. New Member - Architecture and Star Wars

    Think VERY HARD before going anywhere near Star Wars. Most current sets in the theme are poor value and every man and his dog have hoarded any decent sets. If you want to make money, choose Architecture and AVOID Star Wars.
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  16. Daily LEGO Deals - UK

    We often are with LEGO's half-arsed sales. I bet the 30% off stuff will mostly be Star Wars rubbish that's unrecognisable from the dreadful recent movies.
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  17. Concerns about an Amazon reseller / drop shipper, ToyCentric

    Agreed. They have bought plenty of stuff from me on ebay that I wouldn't sell on Amazon. I'm not thrilled when they're undercutting me on Amazon, but at the same time, they're making me money on damaged stuff on ebay that I wouldn't have otherwise made.
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  18. Thread of Packaging Excellence

    incredibly expensive as well.. I guess at least 8 of 10 UK population is used to buy at Amazon where it has been for most of the time for half a price - they should pay you to get this garbage thus clearing the valuable rack space
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  19. Technic 1HY 2020

    not a huge fan of technic but those sound sweet!! especially the digger and senna!!! I still have one of the actuators from my first pneumatic set lol  lets hope they deliver on the designs 🤞🏻
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  20. 75059 - UCS: Sandcrawler

    Modulars up until three years ago did really well Amusement theme has done well Large Minecraft sets have done well If we are looking for 2-3x RRP on any large set, you are right, it's not there. But there was, and still is, plenty of money to be made on large sets in many themes.
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  21. 42109 App Controlled Top Gear Car

    Looks slow.  
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  22. 42108 Mobile Crane

    42009 says, I shall call it Mini-me.  
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  23. The Mandalorian - Disney+ *Could Contain Spoilers*

    I'm truly surprised that Disney doesn't have any out on the shelves now. My wife and daughter would definitely buy them.  As for Pedro Pascal, yes, he was great in GOT, but check him out in Narcos if you haven't. You won't be disappointed. 
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  24. Daily LEGO Deals - CANADA

    Hi everyone!  Just curious what happened to this thread?  We used to get an amazon Deal ticker just like the USA version, but that seems to be gone now and has been for some time. It was very handy and I used it Often. It would be nice to have that back up and running, but not sure who to contact about this?  Especially with Black Friday coming this would be a great time to have it..  who’s with me? Lol 😀  
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  25. What LEGO set did you build today?

    70357 Knighton Castle Pretty Dope build.  It's a castle so tons of re-play with it. Kids imagination is fun to watch.  I like attacking them with the rolling Purple and LBG evil guy.  Also, has a "spaceship" kind of thing, and micro-vehicle that fits inside the castle too.   Overall, neat stuff. 8/10 
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