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    Brickcon 2013 Trip Report

    Hey there Brickpickers! Here's my first blog post, thought I'd make it a doozy. Wanted to share some of the sights from Brickcon 2013 in Seattle. I went on Sunday, day two of the event. Took my nephew and my 5 year old son, so if I lack details it is likely due to the attention spans of a 10 and 5 year old. :-)

    Overall Impressions

    The event is really a must see for any Lego fan in the area. The venue is somewhat small - I would expect it to expand in future years with Lego's growth - but there is a lot to see, and you can spend half a day there pretty easily. Not sure it is worth travelling a LONG distance for, but that could change in future years.

    Here's a shot of part of the room to show how packed it was on the main floor.

    Brickcon crowd

    Sellers, sellers, sellers

    Being a Brickpicker, I was of course interested in the vendors who were there to sell their wares. There were a good number of custom sellers, including Brickarms and Custom Army Clones (I think i have that right).

    Brickarms sells custom guns and accessories, molded from the same ABS plastic as Lego. I have to say, for a non-Lego item, they are pretty impressive and look and feel like the real thing. They had a sizable display and we picked up a few of their items.

    Brickarms guns

    Another cool vendor was one that sold custom capes for minifigs. All sorts of printed capes of different shapes and sizes, which again looked exactly like legit Lego capes.

    Custom capes

    A number of vendors were selling minifigs. Both custom minifigs, and minifigs from regular sets. You could find pretty much anyone you wanted, although I did not see Mr. Gold anywhere. Being there on day 2 of 2, I wonder what was sold on Day 1 when it opened.

    Minifigs galore

    One vendor was also selling some of the custom sets I have seen posted on here, like the Ghostbusters car.

    Custom sets

    Surprisingly, one of the busiest areas was a vendor (can't remember the name, maybe Math n Stuff) who was selling mostly current market sets at retail prices. Their area was pretty packed with people buying things they could go buy at their local Walmart or Target, or go to Amazon.com, and find for less.

    Busy retailers

    A bunch of vendors were selling used and retired sets. Saw a couple of Cloud City's, and a few other cool things for market prices. There was a used adult owned Burrow 4840 for $100 which I was thinking of buying, but when I went back it was sold. I will say - I saw a number of Harry Potter used sets for sale in the morning, and they were gone in the afternoon. Ol' Harry still has a lot of draw. But I was surprised to see so many new sets being sold. Chowren Toys was a sponsor for the show, and I hoped they would have a booth, but if they did then I missed it.

    There is probably an opportunity for someone like the Mack's to come in and blow everyone away with a bunch of old sets, but given what I saw the crowd buying during my time there, I am not sure it would be worth the time/money/booth investment.

    Official LEGO presence

    So....the only "official" Lego booth I saw was promoting - what else - Chima! Just stand in line and play some Speedzor game, and you would get a free set with Razer in it. So once again, they were using free giveaways to pump the Chima line. As a marketing technique, it might work - both my nephew and son didn't want to wait in line, we did anyway since I can't pass up free Lego, and once we got home they were having a blast with the set. Now my son wants some of the other characters. I don't think it will translate into anything better than Ninjago when it comes to investing, but something interesting to watch.


    MOC's Galore

    The number of MOC's on display was simply awesome and inspiring. Some you have probably seen before, but I was amazed at the skill of the AFOL's who had stuff on display. Sit back and buckle in, this will be a long ride.

    There were a ton of cool things made from Bionicle parts - shout out to Exobro. :-)

    This Dragon was probably 18" high and two feet long, and was really amazing.

    Bionicle dragon

    The big alien monster thing from The Avengers was another cool one - you can see the crew batting it in the pic, sort of.

    Awesome Avengers thing

    I also liked this Alien brain sucker head mask thing, which was sized for an adult!

    Cool alien head

    Star Wars of course remained a popular MOC item. This was a cool mini scale Hoth battle scene diorama.

    Hoth battle

    Another section had some detailed 15" tall Star Wars figures. The Han Solo in carbonite had blinking lights on the side, it was pretty awesome.

    Star Wars

    This R2D2 was as big as a real garbage can, but somehow lost his feet. Poor R2!


    This one was a big MOC with an Endor scene on the top...

    Endor scene

    ...and a Rebel Base hanger underneath, with regular sized X-wings and everything. pretty impressive.

    Rebel base

    I liked the Rebel trooper bowling with the soccer ball in front of the entrance. Base entrance

    They had the big daddy of them all of course, although I think this one had some modifcations.


    And it was completely dwarfed by this. A 6 ft long Venator Attack Cruiser. This thing was amazing, and I can only imagine how many parts it was.

    Amazing Venator

    Here's a shot of the engines in the back. Amazing detail.

    Venator engines

    They also had the Giant Squid attacking the SSD, which people may have seen on the web making the rounds a bunch of months ago.

    SSD with squid

    Super heroes were popular of course as well in the booths and on the floor. This Batcave was pretty amazing. The wall in the upper left with the costumes would rotate into a wall with bat weapons as well.


    This semi-scale sized Sentinel from the Marvel comic books was pretty cool.


    More super heroes stuff.

    Cool avengers

    There were MOC's of all shapes and sizes. I probably took pics of like 20% of them at the most. Here are a bunch with a few comments scattered here and there.

    Mini mods

    Amazing mini scale


    Disney Town Square

    Disney Castle

    Disney castle was cool.

    big building
    This monastery on the side of a mountain was amazing. Modeled after a real life place.

    Tiger thing

    Cool modulars

    Big robot thing

    Amazing blue lion mech

    Mothra was pretty funny.


    The Borg

    Shield Castle

    Another Castle

    This was the other cool space ship I saw, the Aurora. Just massive with a ton of detail.


    close up 1

    close up 2

    I don't even know what the heck these were, cities on wheels I guess, but they were amazing.

    Amazing ??

    Cool city

    This one cracked me up - a battle base with mechs manned by Friends figures. Really cool.

    Friends battle set

    Here's the Delorean we wish we could buy.


    And I would buy an A-Team van in a heartbeat - bring us a minifig BA Baracus please!

    A-Team van

    This might have been one of my favorites, just for the detail. A junked car wrapped around a tree. Such imagination, for something that most of us would never think to build.

    Junked car

    And then there was Hogwarts...

    Yes, they had the most amazing MOC of them all, the giant Hogwarts I think people have seen pics or videos of. It is breathtaking in person, and I try to say that without hyperbole. If you are a fan of the HP series, it is just incredible to see in person in every way. Every big scene at Hogwarts? It is in there. Every detail? They nailed it. I'm not sure what else to say about it, it was the best part of the show for me, and mindblowing to think of it being constructed and planned out.

    Here are some pictures without comment.

    Hogwarts 2


    Hogwarts 3

    Quidditch Match

    Walloping Willow


    Hogwarts inside

    Hogwarts dining hall

    Hogwarts again

    More Hogwarts

    Hogwarts again

    Final thoughts

    It was a cool event. Well worth a $9 admission fee. They were filming some sort of a documentary during the day, so perhaps you will see some video from it in the future.


    And to end....obligatory Space Needle made out of Lego!

    Space Needle

    See you in 2014!

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    Guest skfdlty


    Wow, wow, wow!! Great pictures, and especially awesome to get a firsthand experience from the perspective of a LEGO fan. I remember seeing some of Brickcon in the movie A Blocumentary. Very cool stuff. I really like the fact that you could see some of the things that you could previously only see on the internet. Great stuff, Nolanfan34!

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    Thanks for the report.  I've never been to Brickcon and have wanted to see what it was like, and this blog post has definitely shown me what I wanted to know.

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    Great pictures.  Looks like it would have been a ton of fun to go see all of this.  The imaginations and creativity of people never cease to amaze me. 

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    All those builds remind me of the phrase, "What my mind can conceive, my hands can create." (Well, something to that effect.) Amazing stuff and many thanks for sharing the experience with us, nolanfan34. ^_^

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