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    Free Money! - LEGO Promotional Polybags

    When a rookie LEGO collector, investor, or fan comes comes to the LEGO Shop, one of the primary thoughts must be “How on Earth do they have any sales? Sure they sell to other retailers, but there are almost never any sales at the LEGO Shop!” Well my young Padawan, here is the key to their success: A buyer can save a handful of cash by shopping at a different location, that might even be more well-known than the LEGO Shop itself, such as Toys ‘R’ Us. What money cannot buy from one of their retailers is a promotional item that is exclusive to LEGO.

    Perhaps such items are now well know to you, but maybe not. Nearly every month now, the LEGO Store will have an exclusive giveaway, typically free with a purchase of either $50+ or $75, though on occasion there will be a free item with all purchases. These freebies typically come in polybags. Below are a list of more recent polybags, as well as information on them:

    *The 3300014 Christmas Set came in a box, rather than a polybag.

    To me, these are very interesting results, and enforces the fact that bigger isn’t always better. One reason why minifigure polybags sell for more than builds is that every year, on May the Fourth, is a giveaway of an exclusive minifigure, usually with orders $75. These minifigures only are sold on May 4th-5th, so are then way more exclusive than others that are available for a month.

    If you can get your hands on a Minifigure and Build polybag during a promotion, then you could easily make up for 25% of the cost. The question is when to sell your polybags for the most profit. This time is usually when the polybag has been first released. To get it right when demand is the highest, means that you need to have a LEGO Store on the day the polybag is released.

    Why Buy Exclusives?
    A prime question on exclusive polybags is whether or not it actually saves you money. The average sale price of a S@H exclusive polybag is $16.87, or 22% savings on orders $75 and 16.87% savings on orders of $100. On many sets, including S@H exclusives, this is a bargain, as exclusive sets very rarely are discounted. Though exclusives may end up forcing you to buy more, they can give you savings that you can’t get anywhere else!!

    If you are interested, here are some more recent shop.LEGO.com freebie giveaways:

    Ice Cream Stand
    Mini Mech
    Hoth Han Solo
    Iron Man vs. Fighting Drone
    Hot Dog Cart
    Hero Factory Accessory Pack

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