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    Guide to Tools & Data

    One of the many tabs on the BrickPicker homepage is a drop-down menu titled “Tools & Data”. There are 4 sub-menus: Compare Sets, The BrickIndex, Bulk LEGO Data, and CAGR By Theme. We will be visiting all of these, in no particular order in this guide.

    “The BrickIndex is a chart that displays the top performing LEGO sets on eBay over the past six months. By utilizing the licensed eBay Terapeak data, we are able to show the LEGO investor and collector the current hot LEGO sets and popular trends in the LEGO secondary market. This data helps a LEGO investor and collector make intelligent investment choices when purchasing new and retired LEGO sets. We have separated the BrickIndex charts into the main LEGO themes and an "overall" Top 20 performing LEGO set page.”
    ~Quote from the BrickPicker BrickIndex page.

    BrickIndex is one of the many handy tools of BrickPicker. As the quote above reads, the BrickIndex shows the elite: the best of the best. Almost every month, the BrickIndex creates a list of sets that have appreciated the most over the past 6 months. By going to the main BrickIndex page at http://www.brickpicker.com/bpms/brickindex.cfm, you see the top performers of all themes, or in other words, the Top 20 Performing sets over the past 6 months. These ranks are given based on percentage gains rather than dollar gains. You can also change the theme that you wish to see, by going to the dropdown menu, located right above the chart of sets. See below:

    There are 56 themes and 57 options for the BrickIndex (since option is of all LEGO themes). Some themes do not have sets because there is not enough data on the sets, or no set in the theme has moved in the past 6 months. This is the case for very new sets, and very old sets.
    The BrickIndex is not only used to find the fastest growing sets, but is also helpful to see what growing heroes might be gaining momentum, and whether or not it is too late to jump on the appreciation train.

    Compare Sets
    In this section, you can compare up to 6 sets against all of the criteria of a set, both basic and in-depth, that BrickPicker has to offer. This is an extremely useful tool because it allows for side-by-side comparison, without the normal mess or hassle.

    The Compare LEGO Sets section helps not only with investment, but also with choosing sets to build or part out. You can compare Price Per Brick ratios, which is a great tool for resellers of individual parts, or random lots.

    You can visit the Compare LEGO Sets page by going to http://www.brickpicker.com/bpms/compare.cfm.

    CAGR by LEGO Theme
    CAGR is an acronym for Compound Annual Growth Rate, and gives you a brief overview that a LEGO theme as a whole has taken over the past 6 months. This is often used as a foreshadow of the performance of sets of the future. Not only is this a cool tool, it is surprising, and might tickle your investing bone. For example Star Wars is often referred to as one of the strongest LEGO themes, but is behind over half of the LEGO themes listed, including LEGO City, LEGO SpongeBob, and LEGO Hero Factory.

    In addition to having the calming color of green percentages, which signify the CAGR of a LEGO theme to be 11% or more, and red if it is below 11%.

    Bulk LEGO Listings Report
    Lastly comes the Bulk LEGO Listings Report. In this section is a brief overview of LEGO lots sold on eBay that are considered “bulk”. These listings are made out of loose bricks. To find the bulk price from a certain theme, you select the theme, possibly color, and weight, though you only have to choose one...or none.

    Finally, all listings that have the key wC’s, or resale.ords that you have specified are put into your results. For example, if I put in the specification “Star Wars, 40 lbs”, a possible listing would be “Lego lot of 40 lbs Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Bionicle and 5 lbs of minifigures”. This is helpful for buying lots of LEGO bricks for MOC’s, or resale.

    These 4 tools as a whole, make up the Tools & Data section of BrickPicker. They are useful for general buying and selling, and messing around!

    I hope this was helpful to you in some way, and thanks for reading!!

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