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    In Depth Investing: 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer

    The 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer is a medium sized set from the Star Wars theme. The set has 1,367 pieces. The set retails for $99.99 USD. That means the Price Per Piece ratio is seven cents ($0.07 USD) per piece. There is another ratio that we use and that is the Price Per Gram Ratio (PPG). The set has a weight of 2.45 kilograms, or 2,450 grams. This means the PPG ratio is about four cents ($0.0408 USD) per gram.

    The set has nine minifigures, which are Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, Imperial Officer, 2 Emperor Royal Guards, 2 Stormtroopers, and R2-Q5, and a MSE-6 droid. The set comes with some accessories for the minifigures. Darth Vader has a lightsaber. The Stormtroopers have blasters, and the Emperor Royal Guards have spears.

    The set was released in 2006 and retired in 2008. The set may have been sold in store after the set retired due to inflated prices. I remember seeing this set in a store in 2009 for $129.99 USD. That is $30 USD above the retail price.

    The set has a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.17%. That is above the CAGR for the Star Wars theme and the overall CAGR for all the Lego themes. The CAGR for the Star Wars theme is 9.27%. The set is 7.9% above the CAGR for the Star Wars theme. The average CAGR for all the Lego themes is 11.36%. This set is 5.81% above the average for all the Lego themes. Let's look at a simple chart showing the sold listings for each month for the new sets.

    • June 2012: 11
    • July 2012: 12
    • August 2012: 14
    • September 2012: 16
    • October 2012: 15
    • November 2012: 31
    • December 2012: 53
    • January 2013: 19
    • February 2013: 13
    • March 2013: 12
    • April 2013: 19
    • May 2013: 22

    Over the last year, there were 273 new sets sold on eBay, which has an average of twenty (20) new sets per month. All the data shows that there are people who want this set. When there are people who want a particular set, they will pay a good deal of money to get it. All of this makes the set a potential investment winner. Here is another chart for the sales trend throughout last year.

    • June 2012: $281.40 USD
    • July 2012: $254.27 USD
    • August 2012: $219.47 USD
    • September 2012: $238.81 USD
    • October 2012: $255.00 USD
    • November 2012: $264.23 USD
    • December 2012: $253.17 USD
    • January 2013: $268.26 USD
    • February 2013: $281.87 USD
    • March 2013: $269.13 USD
    • April 2013: $275.37 USD
    • May 2013: $303.18 USD

    According to the chart, the set has gained $21.78 USD in value over the past year. That is $1.82 USD every month. If you look closely, the set lost a lot of value last summer, but the recovery took almost a whole year. It took eight months before the set hit the June 2012 price. Then it lost value again. But, in the last month, the set has gained 10.10% in value, which is $27.81 USD. The set has gained more value in the past month, than in the past year. That is amazing. This is one of the reasons this set is a potential investment winner.

    Now, the set is currently valued at $303.18 USD, which is 10.10% up from last month. The set has gained $203.19 in value from its retail price. This means the Return On Investment (ROI) for the set is 203%.

    I would recommend to buy this set, but not at a high price. The set may go down in value like it did last summer, but I still recommend buying this set. The set has a good CAGR of 17.17% and a good ROI of 203%. Also, the set is on a upward trend in value. Overall, I think that this set is a great investment with many great investing factors.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Definitely would love to have this set. I think it will still go higher.

    I have this set and it is a great set to have. I remember getting it for Christmas when I was eight years old. I built, and I did not know that this used set would have a value that is higher than the retail price. Now, after reading a lot of investing articles on Brickpicker, I think that the set will go higher. I know a lot of people who want the set.

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    That's a big set for an eight year old! You must have been a good builder from a young age :)

    Now, I am building even bigger sets. I wish I could have the UCS MF. That would be a great build.

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