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    In Depth LEGO Investing: 7884 Batman's Buggy: The Escape of Mr. Freeze

    The 7884 Batman's Buggy: The Escape of Mr. Freeze is a small set from the Batman theme. The set has seventy-six pieces (76). Since the set has a retail price of $9.99 USD, the Price Per Piece (PPP) ratio is thirteen cents ($0.13 USD) per piece. There is another ratio that I use which is called the Price Per Gram (PPG) ratio. Since the set has a weight of 0.13 kilograms, or 130 grams, the PPG ratio would be about eight cents ($0.0768 USD) per gram.

    The set has two minifigures which are Mr. Freeze and Batman. The set also includes Batman's buggy and Mr Freeze's speedster.

    According to brickset.com, the set was released on May 26, 2008 and was retired on October 10, 2008. This means the set was only available on the primary market for about five months. That is a very short period of time for a set to be sold, which means there would be less set available to be sold on the secondary market making it a great investing set.

    Currently the set has a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 69.18%. That is an amazing CAGR. The CAGR for the Batman theme is 32.33%. The overall CAGR for all the Lego themes is 11.36%. This set is 36.85% above the Batman theme CAGR and 57.82% above the overall CAGR. I cannot stress how great this CAGR is. This is a definite plus when investing in this set. Now, let's look at a chart showing the monthly sold listings for the set new.

    • June 2012: 3
    • July 2012: 1
    • August 2012: 18
    • September 2012: 3
    • October 2012: 1
    • November 2012: 2
    • December 2012: 4
    • January 2013: 0
    • February 2013: 0
    • March 2013: 4
    • April 2013: 0
    • May 2013: 0

    According to the chart, there were thirty-six (36) sold in the past year, which is three (3) sets per month. There were four months were no new sets were sold at all. These may be due to the fact that the set was not on the primary market for very long, thus limiting the amount of sets sold on the secondary market. Here is another chart showing the monthly sales trend for the set new.

    • June 2012: $146.33 USD
    • July 2012: $143.00 USD
    • August 2012: $119.72 USD
    • September 2012: $127.21 USD
    • October 2012: $125.00 USD
    • November 2012: $124.83 USD
    • December 2012: $129.31 USD
    • January 2013: $129.31 USD
    • February 2013: $129.31 USD
    • March 2013: $138.47 USD
    • April 2013: $138.47 USD
    • May 2013: $138.47 USD

    According to the chart, the set is on an upward trend for the past ten (10) months. The set has decreased $7.86 USD in value over the past year, which is about sixty-six cents ($0.66 USD) per month. Although the set has decreased in value, the set is recovering after the value of the set decreased to $119.72 USD in August 2012, which is the lowest value of the set in the past year. When the set hit its lowest price, the set had decreased $26.21 USD from its highest value this year in June 2012 of $146.33 USD. During the year, the set went through some periods of no growth. This happened because there were no new sets sold that month due to the limited availability of the set. Hopefully, the set continues with its growth and continues to have an amazing CAGR.

    Currently, the set has a value of $138.47, which was the same value for the past two months of March and April. Since the set was released, the set has gained $128.48 from its retail value. This means the Return On Investment (ROI) for this set is 1,286%. That is amazing. The set has a ROI of 1,286% after five years. Another great investing factor about this set.

    I would recommend to buy this set. The set has increased in value tremendously from its retail price. The set has an amazing CAGR of 69.18% and ROI of 1,286%. Overall, I think that this set has many great potential investing factors. Thanks for reading!

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