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    My Next Brickvesting Blog Is Up - Beginner's Guide to Investing Lego Style

    Here is a link to the new article. Hope you enjoy it! This and the myths/truths articles really were my favorite to write, but stay tuned for more...

    There are a few key points I wanted to stress in both of these articles:

    1. Don't follow the herd when selecting sets. Make your own decisions based upon data. Instincts can play a role in investing, but good instinct is usually based upon experience. For those that have never experienced a sales cycle, your instinct has not been honed well enough to use it exclusively. USE THE DATA this website provides and build intuition.

    2. Be SYSTEMATIC in your porfolio construction. Understand what you're buying and make rational, informed decisions based upon data. Run each opportunity through your selection process/criteria systematically rather than making a run for the next sale.

    3. Feel free to listen to others giving advice on this site, but never use it as gospel. There are few, if any, that would try to provide bad advice in the forums, but all investors have different investment profiles.

    I have been impressed with emes' investment strategy, and it embodies all three points above. He uses information from this site to systematically select sets that fit his investment strategy. His strategy is based upon his desired risk/return investment profile, not by chasing the next hot Amazon deal that pops up. I urge everyone to read his posts to understand what an alternate (and perfectly legitimate) investing strategy can look like, and how it's executed.

    Good luck with your investing!

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