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    The Bottom of the Top - An Analysis of the Last 5 of the SW BrickIndex

    Welcome to the last installment of my analysis of the LEGO Star Wars BrickIndex. In this article, we will be looking at the 8129 AT-AT Walker, 8036 Seperatist Shuttle, 10129 Rebel Snowspeeder,10030 Imperial Star Destroyer, and 4500 Rebel Snowspeeder.

    16. 8129-1: AT-AT WALKER

    17. 8036-1: SEPARATIST SHUTTLE

    18. 10129-1: REBEL SNOWSPEEDER


    20. 4500-1: REBEL SNOWSPEEDER

    The BrickIndex is a handy BrickPicker tool that allows the user to view the overall Top 20 Performing sets from all themes, or a single theme. It helps to decide what sets might be skyrocketing in value, and what you may want to pick up for the future. Below is a overview of the sets we will be looking at:

    16. 8129-1: AT-AT WALKER
    This is the third version of the LEGO AT-AT Walker in the top 20, and the second full-sized one. This is the newest version of AT-AT, and has had massive gains over the past year, appreciating 78% over the past year (~$120). All signs of this set’s appreciation point to more appreciation of years to come. There was a predictable spike in sales quantity in December, but the value didn’t increase more than it’s projected growth.

    Though used sets are often scoffed at as investments, I think now is a great time to pick one up. The set has been on a very steep decline, but will undoubtedly make a come-back. I will soon be writing an article on this, so stay tuned!

    17. 8036-1: SEPARATIST SHUTTLE
    This set is a surprise to the BrickIndex list, especially because of its short appearance in the Clone Wars TV show. This set is one of the few that includes the Trade Federation leader, Newt Gunray, which makes this set relatively desirable. I can’t really see this set being a big gainer, especially since it hasn’t really gotten very much more than retail. Though a nice build with decent minifigures, I think that this time, you have to move along.

    18. 10129-1: REBEL SNOWSPEEDER
    The Rebel Snowspeeder is one of my favorite builds, and is a set that you should watch fairly closely investment-wise. There was an odd dip in value during the holidays, down to $720, but it almost instantly made its rebound to $880, making it a great set to invest in, even 10 years after it was released. As a build, it was designed spectacularly, with way more detail than the minifigure-scale ones do, and it is one of the most iconic ships/vehicles in Star Wars. This set is often overlooked by collectors and investors, as it isn’t one of the front-runners of the UCS line, and is overshadowed by other more current sets, like the 10179 Millennium Falcon, or 10143 Death Star II.

    I would pick up this set for investment as soon as it hits about $750, as it will be an easy way to pocket some significant cash! ;)

    One of the largest LEGO sets in existance, the Imperial Star Destroyer is one of the biggest, baddest LEGO sets around. It comes in an attractive black, slick box, with a simple, but eye-catching box design. The 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer is basically stabilized, and has only seen gains over the past six months because of a dip in value December. The Imperial Star Destroyer has been remade a few times, with a variety of different models, including the recent 10221 Super Star Destroyer. Each one has a slightly different design, which helps past models maintain value and desirability. This particular model of the Star Destroyer is wider than most, and includes a mini-model of the Tantive IV, where the Rebel ship is drawn into the Destroyer via a tractor beam, and then boarded by Darth Vader.

    There is a dwindling amount of sold listings of this set, as well as a low amount of listings. This set quite possibly could make a large jump in value with the lower quantity of listings. The used version of the 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer has seen fairly good gains over the past 6 months, gaining 27%. It is expected that this set will stay at it’s current value, within about $30 of $600.

    20. 4500-1: REBEL SNOWSPEEDER
    Last but not least is the 4500 Rebel Snowspeeder. This is somewhat of a minimalist model of the Snowspeeder, with only about 200 pieces. The build does manage to include many of the major parts of the set, including the twin laser guns on each wing, as well as the larger-than-normal windshield/cockpit. This set has seen a very steady gain over the past several months, but the gains are so small dollar-wise that it isn’t worth the effort to grab it. There are about 10 listings for new 4500 Rebel Snowspeeders, but the demand for this set probably won’t go up, because of the frequency of remakes for this particular set.

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