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  • UCS Remakes - Likely Candidates

    After a shocking release of a remake of a Star Wars UCS model, the question in everyone's heads is "Who's next? What's going to be remade next?" I did a little analysis a couple days ago, and want to share my results, and why I made the predictions that I did.

    7181 TIE Interceptor - 2000
    This is a very epic model of the TIE Interceptor, and has very nice black box, that many investors and collectors miss. Unfortunately, it seems that LEGO's partnership with Star Wars requires all Star Wars products to have the same icon in the upper right corner of the box, depending in the time that the product was released. Sets after 2006 have all had images in the uper right similar to other Star Wars products, not only LEGO, making them stand out less amongst others. I eliminated this set from the list of potential remakes because there seem to be better choices for remakes, as it is not as popular of a vehicle than many others through the Star Wars galaxy.

    7191 X-Wing Fighter - 2000
    I doubt that we will be seeing another remake of this set quite so soon. As one of the first UCS models ever to be made, it seems fitting that it should be remade after 13 years of its release. The X-Wing is one of the most iconic sets in Star Wars, and has 12 sets with "X-Wing" in its name. Should it be remade again in the near future, I seriously doubt, unless The LEGO Company makes it habit to remake UCS models more often, which might be the case, with the large quantity of remakes we have seen, especially in the Summer 2013 LEGO Star Wars sets.

    10018 Darth Maul - 2001
    I think that a bust of a character in Star Wars is imminent, whether it be Darth Maul or a Clone Trooper. There have only been three "brick" models of Star Wars characters in the UCS line, Darth Maul, Yoda, and R2-D2. Since R2-D2 has been released so recently, it seems that The LEGO Group is picking back up the "busts" of characters. I don't think that Darth Maul will be remade, but a similar structure of him will be soon be released probably.

    10019 Rebel Blockade Runner - 2001
    The Rebel Blockade Runner would have been a great possibility of a remake, except that the Tantive IV set was released in 2009. Though there is still a possibility, I think it isn't as likely as other candidates. TLG has released UCS models while non-UCS versions of the same vehicle have been in production though, so having one several years after a non-UCS model is possible.

    7194 Yoda - 2002
    Here's the second "brick" model of a character from the Star Wars saga. Rather than a bust of Yoda, this model is a full bodied model of him. Like I said in the analysis of Darth Maul, I think an "brick" model of a character is very likely, but of Yoda, probably not.

    10026 Special Edition Naboo Starfighter - 2002
    One of my personal favorites of the UCS line, since it proves that bigger is not always better. I think a remake of this set is unlikely because TLG has a big habit of making thousand piece UCS sets. This is a one-of-a-kind UCS set, so remaking it would be a shame, IMO. Also, if LEGO were to remake this set, I'm pretty sure that it would not have chrome pieces, as those seem to be getting rarer and rarer.

    10030 Imperial Star Destroyer - 2002
    I struck this one off my list immediately, because of the Super Star Destroyer, then quickly rethought. The Imperial Star Destroyer and Super Star Destroyer and just about as close to remakes we have had in the UCS sub-theme, before the X-Wing remake. LEGO has been very systematic with the models of Star Destroyers, releasing one every four years. I don't think that we will see another UCS version of a Star Destroyer in the next couple years, but a non-UCS version is very likely.

    10129 Rebel Snowspeeder - 2003
    This set is ranked #2 of potential remakes in my book. One of the coolest vehicles IMO in the Battle of Hoth, save the AT-AT's. On my analysis, I wrote "many minifigure-scale sets", but I didn't strike it off the list because the X-Wing Starfighter has behaved similarly. I think in the next couple years, the Rebel Snowspeeder will be a big competitor for more UCS treatment.

    10134 Y-Wing Attack Starfighter - 2004
    The Y-Wing is the most likely UCS model to be remade. Along with the X-Wing, and TIE Fighter, the Y-Wing is among the most popular in the whole Star Wars universe. Though 2 less sets with "Y-Wing" in name, it is still a widely made, and remade set, making it a big contester for a remake. The 10134 Y-Wing is on the smaller side of UCS models, so I expect a larger one to be made in the near future.

    10143 Death Star II - 2005
    The Death Star II is one of the most expensive and valuable Star Wars sets out there, and for good reason. Though no minifigures are included in it, it is a huge set, and a great display. This UCS model had very odd pricing, the only to my knowledge to be priced at $298.99 rather than $299.99. This being the second largest UCS model makes it an unlikely candidate, but its recognizability makes it a prime possibility for remaking.

    10174 Imperial AT-ST - 2006
    There have been a surprising amount of AT-ST's made throughout the Star Wars line, with 6 made with "AT-ST" in name. This set isn't a big contender for UCS treatment, because of its more recent appearance as a UCS set, and because it wouldn't be a large set.

    10175 Vader's TIE Advanced - 2006
    Not a likely candidate IMO because it is recent, and there are many other TIE Fighters. What I am anticipating is a UCS TIE Fighter, that isn't a TIE Advanced or TIE Interceptor in the near future. Look out for one of them, people! I am surprised one hasn't already been made because there are 10 sets with "TIE Fighter" in name.

    10179 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon - 2007
    Though many investors and collectors would be heartbroken if the Millennium Falcon were remade, I think that even if it were, it would not be nearly as epic or eye popping than the 10179. Maybe a smaller version is in the makings with 2,000 pieces or less, but not a larger one than that. I think that many LEGO designers respect the beauty and iconic-ness of this set not to remake it quite nearly the same.

    10186 General Grievous - 2008
    This is the first Technic UCS model, and it is pretty cool. It doesn't include a whole lot of pieces, but it does convey a much more accurate picture than could have been made using regular LEGO bricks. I've said it once, and I'll say it again. I don't think that a Technic General Grievous is going to be remade in the near future, but a model of a different character, maybe C3PO is highly probable.

    10188 Death Star - 2008
    I've never heard of a remake of a set that hasn't retired, so I think it's safe to say that we won't see a remake of the 10188 Death Star. Wouldn't it be great if there was, and it lasted just as long? I'm sure many investors would absolutely love holding a set for 5+ years!!

    The rest of the sets in the UCS line, I decided not to write about because they were to recent to be remade, or still in production.

    10212 Imperial Shuttle - 2010
    10215 Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter - 2010
    10221 Super Star Destroyer - 2011
    10225 R2-D2 - 2012
    10227 B-Wing Starfighter - 2012
    10240 Red Five X-Wing Starfighter - 2013

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    As a late in the game UCS Collector, I would great if Lego did a re-release and updated USC Millienium Falcon, keep the build & piece count the same but add a new printed cockpit section, like the latest playset version. I ve been aquiring them slowly, have 7 sets now. But the Star Destroyer and Falcon are way out of my price range, may consider a good used set. My lego insider has leaked some information, regarding next years 2015 UCS sets 75095 UCS Tie Fighter released september retailing for $400 NZD

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