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  • Walmart sells UCS Millennium Falcon for 25% off

    LEGO fans were given an early Christmas for about an hour on Tuesday morning, as the UCS Millennium Falcon 75192 showed up on Walmart's site for 25% off.  Normally priced at $799.99, the one hour sale had the Falcon down to $599.99.

    It hasn't been Christmas for everyone, though, as a number of users reported yesterday that their orders got cancelled.  However, a few users have reported that they have shipping confirmations for their orders.  And for a brief time this morning, the set showed up once again at $599.99.

    Keep those eyes open, you never know when this, or any other set, may go on surprise sale in the days leading up to Christmas.  Register and participate in the board to stay abreast of the latest deals.

    A big thank you to @exracer327 for posting the deal first.


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    3 hours ago, boliramirez said:

    I was one of the lucky ones and my order Shipped.... this is what I got.....



    I would just exchange it or buy another and return the damaged.

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    Mine had a similar fate, but not near as damaged as yours.   It was raining when it was delivered and the UPS guy left it on a puddle.  Only damaged one side, fortunately enough.  It's for a personal build so I didn't worry about it either.

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    That's the problem with rare discounts.... all the sheeple want to order asap and then vendors struggle to cope. Of course, this means doing everything in a rush and cutting corners with handling and shipping. My motto has always been "rushing takes longer" as you have to often revisit work and/or handle returns. It's only a matter of time before we see >40% discounts on the MF as there's certainly no shortage of stock right now.

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