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    Microfighters: Pint Sized Profits or a Fighting Chance?

    There has been a rather lively debate about the suitability of the new Microfighter line as an investment vehicle. Few new lines have been as polarizing as Microfighters (I'm taking about you Chima), it seems that you either love them or hate them with few taking the middle ground. For those that haven't seen them, the Microfighters line consists of a small build of some of the more recognizable Star Wars ships with a "seat" for a mini figure. The effect of having the minifigure seated in such small ships is comical, the sets, as one forum member put it, resemble the cars from Mario Cart. Currently there are six different sets, they are:

    75028 Clone Turbo Tank 96 pieces

    75029 AAT 95 pieces

    75030 Millennium Falcon 94 pieces

    75031 TIE Interceptor 92 pieces

    75032 X-Wing Fighter 97 pieces

    75033 Star Destroyer 97 pieces

    All sets are priced with an MSRP of $9.99 and come with one mini figure (the AAT comes with a droid).  While $9.99 may seem a little high for what amounts to an overgrown and boxed polybag, with the piece count of close to 100 each set has a PPB in the $0.10-$0.11 range, and you get the minifig. With the sets being so new they should Not be purchased at this time to hold long term. They may have some potential for turbo flipping as all six are currently sold out at S&H. Of the six the consensus seems to be that the Millennium Falcon and TIE Interceptor show the most promise for this purpose. If you do plan to attempt to flip these sets, they must be purchased at a substantial discount, a quick look at eBays sold listings show that the Falcon is consistently bringing $10.00-$15.00 as a BIN. A key driving force to this may be the unique printed cockpit piece in this version of the Falcon.

    For more of a long term perspective lets go back to 2003/2004 and look at a few similarly sized sets, although without mini figures.  

    Set Pieces87768799
    Set Year2004200320032003
    Retail Price (USD)$6.99$3.99$6.99$6.99
    CAGR8.02 Value Up14.69 Value Up17.60 Value Up6.95 Value Up
    Six Month Performance
    Price Per Brick$ 0.17 New $ 0.13 Used $ 0.08 Retail$ 0.20 New $ 0.16 Used $ 0.05 Retail$ 0.40 New $ 0.33 Used $ 0.08 Retail$ 0.14 New $ 0.09 Used $ 0.07 Retail


    A breakdown and comparison of new values for your selected sets.
    Current Market Value: New$ 14.67$ 15.33$ 34.76$ 13.69
    One Month Change: New4.79% Value Up2.42% Value Down1.67% Value Down
    Six Month Change: New14.71% Value Down7.43% Value Up36.85% Value Up1.79% Value Down
    One Year Change: New13.35% Value Down3.02% Value Up7.72% Value Up10.35% Value Down
    Change from Retail: New109.87% Value Up284.21% Value Up397.28% Value Up95.85% Value Up


    A breakdown and comparison of used values for your selected sets.
    Current Market Value: New$ 10.93$ 12.00$ 28.80$ 9.33
    One Month Change: Used6.16% Value Up
    Six Month Change: Used2.44% Value Up14.71% Value Down16.13% Value Up13.05% Value Down
    One Year Change: Used7.16% Value Up20.00% Value Down14.06% Value Up1.48% Value Down
    Change from Retail: Used56.37% Value Up200.75% Value Up312.02% Value Up33.48% Value Up

      Of these older sets the Millennium Falcon 4488 is the clear winner at nearly five times original retail, more interesting is that it's up almost 37% in the last six months. It's acting more like a set that's just recently retired than one that's been out for ten years. While the MTT has yet to double its MSRP over the same time period. It would seem the the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy is a popular ship among collectors. I expect a similar pattern to repeat with these newer sets, if you chose to buy and hold any of the Microfighter line grab some Falcons. Now, however, is not the time to be loading up on these. They were just released and should have at a minimum 18 months to two years before retirement. Wait it out and watch how they do in the primary market.              

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    AT first sight, i thought this series are very cool. Then I found that I only like the TIE, falcon, x-wing and the tank. But they are pretty pricy, maybe I should wait for a good deal to buy them.

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    i imagine a lot of these will be purchased at such a low price point. good stocking stuffers and small gifts for kids etc. i might be picking up the falcon as well just to display on my desk.

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    I'm waiting for a "buy 2 get 3" offer. Then I'll get Millennium Falcon and X-Wing. Not sure for the rest of the sets. I thought that having the whole set (6) would be nice but AAT and Tank are not as cool as the others IMHO. To have buyers interested by your offer by lowering the shipping price you may sell several sets at the same time, and I think a combo "hero team" (x-wing + falcon) would be nice. Curious about a wave 2... :-o

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    I bought two (to start with) while the packaging in the display set was still good. Included in my purchase were two free giveaway polybags containing the sought after tc-4 droid. See http://www.brickpicker.com/bpms/set.cfm?set=5002122-1 The combined purchase give me the feeling that I might have a winner ;)

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    I saw the individual reviews on YouTube, but I can seem to find the overall wrap up. Can anyone direct me to it?

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    Nice article. I'll probably only buy them at a discount. They should be good components for a jumbo Lego Star Wars chess board.

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