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  2. Message him back with some “profanity” of your own , and just bang him on your blocked list. Problem solved. 😎
  3. Warning. I just opened one of my Löwenstein castle and three of the baggies inside wasn’t sealed properly and some of the parts came out. Hopefully I don’t have any missing pieces. Just be careful as you take the baggies out of the box.
  4. Rocket still going at LEGO Shop at Home. Resale potential of a nice little set fading.
  5. He just sent me another message with profanity. I think if I get another one tomorrow, I will call ebay again. Hopefully this escalates the situation. I did notice one of his negative feedbacks was due to "vulgar language". So looks like this has happened before.
  6. amazon is selling 42056 at 30 percent above msrp I didn't think they did that
  7. Stranger Things by Jez Rider [Insta: Jezbags]
  8. Toy Story Lego Figures by Jez Rider [Insta: Jezbags]
  9. A Lover Spurned by Nick Sweetman
  10. Flight of the LL-238
  11. Cobra 79 by Tito Phurbojoyo
  12. GOT nightking by Rokan Cheung
  13. A Study in Pink by Sergeant Chipmunk
  14. Notre-Dame de Paris by Rocco Buttliere
  15. If they persist to harass you, contact ebay again and they 'll warn the seller that continued harassment will result in them being banned. I had to deal with a psycho seller like that. He was bad enough, but after I received a refund I gave him negative feedback for the crap he was trying to pull on me. Then he really went off the deep end. By the way, ebay can remove a "false positive" feedback as well. You know, when the seller leaves you a "positive" comment but calls you all kinds of names, etc.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Well it took a week to get from Southern California to Northern California.
  18. Should I buy one at 114.99? I don't really like the Ninjago movie theme but I also wanted to invest in a couple of Ninjago City sets(the $300 one). Have a feeling it will be black fridayed at LEGO so I might buy them there and sell them on AMZ cuz everything fetches higher prices on Amazon
  19. No, just 2 generic NASA astronauts.
  20. So how do we report ebay sellers. I bought some open figs that said new and they were missing their "extra pieces". I asked the seller to ship those out to me. He refused so I gave him neutral feedback. Now he is verbally threatening through ebay messages lol. Something about fn my mother and she looks like Katelyn Jenner and continues to spam me with messages. Up to 5 right now. I called and reported him.
  21. All over the news now : https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/15/business/target-register-outage-trnd/index.html
  22. I finally got the Queen Ann’s Revenge! This is one I have always wanted. No figures or instructions but it was only $30 so I’m really happy
  23. Yeah. I’m there now. Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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