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Materials guide for LEGO selling & shipping including postage box sizes

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Don't forgot about packing used sets properly once inside shipping boxes. Larger Ziplock bags get pricey and isn't durable enough. Instead, I put the elements in those heavy duty mail carrier envelopes. Nothing is worse than having a box arrive with elements scattered inside the shipping box especially if there's a quarter sized hold in it.

Here is my original post for more info.


regarding shipping used sets...

i used ziplock bags but had the occasional bag get sliced during shipping. i now put the set (elements) into those flat plastic-like envelopes used for usps, fedex, and ups shipping. these seldom ever tear and stay sealed. then i pack these inside the shipping box regardless whether i'm including the lego box.

i always place instructions inside a folder or flat cardboard envelope and seal it. this keeps manuals protected.

i encourage to give it a try.

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I have recently received couple messages from potential ebay buyers saying my shipping cost is too high.


I would like to ship the item with tracking no matter it is large or small sets. Any suggestion which way I could provide a "cheaper" shipping?


now with global shipping center available, I ship the package to the center. I would not know how much ebay global shipping center would charge from there. This potential buyer is asking me why my shipping cost is so much and other sellers could provide 28 dollars shipping to Nederlands and would like me to match it (for 21050 set).


Any advice?

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Why don't i see anything in OP?

I don't se anything either...  That is, all I see is: "Many members have asked for a centralized place where they can go for shipping box information. I"

I don't see anything too. I noticed that something has been happening to certain posts over since yesterday, which is when I noticed that all the Amazon UK deals in the Daily Lego Deal thread mysteriously disappeared.

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Question about the box sizes:

Are the dimensions listed for the Lego boxes themselves, or are they dimensions for a standard cardboard box that best fits those particular Lego sets? For instance, if I buy a 24x20x4 from ULINE, will a Palace Cinema fit in it or will it not quite fit because the cardboard box is exactly the same size as the PC box?

Awesome info btw. I've been buying cardboard boxes that are pretty close to the set dimensions and then cuttiing them down to minimize extra space. I learned how to do it quickly and neatly from a dude at a box store so it's worked pretty well, but I'm always looking for a more efficient system.

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