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48 minutes ago, legodelorean said:

Any idea when the price guide stats will update?  It looks like the last update was on 9/7/18. 

The last word from @Jeff Mack is he is fighting with the aggregate EBay data provider to get the complete snapshot to update the database with.  I guess they've  changed some stuff up or the feed is giving them truncated data right now.  He's been going back and forth with them for several months.

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Hi Jeff.  I've Identified another set that even though you can add it to your brickfolio it won't actually show up in it, wondering if you can fix it as well.  The set number is 5004195-1.  You can add it to your brickfolio and it makes the total set count go up but then is does not ever shown in your brickfolio.  Due to this my set count is way off as I've added this set a few times now and have no way to edit/remove it since it's not visible in the folio.  Please fix if you can.  Thanks!  

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33 minutes ago, exciter1 said:

@Jeff Mack I think you may have disabled his PM ability a long time ago.  Is this something you can turn back on?

Thanks. It also looks like my thread about my Walmart stock alerter got deleted. I couldn't find it when I went to look for it. Any idea what happened to it? I am thinking that the two are related. No one ever told me anything about either of them. I thought people liked my stock alerter program...

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