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70816 - Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!

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In honor of those still buying. Probably 50-60 in store


Look at the little guy in green. He is a potential customer. He is staring at Benny!

Actually, I think he is staring at the plexiglass Star Wars display and wondering "Where are all the Star Wars sets? This blue ship isn't Star Wars?!"

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16 hours ago, marcandre said:

I really like this set at $50. It should settle in around $120 by next Christmas and could gain steam when the next movie hits. I remember seeing big stacks of Black Pearl on clearance too...

I still shed a tear on the many I passed by. I was fresh from my dark times though.

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In Europe this sits surprisingly at MSRP or below while some of the other sets from the movie (all retired) went up really fast.



Trash Chomper - already at 1,5-2xRP

Bad Cop's Pursuit - 2xRP

Emmet's Couch - 2x RP

Lord Business' Lair - 1,5-2xRP

Many other (like Emmet's Mech, MetalBeard's Duel) also trade above RP while the rest sits at RP or below, including the spaceship. I'm not even mentioning the Sea Cow which is a different animal.

I am new to collecting/investing Lego but it is a bit surprising - I would expect Benny's ship to go up the fastest (it's cool, has space theme, wasn't on the market for too long). I really can't see why of all the movie sets Trash Chomper, Lair or Bad Cop's Pursuit are appreciating. Any thoughts? May it be because the spaceship was quite expensive and there's a lot of stock on the market? I would appreciate any comments - I'm looking to build up my LEGO movie colection and am trying to understand the market for those better.


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