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5002144 - Dareth vs Nindroid

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He's the best character to Ninjago as Shadow Wind is to Chima.

I can't believe they don't have a Shadow Wind Minifigure.

The Shadow Wind helmet alone is worth $10.

This is a stellar of a minifigure, yet Lego never made it.

Ok color me confused, how was a helmet LEGO never made worth $10 ? Were you talking about customs and/or fakes ? Edited by Darth_Raichu

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Dude, that`s pretty sweet! I`m assuming you paid....$3.99+ tax? If so I don`t see why you couldn`t at least double up, might take you a while though because it doesn`t appear to be that popular at the moment. 


ToysRUs Canada had this available a couple weeks back with a $30 purchase, only picked up one because frankly I don`t see it being popular. If I do sell it (listed currently for $14), it will be a nice discount on the Series 12 minifigures I purchased to reach said $30 threshold. 

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