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There are MOCs utilizing whatever pieces at hand to create something unique and then there are alternates using only the parts included from a set to build something else. This thread (I have wanted to start for a while now) is meant to showcase such designs to help inspire your own well as display what can be done within such limited means. Anyway here are a few to get started.



31007 - Racing Car by Peteris Sprogis



70808 - Super Secret Police Spaceship by msx_80



Mobile Frame Zero - 41524, 41525, 41526 by dark_syntax


6866 Wolfsbane by JK Brickworks



31003 Robot by Biczzz



31006 F1 Racer by Biczzz



6913 Speedster by Vinny Turbo



4837 Shogun by lk.lkaz



6742 Robot by lk.lkaz



31007 Tank by Aphylliate

While the main point of this topic is primarily the usage of pieces within a single set to create a different model shown on the box, the mixing of two or more sets is permitted but the final product must only use those included pieces. Please list the set number(s) of any alternate design posted.

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I also found it to be a challenge to make all of the variations of a set that were pictured on either the box or the instructions. Apparently LEGO stopped doing this as there were too many parents contacting them about instructions for the alternate models and then they were upset when none were available. I say bring them back and let the kids figure things out on their own, or better yet, work on it with the kids.

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I loved piecing together the alternate builds on lego boxes when I was a kid.  Great thread idea!

Thank you. I think designing any MOC is great but trying to create something only from what you are given poses an intriguing challenge that while sometimes frustrating is usually rewarding in the end. I know of a certain member at Eurobricks who not only builds good alternates but also ones that transform! They're absolutely brilliant in my opinion and I hope to showcase them here for others to see soon.
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Here are some alternates for 31007 Power Mech over at Eurobricks.


Including a bunch by bacem who is amazingly creative with this Creator set.


Awesome; that's exactly the stuff I'm talking about. :yes:

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Just built my very first MOC alternate using only pieces from 31012 Family House. Wanted to try it out as a "modular" size house and this was the result

What do you think? Any recommendations?

Each level comes off easily as well, second floor and roof.

Turning Creator houses into modulars is a fun challenge. :) Interesting roof and front facade plus a good backyard too. Now while I do like the small balcony on the side, the open gap under the archway makes an otherwise good model feel incomplete. The second floor appears a little taller than the first as well.

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Took your advice OrcKing and shortened the second level, made some adjustments to the balcony as well. Not sure what to do with the archway being open like that, I guess it's a new open structure look, should be fine since it doesn't really rain in my LEGO city :P

Nailed it. :ok:

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