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What LEGO set did you build today?

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Today I built the 30023 Lighthouse polybag from 2011 that I BrickLinked the parts for under $3 and built a MOC of the 75125 Star War Series 3 microfighter Resistance X-Wing Fighter to make it look like Poe's X-Wing Fighter.  Those parts cost under $5.  I used the Poe minifigure from set 75012.





One of the Wedge, Plate 3 x 4 with Stud Notches is not made in orange, so I got the next closest color which is bright light orange to maintain the orange color throughout the body of the fighter.

48183 Color Variations.jpg

My son built the car from 30529 The Lego Movie 2 Mini Master-Building Emmet polybag and showed it to one of our dogs.  The dog, though mildly interested, does not seem all that impressed.  Cats may not even care, or think it is a new toy for them…


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