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Found an intriguing design or a build that pleasantly catches your attention? Then by all means please feel free to post any MOC you find on the net and would like to share with your fellow members here. If you are talented yourself in the way of MOCs then how about you show it off for everyone to see!

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This one has been around for a couple of years so you may have seen it already. Still impressive both technologically and aesthetically.

Mindstorms NXT Automatic Teller Machine with change maker - ronaldmcrae on youtube

Haha wow! I've never seen that till just now. Very impressive and really cool! What's better than Lego and cash money? Lol

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The hogwarts moc, I haven't seen another that matches the intricacy, attention to detail and overall size and scope of that project, it really lacks nothing.

The other LOTR mocs are pretty good as well, as well as the alien city on here a few days ago.

I've seen some very nice Star Wars moc's, but yeah, the Hogwarts Castle MOC was simply amazing. For a single person to use the amount of pieces that she did and make something so accurate was simply amazing.

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