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TRU Canada Sales and Clearance

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4 hours ago, Sandwraith said:

For those that received cancellation coupon codes, check the actual value of the coupons in the cart. Most of mine were quoted at $5-$10 in the emails, however i just found out 2 are actually $45 each... Was just making a purchase intending to use on a small $20 set for in-store pickup, and bam it came up as $45 discount, checked the rest and 2 of them came up as that, nice unexpected find haha.

Issue with these coupon codes is that if they take your order below $50, it doesn't give the free shipping, so I've been using in store pickup when available.

Edit: Make that 3 $45 coupons, they seem to all have been the most recent ones received.

WOW! Checked one of my recent $5 codes and it came up as $45! Just bought the new MF to let the kids build....the current 20% discount combined with 10% R Club and this $45 coupon results in a 50% off discount! Sweeeeeeet 😎

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