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Based on a classic age where tantalizing tales of science fiction and pleasing aesthetical forms of art came together to create a captivating concept of an alternate future utopia about ray guns, star travel, hulking robots, and invaders from beyond, these builds capture this essence of a "retro future" in all its delightfully quirky charms. While many if not most of the designs could hardly be considered practical or efficient by today's real world standards of technology and leisure, nevertheless much like a vintage car what matters is the look of the ride itself.

Battle for the Moon: American light tank on patrol

Battle for the Moon: USMC mech bay, Mare Nectaris sector

BFTM: American S-5 Hyperfighter

Battle for the Moon: US Battle Mech assembly line

American A.T.L.A.S. death ray complex

Battle for the Moon: American "Tinman" space suit

BFTM: Spetnaz Ranger (upgraded)

BFTM: Russian разведка vehicle

BFTM: American Type 2 Battlebot

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The Ray Gun, what every decent hardworking spaceman should carry because you never know what terror from outer space will arise across a forbidden planet.

Smith and Wesson A80

Smith and Wesson A82

Russian Tokarev TT-34 Atomiser

Stechkin Laser pistol, circa 1956

Junebug 7500kW

Mercury Mk. 2 Ray Gun

G-28 Plasma Ray

ZapRay 9000

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