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41130 - Amusement Park Roller Coaster

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Count me as one(and I'm pretty tough on new sets) who actually sees legit value in this set for the carnival layout theme from CREATOR.  Sure, those that like their layouts to be all from one theme will poo-poo at the idea of mixing a FRIENDS coaster with CREATOR carnival rides....BUT, this coaster is, more or less, a version of The Sooper Jet; a popular traveling roller coaster (in the U.S. at least) for young children.  9966721E-A376-4BE0-96C6-A1235B88FBE2.420


Think about it people. A carnival is different than an amusement park in that they actually need to take down the rides to move them.  A giant rollercoaster doesn't afford that luxury.  They've showcased that with Mixer.  This FRIENDS coaster is perfect for that. Mod out a loading area with pieces, maybe make the Ferris Wheel smaller (to make it a little kids wheel), keep the other little ride and the booths and add a couple of Carnie trucks (ala the Mixer) and you have the perfect "little kids" area for your carnival. 

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So this set released in US on Aug 1st, has been a top seller and is now OOS expected shipping 27 Aug. In UK this also has had very good reviews (from kids).


Brickset also linked to a website which claimed "Lego has revealed its top seven products for Christmas 2016", I'm not too sure on the credentials of that website.



Seeing as Lego also reported last year that 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel was a top seller (though based on sales volume not units sold), nevertheless this set could be a good set to get for xmas due to shortages.

http://cache.lego.com/r/www/r/aboutus/-/media/about us/docs/2015 annual result lego group _fact sheet.pdf?l.r2=1744155185


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