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Daily LEGO Deals - USA

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Updated Deals > 20% @ Amazon.com (9 Deals @ Mar 22 12:04 PM) Last 48hrs

LEGO City Great Vehicles Ambulance Helicopter Toy, Build & Play ... $11.99 [53% off] Dropped 53% on Mar 20 11:00 AM
LEGO City Tracks $14.90 [35% off] Dropped 35% on Mar 21 12:00 AM
LEGO City City Advent Calendar 60201 (313 Piece), Multicolor $23.50 [22% off] Dropped 9% on Mar 21 3:30 PM
LEGO City Burger Bar Fire Rescue 60214 Building Kit (327 Piece) $31.99 [20% off] Dropped 17% on Mar 22 3:30 AM

LEGO Minecraft the Bedrock Adventures 21147 Building Kit (644 Pi... $71.99 [20% off] Dropped 20% on Mar 21 9:32 AM

Nexo Knights
LEGO Nexo Knights Lunchbox with Handle Bright Blue $11.74 [22% off] Dropped 2% on Mar 22 10:30 AM

LEGO 40841741 Ninjago Movie Sorting Box, Transparent Black $12.00 [20% off] Dropped 2% on Mar 20 10:34 PM

Star Wars
LEGO Star Wars Moloch's Landspeeder 75210 Building Kit 464 piece... $25.00 [37% off] Dropped 11% on Mar 21 5:30 PM
LEGO Star Wars Defense of Crait 75202 $66.17 [22% off] Dropped 3% on Mar 22 10:01 AM

To See the FULL Updated List of Amazon USA Deals, Please Click Here!!

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4 minutes ago, Bold-Arrow said:

It takes about 15 min 


8 minutes ago, California92563 said:

But won't the constant toilet stops impede that?!? 

The trick to not getting sick from them is to avoid the veggies since everything else is cooked. I usually do that on my own anyways =)

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possibly a good deal to build -

used Fallingwater on ebay bin $112 obo - free expedited shipping -.  

 going for amazon $200+ new.  normally used ones with a box are going $135-150.


not my listing - 


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2 hours ago, mfortunek said:

You know it's the slow season when the last three "deals" were a t-shirt, a burrito and something from a tractor supply store.

Someone wake me up when double VIP starts. 

Also, I definitely jumped on that burrito deal. Thanks BA!

Was it the LEGO Voltron shirt?

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