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2015 Duck build


Someone on bricks.stackexchange.com bought two of these. Anyone seen these before or knows where they come from? Seems to be a recent product (September 2015), with proper instructions, copyrighted by TLG.


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13 minutes ago, Deadfraggle said:


think it was a LEGO employee holiday gift, but I may be mistaken. Fairly rare.

Bricklink has this set grouped with the other employee gifts, LEGO inside tour sets, etc.



Nope. That's not the one. Look at the base and the wheels - the one I posted uses 2x2 round bricks, the one you linked to has 4x4 round plates as wheels (or perhaps a duplo base, cannot really see from the pics).


11 minutes ago, Lordoflego said:

 Canned fish - Toy commercial Award - 16-18 september 2015 - Ringkøbing, instructions are marked: Design seminar 2015

Yes, that's what is written on it. I'm looking for set number, etc. Cannot find it on Bricklink or Brickset, but seems to be a recent set (late 2015). Also wondering if someone has picked some up somewhere - I would be surprised if these were truly small scale items (e.g. 5 or 10 pieces made), given the quality of the instructions. Plus, I actually really like this set :)

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