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70749 - Enter the Serpent

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The Anacondrai Temple, released in March 2015, 529 pcs, 5 minifigs.  MSRP $59.99 in USA. I always loved this set. It spent most of it's life available at around $40 - $42 on Amazon and elsewhere.  I was able to get just a couple at about $24 each with some Shop Your Way coupon. I didn't even know it was "Retired" on LEGO Shop at Home until just now.  I think this set could be a winner down the road.  Many smaller Ninjago sets from 2014 were readily available at 30% off (or more) until late 2015, and - if acquired cheap - are now selling at 50-70% net profit, one year later (i.e., 70720, 70721, 70722, 70723, 70727).  I don't much like the smaller Ninjago sets from 2015, but I really like this one.  A nice size "architectural" build, with play features, prison cell, booby traps, weapons cache... all the stuff kids love. I think anyone who picked these up at $40 or so will be very happy this time next year. No longer available at Walmart or Target... I'll be looking for discounts at Toys R Us, and you might even find some at Barnes & Noble for $14.99.


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