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Bands you would like to see in LEGO

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With the surprising success of The Beatles Yellow Submarine passing the IDEAS evaluation, what other musical masters would you like to see make their way into LEGO form? Before I had mentioned a Jimi Hendrix tribute would be far out well as that Ziggy Stardust bust from a while back.

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I would suppose if the criteria were recognition among multiple age groups, character personality that translates to minifigures, and overall Lego valued positive standards:

Jackson 5, U2, Rolling Stones(?), New Kids on the Block (eww), or a collection of known artists as mentioned above.


But if it's just personal preference: AKB48



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On 16-10-2016 at 6:30 PM, Brenner said:

definitely : Iron Maiden!

Minifigs in band outfit and a Bruce Dickinson minifig in his pilot outfit + a model of the Ed Force 1 (Boeing 757 - Flight 666 or a Boeing 747 used for the latest tour).

Can I play with Madness?


Yes Yes Yes!!!

And do not forget Eddie!

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