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Daily LEGO Deals - CANADA

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Updated Deals > 20% @ Amazon.ca (8 Deals @ Feb 21 4:06 PM) Last 48hrs

Lego Friends Heart Lake City Resort Building Kit (1017 Piece), M... CDN$ 102.99 [21% off] Dropped 11% on Feb 20 6:26 AM

LEGO Classic 6213581 Creative Suitcase 10713 Building Kit (213 P... CDN$ 19.88 [20% off] Dropped 20% on Feb 21 1:42 AM

Lego Creator Cruising Adventures Building Kit (597 Piece), Multi... CDN$ 62.99 [21% off] Dropped 10% on Feb 20 6:25 AM

Lego Duplo Disney Mickey's Boat Building Kit (28 Piece), Multico... CDN$ 31.38 [22% off] Dropped 10% on Feb 20 12:48 PM

Lego Ninjago Cole-Dragon Master Action Toy (92 Piece), Multicolo... CDN$ 12.64 [30% off] Dropped 1% on Feb 21 3:17 AM

Star Wars
Lego® Star Wars™ Imperial Conveyex Transport™ 75217 Star Wars To... CDN$ 76.98 [30% off] Dropped 4% on Feb 20 6:26 AM
LEGO Star Wars First Order Heavy Assault Walker CDN$ 123.98 [27% off] Dropped 8% on Feb 20 6:27 AM
Lego® Star Wars™ Sandcrawler™ 75220 Star Wars Toy CDN$ 117.35 [27% off] Dropped 1% on Feb 21 12:50 PM

To See the FULL Updated List of Amazon Canada Deals, Please Click Here!!

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I ended up getting 20% off my smooshed sandcrawler. At first they didn't offer a discount, only a refund or exchange. When I said I'll take an exchange, all of a sudden they didn't have any in stock and offered the 20% discount which was good with me. I'm wondering if this was a tactic on their part to see if I was just trying to get a discount or if I'd really go through with the exchange/return??

I think standard procedure to offer a refund or exchange.  I just said I didn't want to go through hassle of a return.

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They currently have a Force Friday deal going on the has coupon codes:

$10 off of $50 - STARWARS10

$25 off of $100 - STARWARS

They didn't seem to work when I tried but I was able to order the new Millenium Falcon and have a rep adjust to take $25 off but he would not stack the $10 coupon as well :(

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I asked if they would apply it to the X-Wing since it is 0.01 off the threshold and he said it was one coupon per customer but he would escalate the issue and someone would get back to me.  All their stuff is priced in such a way that all the combinations are 0.01 below the threshold :(

179.99 Millenium Falcon, 149.99, 109.99, 99.99, 89.99, 49.99 and 24.99.  I think it's odd they produced so many expensive sets and only have two below $50.  Makes it hard for kids to get any of the new stuff.

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Lego 41038 half price at amazon!

Thanks, in for one as a gift.

It was very difficult to find an affiliate link on my phone but I managed through the stock checkers. It would be awesome if someone could add a link to the main page for all affiliates that I can use with my phone or explain a faster method.

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2 hours ago, Stragus said:

Dolphin Cruiser 41015, 50% off!


Edit: Sorry for triple posts. The BrickPicker mobile web site is messed up, it says "Saving..." instead of posting, and then it silently reposts at every click!

Hey bro if you're able to score them again, will be very happy to go pick these up at your place ! :)


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