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39 minutes ago, Crustybeaver said:

You mean limited to 1 per account emoji6.png



18 minutes ago, darkhorseoflego said:

Ey thank you, bagged one for myself. Selling for a lot more than that on eBay so am surprised :derisive:

Of course, welcome. I need as many of the bloody things as I can get, too; even with the VAT taken off the postage was a bit dear but snagged one for myself as well. I feel stupid for not having grabbed as many as I could when they were easily available, looks like a winner so far...

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Makro Amsterdam: 41102 Friends Advent Calendar €11,80 (53% below regular price). 

When I left at 14:00 there were 15 left + one with cut seals. Usually I spend half an hour looking for the best boxes but the first 5 I inspected were flawless so I guess most of the others are too. I'm not sure whether other Makro's have the same deal. To be able to shop at Makro you'll need to be a company owner. 

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On 24-12-2015 at 0:42 PM, Roy vd M. said:

Nice one Brenner, I bought a 42030 Technic Volvo loader (€140,24) and a 42039 Technic 24H racer (€72,24).

Mind that you'll have to use a German delivery address! Fortunately I have a friend living there.

Glad I could help....have fun with those sets!!

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