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70627 - Dragon's Forge

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I was about to start a 70627 Dragon's Forge thread... 'till I found this one... should we rename it maybe?

Today is the first I've seen this set and I too thought the $79.99 price tag was a mistake (like Pseudoty, above).  1137 pcs... 6 minigs... loads of weapons and tool accessories.  That's a lot of stuff for $79.99. Not sure about the investor, but it's a winner for moms and dads.  70626 Dawn of Iron Doom also seems to have a lot of pieces and minifigs for the price.

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Not quite meriting a post in the deals thread, but wondering how low this set will go. $69 now on Amazon.


Has anyone built it? My son's birthday is coming up, this looks like a fun one, especially for the price. Seems like this could have been $99 pretty easily.

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