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What are the best/coolest underpriced minifigs, in your opinion?

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I just started looking through all the Collectible Minifig Series stuff, and I guess a lot of the price must be based more on rarity instead of straight coolness, so that's kinda nice for me since I don't plan on keeping my collection on a shelf. I don't mean to make this question only about the Series minifigs, though. What are some really cool minifigs that you think are currently at a better price than you think they maybe should be?

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Well, the problem with minifigure collecting / selling has always been that most people want the same minifigures.

There's of course people who collect every figure. But I think we are currently at a point where there's just too many out there to get them all. So most people end up getting the ones they like best.

Suit guys are very popular and most are selling for prices way above the average price of their series. One that seems to be often overlooked is Panda Guy from the Lego Movie series.


Another that is sure to go up in price in my opinion is Piggy Guy:


And another one that is often overlooked is Unicorn Girl.

Then there's figures that are sort of half suit guys like Gingerbread Man and some of the monster figures like Tiger Woman. Other ones are the Clockwork Robots and Lady Liberty.

Another very popular unofficial category, which I personally like is the warriors. It's kinda broad and vague, but you'll notice that a lot of the warrior figures like knights and soldiers are very expensive. This has to do with the fact that they often come with unique helmets, armor and weapons and they are also often used in historical MOCs. A good example is Roman Soldier. So I think looking at that, something like the Flying Warrior, Frightening Knight and Classic King might do well. Castle MOCs are very popular and Greek / Roman stuff is sought after because Lego has never really done any Greek / Roman themed sets (they should!).

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