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Bulk purchase, I get to call the offer. What does everyone think?

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Most boxes (some damaged), all sets below have books, all minifigures and seller claims pieces are around 95% complete. Here is what I know lies in the lot


6748 -Boulder Cliff canyon

9489 - Trooper/imperial battle pk

21009 - Farnsworth

21020 - Trevi Fountain 

10242 - Mini Cooper MKVII

10226  - Sopwith Camel

6211 - Star Destroyer 

10213 - Shuttle Adventure

75032 - x-wing mini

21108 - Ghost Busters Cuusoo

21103 - DeLorean

10220 - Volkswagen T1 Camper

7656 - general grievous ship

60012  - Coast Guard 4x4


Lot calculator comes out to just shy of $900. What do you guys think I should offer? $200? Do I hear lower? LOL.. seriously though, I need some advice


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12 minutes ago, Pseudoty said:

Just to clarify these are all used built sets? What do you want to do with them, add to your collection, sell, other?

Nope sorting will be required, and to sell

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Too much work for me. The only used sets in there I know that sell are ISD, FH and 10213. Others may be great opportunities too just out of my area. Perhaps @MarleyMoose or @Migration  or someone else can chime in. 

I would be happy to get those 3 sets and the SC for $200 but not sorting, cleaning, you have stickers and strings to deal with then BL to complete. 

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Assuming that everything is close to complete and you don't mind putting forth the work to sort and put everything together $200 isn't a bad starting price. If I saw the lot and could tell everything was in good shape and mostly sorted I MIGHT go as high as $350-$400. With that lot I would plan on selling the Farnsworth, Camel, Star Destroyer, Shuttle Adventure, De Lorean right away. I would hang on to Trevi, Mini Cooper, and Ecto for a while to let them rise in price a bit. T1 I would either keep or sell depending on my mood and how much I paid for the lot vs how much I got for the sets I sold. The rest I would sell the mini figs then sell the mixed bricks by weight. One note about Architecture sets, the larger ones SUCK to pick out of a bulk lot, not as bad a bionicle or hero factory, but a pain none the less.

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$215 would be a good price if they are close to complete.. Just make sure it's from a smoker free home. In my experience, cigarette smoke never fully comes out. I'd keep the Shuttle Adventure just because I regret selling off the one I'd got in a lot. At $215 it'd be good to keep the sets you want for your collection.

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