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Brickheadz 2018

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Yes, the BF ones are good but I am let down by the Incredibles II ones. I know the source material doesn't really have the most complex features, but for anyone that actually build these will realize, these are some of the simplest BH models to date. The hair/face structure and features is really what makes these figures pop, Salazar is one of my favorites because of the half head he has with exposed inside. Many people would have no idea without building that it looks like that because Lego has chosen not to show the backs of the models.

Top 5 Hair:

  1. The Joker
  2. Aquaman
  3. Armando Salazar
  4. Belle
  5. Doc Brown
  6. Hon Mention. Capt. Jack or Gamora (Looks like a good build but I haven't built her myself yet)
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