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70620 - Ninjago City

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I really like it but I feel it's overpriced. You could buy two modulars for €300. It feels like they're trying to bump up the piece count with hundreds of tiny pieces. I'm hoping to see it at 30% off somewhere before I'd bite, like Smyths had with Airjitzu thingy. Lovely set though and very unique.

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The first review is up.

Few interesting things despite the fact that it's absolutely beautiful!
It's a third largest LEGO construction in history.
Many many new pieces in new color, some of them are extremely rare.
The Bricklink Value Per Piece may quadruple the RPP price.

 Not a huge fan of Ninjago theme and movie, albeit the mixture of far Asian steam punk style with futuristic "total recall" resemblance makes it a no brainer to me.

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Finally got around to starting this last night. Did bags 1&2, no stickers yet, KAI and  KONRAD figs with his fishing boat. A couple of elements in new colors to me they may be in some mixels or friends sets that I haven't built and one new element that is covered. Took me longer then expected because I had to line up all the imprints on the translucent light blue elements but looks nice. Plan on bags 3& 4 tonight. 


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