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Elves 2018

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Since it looks like all the Lego elves 2018 line is done , does anyone think , any of the animal sets would do well in the secondary market for investment purposes?? 

Brick built lion  , turtle ,fox , wolf and a bat seem to be unique and may not be made for a long time.


any thoughts or opinions on this??

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On the plus side, remakes are as unlikely as with Chima or Lone Ranger and some retired sets have done very well.

On the other hand, the them is done, the tv show too and little girls are fickle at the best of times so how many will want these next year? There is some AFOL appeal but it´s not UCS territory. Like Ninjago, dragons are generally the most popular and there are some real subprimes mixed in.

I´d want a few to cover bases but at a very good discount.

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I've not paid over 50% for any Elves set and have only bought those with dragons. Even though the TV show is done, I know of several kids who still love to watch old episodes and, of course, will always love dragons - I still do! I think the box art is superb on this theme and I think it'll have legs for a little white yet. I commend LEGO for introducing this theme as it was unique and very different to other themes which are mostly a little long in the tooth, especially that boring overpriced theme linked to a plotless SciFi franchise.

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