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21314 - TRON Legacy

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It's all about the minifigs, I'm dissapointed with the fact that Lego decided to ditch the stand which could give a better representation to the overall build and it's always a better thing to have a little space to place the minifigures next to the lightcycles for display purpouses. I don't think this neither will tank or be unusually popular, same as yellow submarine or caterham seven. don't expect a stock shortage unless tabby decide differently. :P

edit: there are no arm prints which means those minifigs from the top of the page are fake.

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I'm a TRON Legacy big fan and even bigger fan of the DAFT PUNK score for this movie which was 10/10 for me and still is.
I would rather have Daft Punk minifigs than TRON Legacy Characters but with RINZLER you just can't go wrong. Day 1 for me.
Wonder if he (Rinzler) will even have a face or they made black head placement like HULKBUSTER LIMITED MINIFIG with no god damn face :/

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