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40358 - Bean There, Donut That

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29 minutes ago, keymomachine said:

My thought is that with a 40xxx set number it will perhaps have a promotional free-with-purchase (perhaps $100+) offer during the holidays.

Right, that's my first thought as well for a $20 price point. The intention is GWP, not $20 retail sales.

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I'm not sure what the street date is on this set, but I thought I read somewhere that it's at the end of September. I might be wrong though. Bri*****k shows every store in my area as "in stock", but doesn't show the quantity. I had no trouble getting three tonight by giving the DPCI to the clerk at the customer service desk. She called the back room employee and he brought them up for me. I asked how many they had in stock and he said 16. If every store got 16 of these then they shouldn't be too hard to come by once they hit the shelves. I like it. It's a cool little set that will fit nicely into any city layout.

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