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Packing Slips/Invoices - How long do you keep?

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I am trying to neaten up some of my mountains of paperwork, and want to get your two cents - I've been keeping my received packing lists/invoices since I've been doing this, but really don't have much use for them if I don't need to return anything. Do you guys keep these?

If so, other than for return duration/verification purposes, how long do some of you keep packing slips/shipping invoices? Do you keep them in addition to e-receipts/receipts? Or one of the other?



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Guest TabbyBoy

In the UK, HMRC (IRS) want us to keep records for 6 years. I already do that and scan older ones into a PDF just in case. If you fail to show a buy receipt on demand, HMRC can assume you paid £0.00 for it, hence they tax ALL of it. If in doubt, keep that bit of paper.

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