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70839 - The Rexcelsior

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Correct me if I am wrong.....but this really looks like a "Giant Blue Fist" does anyone else see it ??


Udpate:  found this info on the web....


The 1,820 piece model, released in summer 2019, gives builders of all ages the chance to take control of all-action hero Dangervest’s vessel, shaped like a fist and featuring a rapid-fire, 6-missile spring-loaded shooter with shooting function and a trigger in the back, allowing them to role-play space missions with Rex, Emmet and Rex’s raptor crew.

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13 minutes ago, $20 on joe vs dan said:

this is one fugly ship and even worse toy and even worse Lego set (basically a big blue box w/ add-ons)...I've seen Square building modulars that are more interesting.

is there a reason why Lego is going all Space Balls w/ these movies?

It’s their own IP so it’s more profit.

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5 hours ago, locidm said:

This reminds me of Rocket Punch from Mazinger from the 70s, which was (and still is) ultra popular in Japan and the rest of asia. I can imagine boys going nuts over it, not so much the AFOL.

Excellent example.  I think it's really cool and I think boys will get a kick out of it...running around the house with a huge flying fist.  The box markets it well.  It's such a unique LEGO set and that has to count for something.  

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52 minutes ago, oneknightr said:

I wonder if you can put your fist in it like the Infinity Gauntlet? From this picture, I can't tell if the guy's hand is all the way inside or only partway in.


I can see LEGO putting a handle bar at the back of the ship so you can carry it with 1 hand

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