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42100 - Liebherr 9800

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Technic just got damned serious and expensive. 450 euros for this bad boy



FOUR new Summer Technic Sets, available from 1st August

LEGO Technic car transporter 42096, 2x1 model, a vehicle, the same size as the Corvette, which can be taken on the transporter!

LEGO Technic Spider Crane 42097, manual, no power functions, 2in1 model, RRP 89,99 Euro

LEGO Technic 4x4 Extreme SUV 42099, with CONTROL + function (brand new), three engines, independent, RRP € 229.99

LEGO Technic Liebherr 9800 42100, seven (!) Motors that are individually controllable, two smart hubs, that is CONTROL + function, 449.99 Euro RRP

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Let's pray that it's as exclusive as 41999 was. It does look cool and I'd love to have one. The question is.... Will as many get on the gravy train as they did for 42056? What makes me nervous about reselling expensive sets is the increase in scams, anal box lickers and fraudulent SNAD cases that can't be proven buy the seller.

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12 hours ago, Val-E said:

2.5 years as usual for flagships.

Yes, it seems like it. However, I think that #2 sets do better as the Claax Xerion is now doing quite well and was often 60% off too! Another is the 42068 ARV which was also heavily discounted and it now above RRP. Will the BWE and orange Porsche reach RRP? hmmm.....

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