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My wife and I are new to collecting. We had our first real lego adventure today.

This morning my wife and I went and got the sets we wanted to build next. My wife got Old Fishing Shop. I got tower bridge. We decided to stop at a thrift shop. We found 2 gallon baggies of legos for $3.99 each. I got them home and so far as I can tell. there are four sets. Mars Mission 9694, Creator 3in1 Jet 4953, Lego Racers 8153, And an unidentified as of yet Mars mission large set. We also found a lego board game there. lol

We then stopped at another thrift store and bought 3 totes full of legos. These all appear to be from the 80s with a ton of minifigures. My wife had been dying to start her next project, Instead she has spent the day cleaning and sorting boxes of blocks. 

I have a feeling we will be spending many days doing this.

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Thank you all for the warm welcome

Here is a pic of a couple that I have found so far. I sort for a while, then put it together. I did not realize that I had the Star Wars 7657 until I found a couple pieces that did not mach the other sets. It was complete. The jet is missing 3 pieces. 

My wife is obsessed with the minifigures. lol



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