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Diablo 4 Official Announcement Trailer

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Thank goodness it looks DARK. I get headaches way to fast with all the current bright colors.

Hope it is actually "tested" this time and not just a stupid "larger numbers" game.  Overhaul of crafting using items you find "throughout" your journey and not just the end.

I come from the D2 world and although D3 was ok, it just didn't do it for me in the end (too simple).  But let's be honest, D2 is nostalgia and will probably always be the supreme game in my opinion.  

Thanks Blizzard, I guess I have to increase my computer capabilities again unless it comes out on Xbox too.

Thanks for posting!

EDIT: Found this... Blizzard wants to combine the sense of dread from Diablo 1, the loot chase from Diablo 2, and the combat from Diablo 3.

It is about time they use what has worked and will continue to work.

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