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Craigslist war stories

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Yeah, most sales completely fall through because you are dealing with a whole different level of fruitcake on CL.  That said, every once in a while, you get a genuine Lego enthusiast coming out of dark ages.  I recently sold a 10240 X-Wing, 10236 Ewok Village, 75059 Sandcrawler bundle on there for $850 cash.  Nice guy, was wanting to get go back and get all the UCS sets he missed out on.  I was happy to move 3 large sets out of my basement.

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Definitely have to take the good with the bad.  I've made plenty of sales and purchases just fine.  And then of course there's the people that stop emailing back, and worse are the ones who don't show up to a meeting point. 

I've heard comments that CL usage may be dwindling.  Seems I find more crazy people on Letgo and OfferUp nowadays.


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