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Hi everyone! Which train would you like to see next in the CITY Trains theme? I'm a fan of the cargo trains because of their multifunctionality and playability, but there are also great passenger and panoramic trains out there just waiting to be built in LEGOs.

The CSX Loco


The Norfolk Southern Loco


Glacier Express train


The Rocky Mountainer


These are my likes. Which ones are yours?

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A Train featuring KISS: Ace Frehley - Gene xD Simmons - Paul Stanley - Peter Criss - Eric Carr - Tommy Thayer - Eric Singer - Vinnie Vincent and Mark St. John.  Each train car could represent a different era in KISSTORY with extra cars to be sold separate from the original set.   What other band has been around almost 40 years and sold as many albums?

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I have a ton of extra train parts from a huge Craigslist lot I purchased.  I was able to complete a few trains, but still have a lot of wheels, bogies, buffers, motors, IR, you name it.  Would you sell separately?  In a larger lot?  I don't know if train guys like to buy in a bigger bulk to MOC trains or just as they need it and would prefer smaller lots.  I'm as high on ease of selling as making the utmost in money as I don't want to have 100 auctions of this stuff going.


Any input would be appreciated.  Normally I would break this up, but thought maybe buyers might want the whole lot just as much since you kind of need many of the parts to complete a train.  Thanks.

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I think it depends on what parts your talking about, standard black wheels, bogies ect are still available from lego so I buy those there, but if your talking yellow train bases, orange windows, big white windows, or light grey, blue grey wheels then I think you have all of our attention.  I sell my rare parts on bricklink magnets sell okay, rare pieces at good price always sell, especially if they are not all scratched up, but usually they are at least when I get a big lot.  I would buy a large lot or a small lot if it contained a few rare pieces that I know I can not get elsewhere.

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