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Would you buy the Jurassic Park set if it became a lego set and how much would you pay for it?

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As much as Lego Cuusoohas let the Jurassic Park projects go on, it was always going to be a licensing issue for the rights to use the name. Without making reference to all of the other ideas on here that make a connection to a brand/product/idea that is already in the public domain, there is always an inherent danger of presuming that Lego would be able to secure the licensing required.

You cannot blame a preson for trying & using an already known idea does help in achieving the 10K likes needed to be considered, but is does show that a good idea may not become reality. One could play it safe and expand on an existing Lego theme or idea but would it generate the interest like the Back to the Future DeLorean?

Maybe Lego should list who they have licensing to in the T&C's of Cuusoo and explain any other projects where it is required to be obtained risk being shut down at any time before or after the 10K benchmark. (Some of this may already be in there?!)

Not to open another can of worms but it does make the issue of the banning & countless arguments about infringing on a persons idea seem inconsequential now.

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What I'm trying to understand is if they already knew the license went to Kre-o, then why did they not can the project soon as it was posted instead of waiting until it garnered such support to end up doing the exact same thing? It feels like teasing the horse with a carrot only to throw it in the garbage.


I believe It was due to the Brick Queen thing. Also how many votes these new projects got in a week. Brick Queens count took 3 months, the others had tripple that in a week. Intresting stuff. Stomping

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