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70728 - Battle for Ninjago City

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it could do "good" as it's a playset but a lot really depends on how season 3 is liked and the upcoming movie. lego might not be putting too much into ninjago because of chima :(  .  season 3 (ep 3) resumes April 16th at 6:30pm est.


FYI and i might be wrong,  it appears this set is about the altercation at sensei garmadon's dojo.  it was featured in ep 2 of season 3. 

the overlord and robots track the ninja there while they are planning on how to protect new ninjago city (planning to reboot the servers.)


here are 2 links for more pics and info...







...then again, the set could depict another battle at this dojo

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I need some advice since I'm new to the Ninjago theme. Today I was able to buy 8 of this set for a very good price. I'm thinking about QF'ing these (also a first time for me, I'm a hold and wait for EOL kind of guy). Is a QF the way to go or should I hold a few for EOL? Is this set / theme popular?

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