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Target DPCI's for these sets.  Street date is August 1.

204-00-0445 - Spinjitzu Training

204-00-0448 - NINJAGO City Chase

204-00-0451 - Master Falls

204-00-0452 - Manta Ray Bomber

204-00-0470 - Water Strider

204-00-0475 - Green Ninja Mech Dragon 

204-00-0482 - Garma Mecha Man 

204-00-0487 - Lightning Jet

204-00-0488 - Fire Mech

204-00-0490 - Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon

204-00-0503 - Destiny's Bounty

Note that: 70610 Flying Jelly Sub is exclusive to Walmart, and 70616 Ice Tank is exclusive to Toys R Us.

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I saw someone post the Toys R Us SKU for the CMF series earlier this week and for the life of me I can not find it. I checked Eurobricks, here, Reddit, NEOGaf, Brickset, I can not remember where it was! 

But if someone has it and can share it, that'd be great! Thanks! 

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Maybe Destinys Bounty .  Otherwise no.  This is Lego's own license so they will pump it out like The Lego Movie and Lego Batman.  Plus if they do sell out there are already fakes to fill the gaps .  Might be better off looking at other sets on clearance as this may spike interest in the TV series sets . 

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