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    Sold a Nexo Knights 70323 Jestro's Volcano Lair for $229. Buy-in was $2 at Barnes and Noble.
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    You can tell it´s been a quiet retirements season. MSRP = Make sets retire please RRP = Retire, Remake, Police Station
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    Welcome. The key to making money around here is buying the right sets...at the right price. You should never pay full retail price.
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    It is much easier to find your sarcasm detector now that it isn't hidden behind a mountain of steamrollers
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    Another trip this morn. Will qfll all this and make another trip tonight with fake moustache.
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    Re-crafted the chart based on this feedback
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    Hopefully we have a bunch of cockwaving
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    My MILF is out shopping right now and has no idea. I’ve got some ‘splainin to do.
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    Thing is Lego doesn't need to do anything to keep customers like us happy and they know it. I'd wager the vast majority of the orders placed with that code were from resellers and they could give a f*** whether we're happy or not. They could take a dump on us and we'd still be showing up for the next GWP or sale. If this kind of things gets under your skin, maybe Lego reselling isn't for you. I can't count the number of times over the years that things like this happened. You win some, you lose some...no point getting pissed off about it.
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    I see I have a few updates to make, but I will make sure its updating regularly again.
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    There have been several instances where glitches paid with paypal have been honored, whereas normal cc payments just get cancelled....
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    I’m not sure any deal with BB-8 is that great
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    A year later, a busier setup, and an additional messy kid. Baby #3 due in March, Boy #3. At this rate all those Elves sets I have set aside for "future girl" are going to end up on Amazon. Will give it another try in a few years.
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    You're missing the context of his previous tale of woe where multiple retailers 'canceled' him leaving him with tons of authorizations and little credit BUT $1,000 in Kohls GC + $350 in Kohls Cash...
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    Or the whole thing is just one big troll job.
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    Oh look, no Falcon sale. This either isn't actually happening or it's going to b e a five minute Lightning Deal at 6am or something. Or I'll go to bed and it will happen five minutes after.
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    I just spent several hours looking critically at these two sets (21051 Tokyo & 21052 Dubai) to offer a more detailed preview of what to expect when they are available on January 1. This includes highlighting some of the creative parts usages, new parts, printed elements, and the relative scale of the buildings in the model. The thing that surprised me most is that the scale looks all off in the Dubai model (Burj Al Arab looked too large to my eye) but it's actually pretty accurate—I did the math! For a much deeper look, please check out my article at: https://brickarchitect.com/2019/preview-21051-tokyo-21052-dubai-skyline/ Sincerely, ---tom
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    Architecture Studio 21050 Buy in 105.99, Sold for 279.99 + Shipping on Ebay.
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    I've been bundling the "losers" that I've purchased at 50-90% off RRP for 10-20% below RRP. For smaller sets I'll bundle 2-4 together and for larger sets I'll throw in a smaller set or polybag. Themed polybag bundles do well priced at $3-5 each. Staying in the $15-$60 range seems to be the sweet spot.
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    amazon must have found some boxes in the back... LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100 Deal of the Day LEGO- 40% off https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075SD9MJF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_LG48Db4K87AKQ
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    This sums up the main problem with Disney trilogy:
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    Oh now I get it, you have to buy more then one to make the real build.
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    It would be funny though. January 2020:
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    I don't post this to poop in anyone's Cheerios, I am glad there's lot of happy folks buying up a lot of these deals. But I am having a hard time really feeling most of this year's deal sets, even at 50% off. Maybe it's just kind of a bad year in general for some of this stuff, but very few of these deals have really excited me over the last few days. I mean, I know that most of these sales are to blow out stuff the retailers don't want anyway, and we've seen how Target is changing how they handle their Clearance items. But, just looking at the stuff I bought last year during these Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, there were a lot of already winners (with a couple turds thrown in). This year, it seems to be a huge pile over mostly overhoarded turds, stuff like Lego Movie 2, Arctic Theme, Friends Racing Theme, Jurassic World and SOLO Movie crap with low demand and high stockpile rates. Many of these sets already have 100+ sellers on Amazon BEFORE these sales. As example winners from last year - we got winners like Corvus Glaive, Bus Station, Samurai X vs Killow, Nether Railway- etc. Maybe it was just a relatively weak year in general because of a large amount of weak themes and sets, but - with the exception of the Target Ferrari Garage/Capitol Building, I've had a hard time getting really excited about most any of these sets - Very few obvious long term winners. And Shop@Home running out of Promos semi instantly has hurt my buzz on even most of those deals at 20/30% off. The extra thrown in set or two makes a big difference. Seems like a great year on deals for actual builders and shoppers, not such a great season for collectors/sellers. Hopefully I am proven wrong for all of our sake(s)?.
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    What the heck, finally!!!!!!!! I can't believe this actually happened! T1 please follow.
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    I just made out on selling some used Chima my son played with for a couple years and then collected dust for a couple years.
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    Double VIP points on Disney Train until 30 Nov...so 30% off + Double Points + GWP Tree is as good as it gets. However, with the "UCS" Batmobile and GWP-mobile launch also happening on BF, I'm predicting total SAH mega fail.
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    https://www.target.com/p/lego-city-town-capital-city-60200/-/A-53609012 $95.99 msrp 149.99 LEGO City Town Capital City 60200 +168 more on sale https://www.target.com/b/lego/-/N-56h5nZakkos?type=products&lnk=Free10giftcard&sortBy=PriceHigh&Nao=0
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    That seems unhelpful. "Kids, we're going to do a countdown to the end of January! Woo hoo!" Too bad this set still seems to exist in great quantity elsewhere.
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    LEGO City Great Vehicles Pizza Van 60150 - $10.99 http://www.walmart.com/ip/LEGO-City-Great-Vehicles-Pizza-Van-60150/55126161
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    Ok, so doing a little digging uncovered that the Costco with the Voltrons is in Utah. None in my Costco here in Illinois.
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    They are hardly freebies with those minimum spends.
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    Actually RRP is recommended retail price
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    Great episode. Tons of actions and pretty simple storyline. Love the crosses. Is Mando becoming soft?? I mean this guy cut a guy in half in a bar fight.. Cameo by Filoni
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    Ghostbusters Afterlife looks great
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    Received Cloud City from Target today, crushed on one whole end☹️ Contacted them and sent pictures of item and shipping box which was 4x to big and had almost no padding and they gave me another 15% off😁 I love Target, Cloud City for $180!
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    Got my train, so one less person fighting for the site to work. Good luck all!
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    https://www.promobricks.de/legoland-feuerwehrschule-40393/89765 Interesting choice for an exclusive Legoland set given how many times Ole Kirk Christiansen's shops burned to the ground. Not something I plan to add to my amusement park / fairground, but glad to see continued Legoland sets.
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    I’ll update the sticky in a few minutes
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    Wow, it's full panic time around here. Yes, there are Speed Champions sets retiring. Yes, there are Minecraft sets retiring. No, I have no insider information.
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    If anyone is at the Rockefeller Lego store and is interested
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    Close enough, I have a bad feeling about this.
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