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    This popped up on cl today for $70. Dropped everything to go & grab it. New in sealed box.
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    I have been getting a lot of requests if people can post links of listings or to their listings on eBay or elsewhere. We are going to make the classifieds module in the forum live again and allow you to post sets, minifgures, lots, and request sets from other members. This is a very basic, but functional FREE service. Post your items and members will reach out to connect with you. No transactions are done though the site. You manage it any way you want and complete your transaction. There is a feedback module for members to leave on the transaction. There is a spot in your account settings where you can go to enter in a few defaults for each listing to save time if posting a few. You can enter in a zipcode or city, etc so that people can see where items are located. A few other contact options as well.. All listings are set for 60 days. You will have the ability to repost for another 30 after they expire. This will be a good way to keep it clean from sets that are not monitored. Just remember, the goal here is to offer some good deals so that you can move some sets. There are no commission fees so pass a bit of the savings to buyer to get more interest from people. We will build this out organically. If users find interest and have ideas where they would like to see this go, I will submit some requests with the developer of the app and see what we can get done. I posted a few quick fake listings to show people how it works and looks. Once we get some listings in here, I will add a new area to the home page of the site to bring attention to them. Again, its FREE, use it to your advantage and if you get some sales going, those will be some good extra profits you can hold onto. New Menu Options Trader Feedback added to your profile!
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    Blast from the past! Pushing 30 years old and bags still sealed. I want to build, but tempted to flip!
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    I mentally agreed with this and my wallet climbed out of my pocket and slapped me.
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    Just to clarify how this belongs in this thread What did she do today? A 67-year-old What did you do today? Spread her embarrassing secret in a forum. Got it. 🤡
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    My 6 year old son made his first craigslist LEGO sale last night in a hockey arena parking. $50 for 300+ pcs of Duplo. He made the exchange, shook hands and the whole bit! Soon he’ll be moving in to Toys r Us parking lots.
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    There are more fruitcakes on this forum than there are ebay and Amazon ones combined.
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    Ebay - $5 off on $5 or more with code PERKMEUP. Perfect for a really cheap minifigure or polybag.
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    Not sure what got you so worked up. All I did was provide names for the set numbers you posted, so that others would know what you were referring to without having to go in and look it up. Purely meant as help, no bad intentions.
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    I guess we now know what they did with the bricks from all the unsold Krennic Shuttles and A Wing v Ties
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    My son was born today and hopefully our sets still have value when he turns 9.
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    Found a 76035 Jokerland in my WM the other day. Bought for $89. Sold for $175. Seems like a pretty decent turnaround. Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    Not my listing, unfortunately. Time to polish my turds. https://ebay.us/INlsfL
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    Ebay : 15% off starting 9/27 at 10 pacific. Ends 6 pm Pacific code: picksoon Terms & Conditions: This Coupon is a 15% discount off a minimum purchase of $25 valid from 10:00 AM PT on September 27, 2018 until 6:00 PM PT on September 27, 2018. The Coupon discount is capped at a maximum value of $100. Discount applies to the purchase price (excluding shipping, handling, and taxes) of eligible items on eBay.com, cafr.ebay.ca and ebay.ca. *Eligible items exclude warranties and protection plans, as well as items from the Coins & Paper Money, Gift Cards & Coupons, and Real Estate categories. Coupon must be used within a single transaction (and can include multiple eligible items), while supplies last. Max one redemption per user.
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    Here we go with the plant based material BS. Let's throw in one tree in each set and promote them as "green." The only green LEGO cares about is money.
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    This is a great model. It not only represents the physical subject well, but also the economics; This model will need a financial incentive or subsidy to make it affordable.
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    Does it include a mini solar panel to run it? It will be kind of counter intuitive to use batteries to run a wind turbine that is suppose to be "environmentally friendly" while the consumers use battery cells to run the power functions that is harmful to the environment.
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    Why do I feel like Lego could release a set that is universally recognized as a true work of art and you'd be posting some negative sh** about it 0 seconds flat? Sent from my SM-G965U using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    I would like take a moment to complain about sellers that use buy it now 'or best offer', but then aren't willing to accept anything less than 98% of their original price. If they want the full price, just damn well leave it at that with no offer. Morons.
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    agree 100%. same boring thing every year. how cool would it be to have a different theme each year? they could use it to revisit older themes, especially this year when it was 60th anniversary of the brick and 40th of minifigs. a few classic figs of space, pirates, castle...some retro mini builds.
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    Glad you are monitoring the Wisconsin Lego aftermarket so closely.
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