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    Finally got around to finishing up my Tatooine diorama. The mini Sandcrawler is something I built a couple of years ago. Tried a bit of forced perspective with mixed results.
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    Here is a 6 month update for those that were curious. The ship has weathered quite nicely. The only thing I'm worried about is the sails, they look great now, but I don't know about long term. It has not been a maintenance nightmare, as a matter of fact, our cleaner fish and snails do an excellent job!! We get more comments on this display than any of our other displays....people love it!!! I'll post a one year update just for sh*ts and giggles.
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    did you stick this paper on the shelf so you can avoid the competition?
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    They deserve to go out of business.
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    Great build. Had not built a proper lego ship in about 20 years.
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    Leave it to the community to get creative:
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    Last time I checked, I could login to PayPal account and withdraw any payment as soon as the purchase was made. Unless this new system allows me to access my money via thoughts, I do not see how this will be simpler than what we have now
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    Room just about finished. Sadly my budget didn't buy me bespoke shelving so I had to settle for cube shelving. Doesn't work for the big sets so these have to sit on top. Overall, pleased with the effort and it has cleared other areas of the house. We now have space that we never thought we had! If my better half gets cross, at least I can sleep with the Lego!
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    This is pretty cool! Someone combined two Destiny's Bounty sets to create a bigger ship: In the description of the video: Two combination sets of Lego the Ninjago movie set 70618 Destiny's Bounty is now here. All parts is used only from the 2 sets of 70618 except custom sails and non-Lego string. The length is double with more rooms and space. Training room was moved to lower deck and Master Woo room was moved to second deck. opposite to toilet, It is space for cargo.
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    found this at kmart last night - out the door it was $0 - 75% off of $67, $10 off a $15 toy purchase and the rest were points(still have $67 in points) Box has some junk on the side, looks like black melted plastic
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    Built a sand castle with the family on vacation...final height was just over five feet!
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    Finished off the Detective’s Office tonight. Probably among my top 3 Modular Buildings so far in my collection.
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    Cheers y’all. This set is a great build. Surprisingly solid when finished.
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    Found an online return of Assault on Hoth 75098 at an area Target. The box was beat up and marked down to $175. When I got to the register, it rang up $125!
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    After building the UCS falcon I thought to take a step back and build something with alot less pieces. I had sold the taj Mahal when the new one was announced basically to come out ahead gaining instructions and the box. For the first 10 bags I regretted my decision as it extremely monotonous.
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    http://www.collectibleminifigs.com/series.asp?s=18 Don't know how long that will last, but holy cow. Those are great. The translucent balloon animals for the clown are particularly brilliant. Sent from my PH-1 using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    Finally got round to buying the snowspeeder. Although a more accurate and detailed build with nice touches still prefer the original since I fell it’s more imposing since a bit blockier.
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    Finished this up last week - hands down one of favorite sets, both in terms of the building process as well as the final result. If you are on the fence at all, I highly recommend it! It would be nice if LEGO put out a descent small sail boat to go with this - I have some of the recent Fishing Boats stored away, but somehow one of those just doesn't seem to do this set justice...
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    Beautiful rendition of the Ford GT designed by the 1:8 scale super car king @loxlego My photos are crap, so if you want further info go here. This shelf is pretty much his shelf.
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    Picked up 7894 airport from a charity shop for a fiver, box was a bit faded. Expected the worst when I put it together this afternoon. To my amazement all present and correct mint with all three instruction books. Looks like it was built twelve years ago and put straight back in the box again, right result 👍🏼
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    Found a redesign on reddit I like a bit.
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    Built the Dragster Transporter set and it was bought for its versatility. So glad I bought a few for investment too. This set seems to be a winner and we are using it as more a heavy cargo transport. We have that one also. 😊
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    If any Brickpicker is interested in these discounted Dimension sets, I’ll send them to you at $0 profit.($1.99+tax+shipping+$1). I will donate the extra $1 per set to the St. Paul raffle in your name. If you prefer to remain anonymous, pm me. I’m going to visit a couple of stores today, so let me know how many you want and which ones. Caveat: I visited a 99c store yesterday and only found 1x Doc and 2x Chase. Store clerk did say that more may come in on Monday. So no promises. Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum
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    Newbies flippin 6 month old sets on clearance for $5 profit and Exciter be like, Das cute. I sell 4 digit lego ID sets.
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    Looks like the Black Seas Barracuda from the 60 Years of the Brick promo fits quite well inside the bottle, by just removing the top of the masts (with the flags): source: http://zusammengebaut.com/lego-ideas-schiff-in-der-flasche-mit-mini-barracuda-auf-dem-weg-nach-braunschweig-43515/
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    Had time to finish it up today. Looks good and will display it with destiny's bounty at the warehouse
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    Hello All - back with another build that actually even really applies to this site. Needed quite a bit of space-like sets to get all the LBG pieces needed for this build. Abstract in nature, but just a tribute to all things ealing with Lego Greebling. Used a variety of techniques portrayed by others but also many that I created myself. Enjoy!
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    I realized I've only been sorting bulk and laying out pieces for sets to see what I'm missing without building any sets for months, so I pulled out the pieces for 6278. Along with my pirate ships, this was one of the largest sets I owned in my childhood. I used to make stop motion videos of the islanders against the pirates using a camera that weighed about 10 pounds. There's a VHS tape around somewhere with what could become The LEGO Pirates Movie. I will need to work on the special effects, though.
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    Looks like a dining room. Still waiting for sound here.
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    Maybe you didn't hear me. They haven't made an Indiana Jones film since 1989.
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    Was in local LEGO store today due to double VIP pts for Black Card holders. Was surprised to see an Assault on Hoth (last one in stock) still listed at $175. For double VIP pts, 60th anniversary set and 30% off, I'll do that. Imagine my surprise when it actually rang up for $140... score!
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    Anyone who has ever had a boat or a dock knows there’s nothing cheap about either
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    Still buying Chima? X2 Glad I had to stop for milk.
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    Finally got to put together 21018 UN Headquarters, which I picked up for £10 from a charity shop a few months back. Used, but the box was mint so had every chance - happily it is complete with no yellowing and absolutely mint! Not my thing generally, but it looks rather good 👍🏼
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    Didn't believe it at first, both are sealed never opened for $65 total.
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    Got this little guy yesterday. Thanks,@elkkthunder. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    JUST A QUICK UPDATE: A total of 213 Dimensions sets have shipped out, and brickpickers have so far donated a combined $235 to the St. Paul Fundraiser in connection with their purchase. Thanks to those of you who donated more than a $1 per set, or added the difference in shipping cost to your donation. WHAT NOW? As of Tuesday, 99 cent stores in my area were wiped out, but I'll keep checking and post what I find. So continue to PM me if more of you are interested. It's helpful if you list sets and quantities, rather than saying "let me know what you have" cause then I can estimate and decide whether to arm sweep what I find. P.S.1 I currently have 19 unikitties remaining, so if anyone is interested in these let me know. P.S.2 For those of you whose orders are en route, please let me know when you receive your orders, thanks!
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    I was able to get these all for $85 total, can easily sell one and make my money back
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    Stopped by my TRU last week and got two Palace Cinemas and Creator Big Bens for 50% off. Best deal I ever got at a TRU.
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    So what you’re saying is it doesn’t ******* matter...
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    The black card worked wonders for me. I was in line at the local coffee shop and I reached in my wallet and picked up my LEGO card by mistake. A few young ladies saw me whip out a black card and instantly their interest me tripled. I could feel their gazes and hear them licking their lips at the thought. Then my thumb moved and they spotted the Millennium Falcon, and not the Mastercard logo. Not only did their interest drop, but it fell in half compared to the original interest level. My wife had quite the laugh.
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    It's just a section. You can buy about 800 of them to complete it.
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    That's in honor of one of the very first police minifigs, from 1978's set 621. If you look at his hand, you can see him holding a copy of that set.
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    I went for it.....cracked open one of my Tower Bridges and built the alternate build designed by Lee Inyong. It's a good looking modular, but if you look closely, you can see where he obviously was limited on pieces. For example, the most obvious is the sidewalk not being done in tiles. I am going to tweek the streetscape a little to better flow with my other modulars. There are also some very delicate components as you get deep into the build which add a bit of a challenge. But overall.....I think he did a pretty darn good job at making the most out of what he was provided. Made good use out of one of my shelf-warmers.....
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    Went into local Lego store today looking to buy my first Saturn V to get the dog and 60th anniversary promo. Decided to beat the crowds and get there early. Instead of getting the Saturn V, I walked out with the below. All at half price with the exception of the BrickHeadz. All boxes were minty with the exception of one hover tank which I will use for parts since I needed the mini figure. Had to do three trips. Already flipped two of the year of the dog promos for £25 each. Will be popping down again first thing tomorrow since they said that any returns will immediately be put out first thing in morning and offered at 50% off.
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    Had to dig them up way far in the back of Mom and Dad's attic.