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    He looks less demented with Brickheadz eyes
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    She can beat the hell out of my package any time. ...I’ll show myself out now.
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    Tower bridge???? Dang it I missed out on that one. It was here and gone in the blink of an eye.
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    Did Ed sell his collection to Target???
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    https://www.walmart.com/ip/LEGO-Creator-Expert-Carousel-10257/55126277 Creator Carousel 10257 is 139.99
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    Valid criticism. IDEAS sets like this get a criticism-free pass from me because they are so catalytic in wedging science jumping-off points into a free-time landscape dominated by Minecraft & Fortnite. This is a rare commodity in a parent's arsenal.
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    Also known as the Winter Village Death Star
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    75522 - Mini Boost Droid Commander polybag $49.99 on Bricklink Lego ran out of free Valentine's Bee Brickheadz during the triple promo (Bee, Year of the Pig, Juice Bar) and offered me that as an alternative when I messaged them about the bee missing. A victory, no doubt, trading up 10x versus the $5 Brickheadz
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    Sniped this one a couple weeks ago figuring my hopes of finding a sub $200 Cafe Corner were going to come down to buying it in pieces. Since some of the rarest pieces are the red slopes, this listing looked promising. For $33.50 it came with all the slopes, with a few extra to spare. After looking through my spares at home, I have nearly all the brown pieces... so the majority of two floors were taken care of. But that didn't account for the rest of the rare pieces, which include the very expensive doors and dark blue poles. Then this listing appears while rocking the youngest to sleep. It includes the entire first floor and all those pesky blue parts and doors (as well as a few other sets). I think this is about as close to a sub $200 Cafe Corner as I'm gonna find. I grabbed the manuals around a year ago in a large instruction lot and have debated selling them, but now they will be used to finish off the modular collection.
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    Bought and built today, which is unusual for me. 75976 - Wrecking Ball Idk why I got this. I’m blaming the Hamster who is both cute and scary at the same time. It’s a fun little built and I like the very mech-like way it works and the way the moving parts move. Lots of playability.
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    I was always partial to the Bloodhound Gang. I believe that was part of 3-2-1 Contact.
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    Today’s in-store make and take Shuttle. Came with a nice patch as well...better than the set!
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    #Bidet life Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum
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    I think only Amazon, Target, Walmart, Jet, LEGO Shop at Home, and probably a few others. But that is it.🤣
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    Perhaps you might also reconsider your pricing strategy.
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    Time to move to the Retiring Soon thread
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    Let's face it...the fact that TLG and their decisons are so whacky IS the reason resellers (big and tiny) can thrive...the opportunities are in the confusion
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    Not really a fruitcake but... im buying four funko pops from one seller. I asked if they would give a shipping discount. i figure shipping one costs about $4 and shipping all four together would cost about $9 so they’re saving about $7. i literally would’ve been happy with a $1 discount. they weren’t rude, but simply said they don’t offer discounts. Now, just out of spite, i think i’m going to order all four on different days so they ship separately. If i’m not getting any savings, neither is the seller! that’ll show ‘em
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    I dunno. I look at it differently. To me that says LEGO needs Amazon WAY more than Amazon needs LEGO. Does that 70% include FBA or is that straight up Amazon sales? Either way, Amazon is in the driver's seat there. Not the other way around. Sent from my SM-N960F using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    I just scrolled back in my emails to 2013 to see how many I sold to him/for how much... that poor guy. Shipping them all to the UK was a bear as well. He paid through the nose for that.
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    RE: ShopDisney debacle After almost one month these arrived. I’ll don’t mind the wait for 40% off.
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    Lots of great memories watching Sesame Street for me. I still haven't watched it since it went to HBO.
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    I don’t think Jennifer Garner counts. What’s in your wallet?
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    I recommend adding a bunch more leaves. This has ~60-80 of the smaller 4x3 green leaf elements added.
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    they sell pretty much instantly @ $250 fba. not quite as good as 5x msrp $100 research institutes which were moving like hotcakes the weekend after the NYTimes 2014 cover story but still easy money that may or may not dry up. only the uber-friends fans are out to get these now but if the big bang theory can make it to $148, wtf knows how high friends gets once its Nov-Dec and people want what they can't have/or find. PIVOT! someone's gotta big dream pricing at $399. roll the dice and hope no mid-october-november wide retail release.
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    Last year, I had a bunch of Target orders cancelled when they did online clearance in December, but had no problem with a large order this am. Sent from my SM-G965U using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    no - how much did u order? there is enough good stuff on sale i am able to mix up orders nicely and pick up the extra $1 order consolidation credit . i have been submitting price match requests to get amazon to match the hospital and indoraptor. some of the smaller sets are now being matched on amazon. cali gonna be pi$$ed if those hospitals are gone by the time they wake up. lol
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    Shush, no it won't... Best investment: 75159 Death Star.
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    Looks to be on the price only. So an accurate calculated shipping cost will be cheaper for the buyer than "free shipping" of the same price, in any state that eBay is collecting sales tax from.
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    Got it brand new sealed for $22 (including delivery).
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    Yes. I’ve been flagged for using discounted gift cards. Manager came over and OK’d it. Apparently there have been internal emails alerting the stores to be diligent.
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    Just left the grand opening. Got the free promos. There were no central perks, there were lady liberty, there were the small London double decker busses. I got a saturn 5 to qualify for both the promos and that's it Sent from my Pixel 3 using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    The less people are reminded of some sets, the less they may remember to hoard them so it´s not necessarily a bad thing. My catalogue has 14 pages of Ninjago and SW and half a page of Architecture and that´s just the way it should be.
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    I do all my sales via Bricklink and think that is working pretty well. Amazon will dump small sellers in the long run anyway. Not to mention the bigger ones by stealing their products. YOu should worry about Amazon noticing long term storage and selling of Lego will give them an interesting margin.
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    I also took Diablo's advice and used VIP points.
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    I'm sure the GWP Endor mini builds will be available on Ebay. All the past GWPs were. For instance the Iron man avenger tower GWP can be had for $30 and has been in the $20-$25 range most of this time....and that was probably one of the more popular ones...clearly YMMV
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    I just repeat the contents. Less likely to be stolen or pried apart. Never put LEGO on there.
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    One of the more recent changes that kills me is that they made all fixed price listings be 30 days and renew automatically. No more options to run a 3 day or 10 day fixed price listing. Since that change, without fail, my listings get MUCH more activity in the week before expiration and the week after renewal. People only look at either "ending soonest" or "new listings". I always used to have a bunch of 10 day listings for things that I wanted to move and the 30 days were for things that I figured would sit around for a while. Now, everything is basically forced to sit around for a while. Maybe I'm unique in getting the higher activity around renewal date, but it really bothers me that they made that change. I don't do auctions, but I'm thinking about starting to and just putting a high starting bid just to test the waters of having some listings renewing more often to drum up some interest.
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    Super Excited about Pirate Bay, hopefully they will do the fan model justice like they did w the Old Fishing Store
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    I'll work on Jennifer. Can you handle Courtney?
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    Maybe the SAH exclusivity period isn´t finished yet.
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    That's just a lazy loser no matter what the truth of their life is. If you can't afford something, then surprise, you cannot afford it. Maybe save the charity for the funeral he'll need from vaping... or whatever...
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    I’ve seen a few Friends episodes and if that is supposed to be Rachel , I’d say she’s missing a couple of things.👀
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    You're going to have to research a lot of what you're asking on your own. There are some articles on this site but most of the information is in the forums. There is a book you may want to check out too. https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Guide-Collectible-LEGO-Sets/dp/1440244820/
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