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    Wow. This might be one of the craziest deals I ever found. I just left Savers (a goodwill type store). Found a big bag of Legos marked $9.99. I had a 30% off coupon, so I paid $7. I wasn't sure what was in the bag, but it was big enough to be worth it to me. Looked like a lot of white and blue so I was assuming some kind of city police stuff. Didn't see any minifigures so I was a little disappointed, but I saw a some numbered bags so that's cool. I got in the truck and open it up. Start pulling out all sealed bags. Lots of white and blue. Oh look, an instruction manual. Woah. It's a freaking UCS R2D2! All bags present and sealed. Instructions never opened.
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    Got in the door from the airport tonight and this was waiting for me... I officially have the best wife ever. I can't believe she went to the store for opening and then dragged this beast through the mall!
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    It does have an interior, i have to admit i wasn't expecting one.
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    A great morning for me. Rolled up to the mall about 5 minutes before it opened. Ended up third in line. About 15 minutes later a horde came in and lined up. Sold my spot in line for $200 cash to a late arrival who showed up about 45 minutes after the mall opened, and made it to work on time. Guy just walks to the front of the line and says "$200 to whoever is willing to sell their spot". An instant "I'll take that sir" before anyone else could think about it. There may be some peed off people in line behind him now, but that's his problem... not mine. Was buying this to quick flip locally... made out quicker and faster than anticipated.
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    Not today but a couple days ago. Proposed on the London Eye (they have a package deal for you) She said yes. She puts up with me and lego so it was a no brainer!
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    After the unfortunate recent events in Texas and Louisiana with Hurricane Harvey, I just want to let Brickpickers who live in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina know that we are thinking about them. I know our thoughts mean very little in the grand scheme of things, but get the Hell out of danger. You can always replace a LEGO set or TV...You cannot replace yourself. I am praying for you. Be safe and let that witch go out to sea... Ed and Jeff.
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    Awesome. If you could talk just 2 more people into doing the same and ask each of them to talk 2 people into doing the same, etc., that'd be great.
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    Picked this up while breaking my keyboard ordering 75192. Thought I'd share some pictures of the wallmount that I did. Ended up taking down my support structure for the UCS Tie Fighter and harvesting those pieces and a few others I had lying around. The bottom support bears the entire weight of the set while the upper support is purely for stability. Both are on Stage 1, so playtability and "show and tell" are not adversely affected. Next step...lights!
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    After driving 600 miles back and forth, and getting to the lego store at 6.05 in the Morning to get the 7th ticket out of 8, I present you the FIRST 75192 Star Wars UCS Millenium Falcon, that makes it back to the land were it was made... Monterrey, México 🇲🇽 !!!
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    Let's be honest, when you've got: You have Chima sets still on the shelf, that have been retired for 2+ years, and they're still marked above RRP, You don't automatically PM your website (and PM'ing negates coupons and other discounts), You jack up the prices above RRP so that your sales aren't really sales, You have so many exclusions on your coupons, that you need a magnifying glass to read them, Your jacked up prices cause people to just go to the other big box store (Target, Walmart) that sells LEGO in the same shopping center ...you're gonna have trouble staying in business.
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    Working on my city Elevation. Had to walk away for a while.
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    Finished Old Fishing Store, and it went perfectly on the mantle:
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    Finished Mirko's U-Wing. I think this rivals the Nebulon.
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    Sure, just pulled them out of my car.
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    Picked up a 310 Esso Station recently and got round to building it. It's in really nice condition for it's age, probably around 55 years old.
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    And the company can get it wrong, as it did many times. No, I am not expecting soccer moms stashing away unopened boxes. First, what matters for a success of a major non-necessity product is mind share and public perception. In the recent years LEGO has been perceived as a premium product, that has a good value even being used. People don't need to have the intention to sell it, it is enough if they know that they can sell it if they want to. That is the important bit here, which changes the nature of the purchase. Instead of burning money, you are still at your money when purchasing. All the articles and social media feedback ensured that people knew this. This has a huge influence on purchasing decisions, even if just subconsciously. Second, LEGO overshooting and mismanaging its product pipeline is mostly a separate issue. They missed the focus and fail to notice some trends. They were too late with catering to the adult market, and were releasing too much dinky crap (Nexo, SH Girls, Chima, etc.). These fail to pass the 'parent test', where they are approved for purchase. In many families purchase of a large LEGO set is a significant expense and gets considered carefully which one to buy. The enduring popularity of classic and ordinary themes such as Creator, City, Friends and a few SW sets are clearly explained by the parent influence on purchasing decisions. Third, nobody realizes that people are getting tired of Star Wars and Super Heroes by now. An endless wave of movies, accompanied by sets of questionable design quality. The SW and Marvel brands are squeezed dry by Disney, there is just too many movies and other products coming. The people cannot keep up anymore by the new heroes and vehicles, and are losing interest. Less is more, but the managers have to show the profits now for the fat bonus. Disney is not killing these by quality, but by quantity, and the signs are alarming already. LEGO is caught up in this disease big time, and the amount of sets they cannot get rid of even with a 50% discount is shocking. LEGO should at least halve the amount of sets in these themes and put more effort into the design. Fourth, the market research they do is a glorious mess, the whole department should be fired. Consecutively misses the mark in terms of which sets should be advertised and produced in large quantity. The literal gold mines are left unexploited. Millions were spent on marketing Nexo, however it is the sets like the Saturn V that already should have TV ads and mass production to capitalize on the public reception. That could be toy of the year this Christmas, but the company has grown too incompetent to catch on. And from which dark hole did they get the stupid idea that anybody would want SH Girls? Seriously.
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    I paid $50 for all Winter Village 10229 90% sealed bags Monsters Castle Ghost Train Holiday Train 2006 Airport Police Station At a glance so far.
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    After trying not to buy much lately, I've found a few decent deals that I couldn't pass. Used, 99% complete Sopwith Camel, no instructions - $25 Sealed 4736 Harry Potter Freeing Dobby set and sealed 7913 Clone Trooper Battle pack - $10 total. And the buy I'm most happy about: Green Grocer, Town Hall, Fire Brigade, Grand Emporium, Pet Shop, Town Plan, and 7938 Passenger train. All are built and dusty, appear to be mostly complete, and there were no instructions - $300
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    well that explains the 16+ rating
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    If this is TRU Bricktober its the best in a while https://www.promobricks.de/lego-toysrus-bricktober-2017-lego-batman-movie-minifiguren-5004939/40650
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    Going to build this while I wait to order the 75192...
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    People make a big deal about Max Profit. It can be ignored. The reason it stays here is because 500+ users follow this thread. If I remove it from here, then I have to tell hundreds of people to go elsewhere when this is the deals thread. It's not going anywhere, so ignore it and then don't complain about it. Those that are complaining about it are making more of a mess of this thread than Max Profit is. The script runs every 3 hours. Removes all previous posts and just leaves the latest and greatest (1 single post). For each of those that complain, there are plenty of others that send a PM, email, Facebook message that say..."thanks" Max Profit will be improving and also be integrated into other features that may eventually replace this part here. So have patience. Maybe one day some of you will find use for him, but for now, do what works for you, ignore him and have a happy day. This is the end. If you want to PM me about it fine, but don't waste anymore time here in this thread.
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    My wife was eying an Apple Watch, I told her to grab one . when a big ass box shows up at my door, we would just call it even .
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    On my way back from Leicester Square with 1 signed UCS MF. Few nice freebies etc and a fun day with some good peeps I met in the queue. One of the wheels failed after about 2 mins of rolling it along. Luckily I can carry the thing
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    Brickpicker Raffle 2018 Sneak Peek
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    the new falcon. I am excited about it. I am thrilled what it looks like. I cannot afford the old one. the newer one looks more detailed to me. I am happy to pay $800 to get this one and I do not care about its collectible long term value and what I can sell it for. I want to build it with my family and enjoy it. as a toy. I think there will be many people like me. yes things could be improved better or this or that but bottom line is I am thrilled and glad they released it. Yes I buy sell lego. this set is not about that to me. it is about fun. that is new thinking I know.
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    With the tears of those who never find deals like this?
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    First Impressions.... Love the box...Classic black. Red orange planet looks awesome. Font is professional and worthy of the UCS title Limit 5...They have plenty to sell and this will be around for awhile Minifigures...I wish they had Luke, R2 and Obi-Wan thrown in, but it is an obvious hint to another future EMPIRE STRIKES BACK set Ship...Very nice upgrade over the 10179. As expected, some minor, but appreciated inner details, but more than enough to satisfy me. The two dishes are a great option. Effect on the 10179...Short term...BIG HIT...Long term...Not so much. The two sets are different enough that there will be collectors in the future that want the 10179, especially the First Edition. No special edition of this set hurts it IMO. That was a home run collectible set. Now, it's just one of many others which could be around for a long time. Price point...I like it...Keeps the dilettantes away. Overall. I'm not happy with any remake, but if you are going to do it, do it right. LEGO did it right.
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    Bought and rebuilt a Queen Anne's Revenge (4195) with the thought to flip it. This is my first ship from Pirates. But now that I've built it I don't want to part ways with it. Such an awesome ship! [emoji21] In fact now I want the Pearl.... ugh lol
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    Finally built the 10244 Fairground Mixer and to celebrate it's Grand Opening it was Star Wars Day! The lines were long: Chewbecca was playing a game,: Emperor Palpatine was in a good mood waiting for his turn in the dunk tank: Father and son were enjoying an ice cream: The tall man was there: And with a temporary peace across the galaxy fun was had by all. I did not know how to embed the video: MOV00048.MPG
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    It really feels like there are several camps, and each is in a different state of mind. The "buy and wait" crowd is out, as sets no longer seem to be rising over time like they used to. The "Amazon FBA crowd" has an insatiable set of buyers and can turn cheap Lego into profit without much effort or thought, so they don't care. The "just flipping some sets to pay for my collection" crowd is somewhere in between, depending on how badly they did selecting sets in 2015. But rehashing the same arguments on thread after thread is tiresome. Oh and the fourth is "bitter Euros", who are just bitter European resellers who complain endlessly and then come back the next day to continue complaining. You know who you are.
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    All - if you are reading this, I worked out a deal with [mention=40902]clintonjoseph[/mention] about a month ago on a few sets. He was very reasonable and the transaction was very smooth. He threw in a bonus with the package and I'd like to believe this Savers deal was karma returning the favor back to him. This kind of deal couldn't happen to a better guy. Congrats! I'm so happy for you!
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    When I somehow still don't have one (or ten) then something is definitely wrong with a release.
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    Bag one complete. This is gonna take me a loooooong time to build. I'm lucky if I get through one numbered bag a night.
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    Finally got ahold of my most wanted set, now I can get to work on my Halloween display with HH, VC, all Scooby sets, and the Simpsons house going to make a cul du sac with them full of trick or treaters (every minifig I have that looks like a costume) PS: if you need two Chima clocks still in box, I've got a deal for you.
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    Sorry if someone has already posted it, but here are a couple of photos of the set from my local store. It's hard to capture the scale of the set in these photos, but it's impressive. The box is really cool too. Whenever someone stopped to gawk at it, someone else would ask "are you getting one"? There seems to be only two answers....1) oh, yeah for sure... or 2) are you kidding me? It's an $800 Lego set!?! The former mostly from dudes...the latter mostly from moms with teenage kids..haha
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    Thought I would quickly share with everyone the small Batman display I've pulled together. Check it out: Had to find a good way to display the Lego Batman CMFs, so I brick built the LBM logo and added all 20 minifigures across the logo. Select figs have a small Batman logo on their stand. All Batman baddies ever made are displayed above in the Rogue's Gallery (posted before), and I mounted the big figs and the Brickheadz directly to little stands that I nailed to the wall. LBM vehicles are in the shelves below. Next on my to-do list is to build a display for all of the Batman minifigures ever released. My idea is to mount them on a background that's modeled after Wayne Tower. Robin minifigs we'll be on the lower levels, and Batman figs will be in the upper sections. Hope this spurs some creative ways to display minifigure collections! Will post more as it's completed.
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    First off, Irma sucks. Things are pretty boring with no power, so I've been building some sets. The Batmobile was from a CL lot I got last week, that I already built a Brick Bounty from. The Technic BMW is from my "new sets to build" pile. And the Simpsons is a used one I picked up last year that I hadn't gotten around to yet, only missing one piece.
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    Hey moderators is there a way to have tabbyboys current feeling on this set replacing the poll at the top? Haven't been on in a minute so catching up on this and for a week every other page is a post from him saying how he's going to buy 3- 1 to open, 1 to keep, and 1 to sell after retirement to help pay for the others. A few hours ago he changed that to only buying 1. Then a couple hours ago he changed that to maybe buying none. Maybe his opinion could be on the ticker on the front page?
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    Finished off the Fire Brigade tonight. Good times and lots of memories from the first time I built this one many years ago.