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    March 30, 2018. This is a date that will forever be remembered. I can get a little emotional at times. As an adult, there are a few instances when I've shed a tear. I cried when my son was born. I cried again a year later when my daughter was born. I cried tears of joy when my beloved Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl 31 after three decades of mediocrity, and again when they won Super Bowl 45. The last time I cried was two years ago this April when my Mom passed away. March 30, 2018. Today is another day that I've sobbed like a baby. Upon waking up for work, I checked my phone like I always do. Waiting for me was a PayPal notification. A large one. I checked my Bricklink account, and it appears that some blessed soul has decided that they needed some Steam Rollers in their life. Yes, some Steam Rollers. All of them. 27 to be exact. Gone. Purchased by an unknown person. A risk taker. A gambler. A guardian angel, perhaps? I began this saga with over 50 of those Steam Rollers. I'd sell one here, one there through multiple platforms, slowly chipping away at that number. I whittled it down to 27. Now I have 0. They are gone. The purchase price was just a shade over $1k. I'll make a few bucks on each one after the usual fees and shipping, but that's not the point in this circumstance. The nightmare is finally over. March 30, 2018 is my Independance Day.
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    UPDATE! So I received a call from my insurance company the other day. The police arrested a guy for breaking & entering, and when they searched his property, they found "a lot of Lego sets". One detective was having lunch with my detective and casually mentioned the find, and he remembered my case from 2016 and they interrogated the suspect. He totally admitted meeting me on Craigslist, bought a few sets from me, and then came back to my warehouse to commit the robbery. He was able to back a cargo truck up to the loading door and spend several hours loading up. The replacement value at the time was $39k. I am so relieved they caught the guy, and now I'm waiting to hear from the police so I can go see what is left from the theft (they say there is A LOT). Next step will be to strike a deal with the insurance company to purchase everything back (at a salvage rate of course). They are willing to give me the right of refusal so I can recover all or some of it. I'll update once I see what is left and what we can work out. Just a reminder to everyone who can learn from my ignorance & innocence: never let anyone into the inner sanctum. Since the theft, we treat the warehouse like Willy Wonka's factory : no comes in, no one goes out. We even have a visual barrier separating the storeroom area from being seen by UPS and FedEx drivers. As far as Craigslist goes, I've only tried to sell a handful of larger items (new MF for example) with the stipulation that the transaction takes place at the local police department, and I haven't had a taker yet.
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    Rogue one finally done. Managed to squeeze in a few days before Easter break.
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    Target.com is currently selling the Death Star 75159 for $140, Assembly Square 10255 for $80, and a number of other sets for crazy discounts!!! https://www.target.com/p/lego-174-creator-expert-assembly-square-10255/-/A-52092917 $80 https://www.target.com/p/lego-174-star-wars-153-death-star-153-75159/-/A-51295932 $140 https://www.target.com/p/lego--174--boost-creative-toolbox-17101/-/A-52105144 $60 https://www.target.com/p/lego--174--architecture-united-states-capitol-building-21030/-/A-50636142 $50
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    I don't see why TRU has a problem with this guy. He learned this technique from them. Check the TRU warehouses, they have millions of dollars of products they haven't paid for either.
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    Well...the new cowboy and cactus finally made it into our western themed train station...
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    Please don’t just throw random numbers and posts just for the sake of it . A reputable member would like to buy a house and you can cause serious damage to his selling efforts . Thanks
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    Went in to WM to grab a few 10715 at $10 to go with my booklets. Walked out with this: Brick bank $80 Fishing store $70 Go Kart $14
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    As of today, April 7th 2018, the original Space theme by LEGO hits the four Earthen decades mark. For many it was what brought us into the building block fold with their band of galactic explorers. Although the theme has not truly been continued in any official capacity outside of a few nods and promos, the classic legacy treks ever onward through the fans' creations with what is generally called as Neo Space. You can find a number of such various MOCs in the thread linked for all the classic Space teams. Classic Space @ 40 by justin_m_winn
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    I don't usually post in this thread, but I couldn't resist this time. A very nice gentleman (ex-Lego employee), presented these four sets for sale on FB. He was very generous and accepted $500 for all of them. Now I'm torn......keep or sell?? My kids are drooling!!
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    Load a cart full of flat screens and roll it out the store without paying. The police will actually come to you. Much more efficient than smooshing bags.
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    Welcome to the Grid folks. The designers were in their early 20ties or so. Nice blokes tho. I had to wait in queue about 2h to get this set signed. Masses of people were hoarding like crazy. The old fishing store hasn't received such recognition like this set hands down. This might be an indicator for TLG in the future... Oh - it's my 1000 post here, anniversary time
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    All of this bickering reminds me of the 50% off LEGO Shop at Home B-Wing sale from many years ago. It's amazing how a great sale can bring out the saltiness in some people. Update to my order status...I ordered 0 AS and 0 DS because I missed the sale due to work. None have shipped so far. Life goes on. There will be other sales in the future.
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    For the few who may be interested, the Disney store (www.shopdisney.com) is having 20% off sale with code SAVE20 and free shipping with code SHIPMAGIC - both codes worked for the Disney Castle set 71040 (limit 1). Email says the promotion goes through 2359 PST March 28th, but I think this may be an error that will be corrected shortly.
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    My wife just told me that we got a letter today from the Toys R Us credit card and they upped my credit limit. At least I have that going for me!
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    20 minutes before closing at Target I nicely asked an employee to see if any were in the back. She had no idea how to find anything in the stock room. Manager up front talked her through it via headset. She comes back with a handful. I’m thinking the rest are still back there and she doesn’t know what she’s doing..... And there’s no way a police officer is in the tiny group. Wrong and wrong. The first one I pick up is the officer Woo hoo! I fly through the rest and start laughing bc I realize it must have been an employee’s stash of one of each character including the officer. And the last was another officer.
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    Here's my latest creation - given the awesomeness of the new UCS Hulkbuster set, I wanted to try to set up a nice backdrop that shows all of the Iron Man suits. So, I built this: I thought LED lights would be a nice touch, but I apologize ahead of time for the exposed wiring: Here are the suits up close. I have all of them (I think) except for the newest Mark 50 suit from Infinity Wars: Here's each "closet" up close (warning: the wires make the cheese slopes look angled, but I assure you they're straight): Enjoy!
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    Here's a couple pics with it on the acrylic stand from wicked brick. Sent from my SM-G930V using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    my thoughts on star wars: my older brother was born in 1977, i was born in 1980, and my little brother came in 1983, the same years the star wars movies came out. we watched the 3 originals countless times growing up and had the lunchboxes, toys, backpacks, halloween costumes, pajamas, etc. it was fun to pretend to be our heroes from the movies and go on adventures and wonder what kind of awesome adventures the “real” luke, han & chewie had after the movies ended. 30 years later, disney buys star wars and announces a new trilogy starring our old heroes. great! this will be so cool! i go see the force awakens, and find out han solo was a deadbeat dad and has gone back to being a lowlife smuggler even when a new evil power is out terrorizing the galaxy again. he dies, and leia ignores chewie. there’s another easily defeated death star. ok, i guess i can get past all that stuff i didn’t like. looks like this new star wars is still going to be overall pretty good. seeing the falcon zooming around again was extremely cool. i like the new characters so far, i like the look of kylo ren. the last jedi comes out. i see it opening night. luke skywalker tosses his lightsaber over his shoulder. what the hell. he’s a grumpy hermit. he trashed his xwing. he ditched his friends, his family, and even his droids. he’s a jerk to this nice girl wanting to learn about the force. he tried to kill his nephew because he thought maybe he might turn evil!? what the freakin crap is this!? i hate this! they have ruined his character! i would be able to get past all the other ridiculous garbage in this movie such as the moronic phone call between hux and poe, the amateur green screen mary poppins in space, chewie the now useless pet dog eating a cgi owl, pod racing horses on a planet with only human looking aliens, a fake salt covered hoth planet...agggh so much crap in one film! oh yeah they also find time to kill off admiral akbar for no reason, and not kill off leia even though carrie fischer was already dead, and got rid of kylo rens helmet, so he can look weaker. and phasma! ha i forgot how useless she was in both movies! oh man what a flaming pile of garbage. and luke just dissapears while sitting on a rock! boooooooooo!
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    if i was a kid getting one of these “blind bags” i would be extremely disappointed if i got the lame policeman figure. we’re doing children a favor by removing it from the box for them! i’ve been able to disarm 2 boxes and make them safe for the kids already, and i hope to find more before they ruin a child’s day.
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    This hunk of junk is done Sent from my SM-G930V using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    London bridge extension. Looks awesome but difficult to display now.
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    DD completed and added to the collection. Certainly not my favorite modular, but at least it was an enjoyable build.
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    I agree with this, which is why I'm waiting until tomorrow to start hoarding.
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    With all due respect, that is a bunch of baloney. When done right, new characters and new concepts can bring together old and new fans alike. Case in point: SW Rebels. It introduced 6 brand new characters (yup, Chopper the droid is a character) and tons of new concepts to enhance the SW universe. Instead of focusing on the Skywalker bloodline, it brought focus to a small rebel cell on in the outer rim. These new characters looked and sounded like a part of big SW universe. From time to time, it brought in characters from OT and PT (good guys and bad) without making them look bad compared to the new characters. Dare I say the appearance of the old characters enhanced viewers experience and appreciations of those characters. Watch season 2 finale and tell me that is not an awesome cameo. Dave Filoni and his team treated the characters (old and new) and the universe with a lot of r-e-s-p-e-c-t (as Aretha Franklin used to say ). There was a lack of respect in TLJ, and to a lesser degree TFA. Heck, TLJ could not even respect Poe and Finn who were literally just introduced to the audience 2 years prior. Both men were relegated to B side quests that ultimately did not matter to the main storyline How could the fans relate to and rally around those 2 men when they were treated like side characters in their own movies ?? Weren't Rey & these 2 supposed to carry the torch for the new fans? The fans who supposedly would consume oodles and ooldes of Di$$ney / SW merchandi$e for years to come.
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    £7 from a carboot sale, had to replace some missing parts on Bricklink though, total buy-in was around £30.
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    We’re about two replies away from me deleting posts.
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    U all are over thinking i . Just arrange a meeting 30 minute from his house for a more “reasonable” price . 2 minutes from “arrival” let them know you running late . Block account , drink beer .
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    I had 6 Assembly Squares show up from Target yesterday. Sold 6 already and cleared about $200 each. They never even hit my storage area, nice.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, watch out when selling these Target price error sets. Your soul is on the line... if you still have one of course.
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    I think it is because the flash is messing with the timeline again. 60% off. https://www.target.com/p/lego-174-dc-comics-174-justice-league-super-heroes-batman-s-knight-crawler-tunnel-attack-76086/-/A-52105124
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    Finished 10257 Carousel yesterday. Nice build and displays so wonderfully. Noted one issue though, the frog build was a little awkward because the legs would react accordingly. The frog would "jump" up but when going back down the legs would slide back the it wouldn't function right afterwards. I ended up having to put a little sticky tac under the feet to keep them in place and that did the trick. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this one.
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    Surprisingly, after arguing with Toys R Us yesterday, I got notice that my order has shipped and is already with FedEx.
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    Built this from my childhood collection. Had to BL a couple of plates, but man it sure brought back some memories. Miss you pops.
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    “I’m on my way. Stupid traffic. I’ll get there as soon as I can.” “Dang it. I got pulled over for speeding. Will be 10 min late. “ “Now I got a flat tire. “ “Man, karma’s biting me in the arse. See you soon.” “Did you leave? Why didn’t you wait for me? I lowered my price for you. Wanted to have good karma and all, now you screwed me over. Do you have a soul?!”
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    Looking at Sopwith Camels and stuff at the National Air and Space Museum in Dayton.
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    speaking of SD : speaking of SD , this was just posted : eBay Flash Sale is BACK!!! 15% Off Sitewide until 8:00 PM PST March 27, 2018 Missed out on the last deal? The eBay 15% off flash sale is BACK: Use code PREPSPRING at checkout for 15% off all items sitewide except for Coins & Paper Money, Gift Cards & Coupons, and Real Estate categories. The deal is valid until 8:00 PM Pacific Time, March 27 2018.
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    or maybe just to the VIP Black card holders as their exclusive promotion .
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    I don't know if I'm a "trusted seller" or not, but if an established member like DadsAFOL needed something in a pinch and I had the inventory, I'd be more than happy to help out.