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    In my opinion the The Super Hero Girls theme has a few hidden gems. One of them is 41230. I just bought 70 of them from one seller who was trying to off load them. I'm all in on this set. When everyone else zigs, I like to zag. I'll be making it rain with all of the Benjamin's I'll be raking in off of this diamond in the rough. Mark my words. You heard it here first.
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    Juniors Demolition Site 10734 gone call to check in north america, quietly already retired in europe . online oos at retailers. you might say that makes me happy. also Mia's Suitcase, another surefire moneymaker has made it to the next level as well.
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    Finally got round to sourcing all of the bricks required to build this. Substituted some of the non black bricks with black. Quite happy with the end result.
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    Well, after all it seems that the Red Darth Vader Prototypes had value !! I sold one on auction and one on second chance offer (Ebay) the first one sold for $510 USD and the second one for $500, both plus shipping.... also I sold a Black Pearl for $600 USD plus shipping to a person in HK. It was a good weekend......
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    i still can't believe this isn't a joke.
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    Box: backside: detail:
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    They're addictive when they get cheap enough. Do I need 30 Target pollys at 75% off? No. Do I want them? No. Yet, somehow, I wind up with 90 of them, every time.
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    Some recent builds! Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    Couldn’t get pic to upload earlier Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum
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    I had so much fun interviewing Jamie Berard about Creator Expert and the Modular Building Series earlier this year. It's rare to get an opportunity to get inside the minds of the creative genius designers at LEGO, so I thought you might enjoy some selected highlights from the interview. The interview was split into the following two parts: Highlights from: ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴠɪᴇᴡ: Modular Building Series with Jamie Berard In this interview, we discussed how Downtown Diner, and Parisian Restauraunt represented two major turning points in the series... Jamie Berard: "Some people would say there are two stages of the modular, with #10243 Parisian Restaurant starting the second expression because we put more detail inside the building and focused a bit more on storytelling. As we approached the 10 year mark, we needed to be careful that we didn’t stay on auto-pilot, where it becomes too familiar and people can just predict the next one." I surprised that one of the earlier sets wasn't very well received initially: Jamie Berard: "I remember when we did the #10197 Fire Brigade. That one was not very well received in that people were horrified that it was too American; ... They said that the flag is hideous, although that I appreciate that and agree... Then they said it only has two floors, and everybody knows the modular have three floors. They had already defined in their mind what it should be." We also got a chance to talk about how Creator Expert helped bring Teal back... Jamie Berard: "We considered Medium Azure and some other blues. All of these complement the Dark Pink color we wanted to use for the convertible in this set. ... we thought this set was a nice way to bring teal back, and bring it back with a quantity of bricks. We also talked about storytelling (ex: money laundering), and highlights his two favorite sets in the series! Link to full interview. Highlights from: ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴠɪᴇᴡ: LEGO Creator Expert with Jamie Berard Since my passion is LEGO Architecture, we talked at length about the large Architecture models (like Big Ben) in the Creator Expert series. I asked how they pick which buildings to create as sets: Jamie Berard: "It is harder for us to accomplish contemporary, clean architecture in a large model, because of our target audience is adults. ... If you try to re-create any of the well-known architecture that is too minimalist ... in a LEGO version it comes across a bit naïve ... On the flip side, there’s a lot of great classic architecture that you can imagine in LEGO and know it’s gonna be great. I’d say anything “old world” looks great in LEGO because we have a lot of opportunities for details, texture, implying different stonework or materials." I was surprised to hear that they struggle to wrap there heads around what deserves the "Creator Expert" label. Jamie Berard: "But how do you perceive what makes it Expert? This is an internal question we are trying to resolve…" We also learned which building in the Creator Expert was most challenging to get right, and might have still been a bit disappointing in the end. It was fun hearing how much enthusiasm he has about his work, something you may have already noticed when watching his Designer Videos. Link to full interview. Sincerely, ---tom P.S. For practical reasons, these were just a few of my favorite excerpts from the full interviews at brickarchitect.com website. I hope you enjoyed the stories behind these great LEGO sets!
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    Please keep the language family friendly here ... Don't make me call a mod on you! Jk (and not Rowling)
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    Like a “special” VIP card good for a year of surprises.
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    LOL. Dude, seriously give it a rest. I mean, c'mon, your advice is to completely ignore the second largest online market entirely? We get it, you suck at lego reselling and hate eBay. Give it a damn rest already. There are thousands of businesses that are full time on eBay and make a very good living at it (many of whom I know personally) get over yourself and shut up.
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    Final comic con haul. Overall, very good year! Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    My son won the Hedwig statuette as a contest award at our target. Stickers on bottom: LEGO Production s.r.o. This product is designed for public contact This is not a toy. For indoor use only Product name: HP Owl on Book Product No.6258073 Production date: 15.05.2018 1435 I assume the last number (separate sticker) is some sort of sequence number in the series, the date is in euro format. Any idea as to the value of such a thing? Not interested in selling, just curious as to rarity, collectability, etc. It's very cool, and my son is a HP fan and will enjoy this very special addition to his collection!
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    Ninjago docks 70657 30% off, $160.99 at walmart online. Mods, any help with link is appreciated.
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    Another $10.00 in points when you complete a brief survey. It's regular points awarded this time and not FREECASH, so you can redeem them online. https://memberprofile.searshc.com/pref/survey/apparel/
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    The closing of TRU still hurts, it's difficult for me to think about TRU without some emotional attachment given that I grew up on TRU like many folks. One very interesting thing - I was in Asia recently, and TRU continues to THRIVE over there. Here is a picture of a TRU in Hong Kong. It was very crowded, and difficult to move around. Items were flying off the shelves, and the LEGO section was stocked with all the latest stuff. It was awesome. Somehow and some way, I still hold out hope that TRU may return some day. We will see.
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    Almost done with Superheroes sets. Sold 4 on Bricklink(1xDaily Bugle, 2x X-Men vs. The Sentinel, and 1x Doc Ock Ambush) for $195. Buy in was around $115, but these have been in the inventory for AWHILE now. Glad to see only one red Marvel box left.
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    Are you for real, for this to be proper minifig scale it would need to be 15,000 pieces, are you going to pay $1,200 for this, because that's what you would be spending. C'mon Tabby, now you're just trolling, they've done a bloody fantastic job here, I've already shown it to half a dozen people in work this morning, and the reaction across the board was "wow". It's Lego, it's never going to make every single person happy, but it's there to be built upon and improved, you just have fun doing it. You said before you were a massive Harry Potter fan and now when they bring out a great set like this and a pretty good range in general, you're just negative about it. Harry Potter is still huge and I can't wait until my kids are a little older so I can start reading the series to them and eventually bring them to Universal to see the Harry Potter section there. This theme will do well, especially considering the Great Hall and Hogwarts Express are actually reasonably priced for what they are
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    Man, you guys are impossible to impress these days! Looks like a great set (to build and display)!
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    Profit? Yes. But you had to bundle a number of bad decisions in order to complete the sale. Now you just stored two lucrative sets (HH & FB) for 5+ years for a final compounded annual growth rate of 4.12% - and that assumes you bought those towards the end of their life and you paid zero to store. Meanwhile, @cladner is printing money selling 70 piece mermaid sets that retired 6 months ago. Yet, you still continue to warn us every 14 minutes how the sky is falling.
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    I thought it is the Flintstones. Never mind...
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