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    Not so much as what I built today but what I will be building. I got a call from my local Lego store manager saying a lady dropped off a big box of old Lego that she wanted to recycle. Luckily the manager saw a few old modulars on there and thought to call me. She asked if I wanted to come pick up the box and sent me a pic. First thing I saw were parts to the Grand Emporium and A Cafe Corner. I couldn't get to the store fast enough. I brought the box home and after starting to dig through it I saw all the parts to Market street inside. Going to be a fun weekend.
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    Finally found the new 8-wide Speed Champions Ferrari F8 at Barnes & Noble today, and after purchasing and building it I have to say I am quite impressed. I don't have a city needing 6-wide conformity on the vehicles so that was a non-issue for me. I just wanted the standalone set. In the picture here we have the two F40s (Creator Expert vs. 6-wide Speed Champions) bookending the new 8-wide F8 and the difference in detail is very noteworthy (Especially between the 6-wide F40 and the 8-wide F8). Thought I'd provide this view so you all can see the comparison. Fun build!
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    I'd look at it this way. It's not a highly profitable business where absorbing expedited shipping is easily done. He's already given you free parts, paying for additional shipping and sorting for a whole new order again. He may also be doing this twice if two orders were mixed up. He made your order right in a reasonable amount of time. Things happen. For me at least, as long as a company takes care of the situation I'm ok with a mistake. I'm not perfect, and neither are my employees. For me to leave negative, or neutral feedback, there has to be an obvious bad attitude or sense they do not care.
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    Okay, I have to know. Which Brickpicker did this?
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    that's why they call it FBA.. F*** by Amazon .
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    yes - please listen. best leave the game of high risk battlepack investment to the professionals. cough (75134). i repeat. cough (75165). do not try this at home. belch (75078). stay the frank away from battlepacks . meow. (75089).
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    Was not going to mess with this one but you guys got me. Hit the store on my lunch.
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    Friends modular moc. Not mine, found it on reddit. Looks good.
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    City Hospital at LEGO Shop at Home for $80.... https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/lego-city-hospital-60204 Qualifies for freebie... Parisian is back too.....
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    Made a trip with my boys to one of our local Lego Stores for their monthly build. They also gave us a mini bat mobile to build later but we haven't started yet.
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    There does not seem to be much mention of the Lego employee factory gift sets that - 40000XX. I have collected six myself and below are some pictures. I collect these because I am a Lego Architecture series (Landmark only) collector and these seem to fit in nicely although it is not directly related. I also like the five consecutive years for each factory. They were not easy to find as some are very rare. 4000005 - 2012 KOM Moulding 4000009 - 2013 HMV Production 4000011 - 2014 Nyiregyhaza Factory 4000018 - 2015 Kladno Campus 4000023 - 2016 Jiaxing Factory 4000016 - Billund Airport Below are the pictures in order:
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    So, maybe not a deal, but a surprise (for me) is that the new Jaguar Speed Champions (76898) has launched on LEGO Shop at Home and is only $29.99 (565 parts)?!?!?!? Seeing as its 35 GBP, I wonder if this is a launch mistake and the pricing will be corrected. Snatched one up for personal, but those of you interested, limit is 20...
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    Not all doom and gloom. Had a nice post Xmas buying bump that helped push up my sales numbers. Just finished tallying up for the year and my sales are actually higher than 2018, but profits for 2019 are -$125.88 less after fees and buy-in costs than 2018. Few observations: For me, bulk polybag sales remain the highest percentage of profit with the lowest buy-in cost and hold times between 1-3 months on the low end and 8-12 months on the high end. In 2018 I had four months with basically no sales. In 2019 I had even sale numbers throughout most months. Fees are going up. Not a huge bump but it is significant. Buyers are more aggressive with the "best offer" feature. Many want and demand free shipping along with a discount. I tried to curb this by automatically declining offers less than 10% of list. Still, tons of messages asking for free shipping and a deal. Buy-in costs are going up for me. I used to be all about that 75% or bust, but more pickers and less stock made buying stock during clearance difficult. I picked up a large amount of stock at 50% and it really dragged down my numbers for 2019.
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    Let me correct for you. I already own 19 other versions of these movies.
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    Looks like three promos will overlap 1/24-1/26 with $80 total. Likely seeing some deep discounts on the left over sale items. Be on the look out for the overlooked— plushes, pods, key chains, etc. December 6 – January 31: Free LEGO Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi (30624) with Star Wars purchases of $40 or more, while supplies last. January 13-26: Free LEGO Seasonal Year of the Rat (40355) with purchases of $80 or more, while supplies last. January 24 – February 9: Free LEGO Hidden Side Drag Racer (40408) with purchases of $45 or more, while supplies last
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    Gina Carano upon reading her script for the episode: “ what do you mean baby Yoda is gonna force choke me?” Puts producer in arm bar. On a side note, we’re cool with the whole instant force powers of healing and levitating and force choking from a baby? I know that’s where the series basically headed with Rey, but a baby? Granted at 50, he’s one old ass baby, but it’s a bit much considering the whole years of training to be a Jedi or Sith. Qualms about the plot aside, the show is Still some of the finest SW storytelling we’ve seen since the OG trilogy.
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    Every time I saw the coaster tracks in the 60228 Rocket & Launch Control I felt a space- themed rollercoaster would be fun. I MOC'd these coaster cars to align somewhat with this year's space theme. I've got a long way to go on this project but it was fun to have these cars finished.
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    60197 Passenger Train seen on clearance at Kmart last night for $109
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    Lego Shop at Home has promo Year of the Rat live for $80 purchase, Lion Dance 80104 is a penny short but qualifies. Also, Walmart has Lego City 60209 Sky Police Diamond Heist on sale for $37.99, regularly $59.99 (36.67% off).
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    Your child has good taste! I agree though, that set looks like trash. Small detail but the “G” is facing the wrong side of the field. It’s facing the visitors’ sideline, and should be facing the home sideline. Also, no tunnel in the southwest corner for the players to run out from!? Come on?! Did a Bear fan design this? Lastly, they are missing the entire upper deck in the south end zone that they added on 4-5 years ago. This model must be old. If you need some accurate photos I’ll be there in my usual seat this Sunday night for the playoff game against Seattle. GPG! [emoji2957]
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    Parisian Restaurant on sale at LEGO Shop at Home for $112... https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/parisian-restaurant-10243
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    Me too. I sold several over xmas for $115. Average buy in was $55. It's not Wall-e but decent enough.
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    Saw the new cars in the shop today and Im not really thrilled by the packaging.. it looks so .. weird.. and bulky. The paper thckness is not much better than the up-till-now SCH cars.. but really the dimensions of the box.. they are simply "off".. with the number of the pieces included inside they could easily go for the "city-like" strong boxes with special transport and harvester transport and it would look really cool.. but this. im really disappointed. Existing SCH cars have much better ratio given the box dimensions.
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    Too much Lego? Your mindset is wrong, man. There is only too little Lego. Money wise, if you still have your kidneys and a roof over your head, you still have options.
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    Potential QFLL alert... the new Mandalorian battle pack sold out at my local LEGO store within a couple hours of opening today.
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    manually...but it does.
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    I started comparing it to older sets and I noticed that it is really similar to the Detective's office and the pet shop. If you look at the three next to each other you really start to wonder if they accidentally copied a briefing about the colors and the setup of two sections. Don't these look a bit too similar color wise?
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    Costco in store 60202 - $12.97
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    I think the answer to all of this is to "just go with it." Too much cannon and non-cannon history to play around with. I don't think every SW story needs the force. Too many rules. It reminds me of the New Yorker piece on George R.R. Martin a few years ago who quoted him saying he couldn't keep track of all the people he'd killed in his Song of Fire and Ice saga, so he had to have a super fan keep track for him. It's hard to argue the SW isn't at that level or so much more. One theme that I am seeing, and it kinda troubles me in fantasy and hard-scifi is a fear of time used on screen to show depth and development. We've seen this in the new SW films and in many of the later Marvel films--instant knowledge and ability with little to no training or learning. It's all part of the "clock" of current films, which is hilarious considering how long some of these films are to not pause and give a sense of growth. It's as if fans can't pause for a portion in a 3 1/2 hour long film to see it or it gets glossed over in a montage. Really felt it in the last couple of Alien films, too.
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    Classic Space LL43979 by Kev Levell
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    Lego “Art Basel Banana” by Eddy Plu
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    A year later, a busier setup, and an additional messy kid. Baby #3 due in March, Boy #3. At this rate all those Elves sets I have set aside for "future girl" are going to end up on Amazon. Will give it another try in a few years.
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    What I do know is that I paid retail for a few of these, so here's to hopping that pays off.
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    I'm not. I think... meow... I mean, no.
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    I had a similar reaction. The packaging is about 1.3 larger than the 6-wide cars and feels cheaper. Also, the previous packaging showed more of the LEGO build; the new packaging shows more of the real car. The LEGO store had a couple 8-wide on display next to the previous 6-wide and I swear the new ones look more square than the older ones. That puzzles me considering LEGO has more room to work with but appear to have taken a step backwards. I have been looking forward to both the Audi and Nissan, but they're both blockier than I had hoped. I'm sure I'll still buy them... when they go on sale.
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    Ok....who is cracking now?? Someone in Maryland.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Huge-Lego-Collection-450-sets-Mr-Gold-Chrome-C3po-2-Prototype-Pieces-RARE/133297428812?hash=item1f0925594c:g:C2YAAOSwy9ZdyC22
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    As a player of the piano, I can assure you that the designer was simply trying to replicate non flat piano benches. The piano bench with all those points is supposed to resemble a pillowed non-even surface of a bench. These benches are among some of the most comfortable as it does not leave impressions from when you sit while you practice. This gives it a nicer and classier look when you have your piano and bench out in the open. The folds in the pillow not only offer nice detail but make it much more presentable than flat cushied piano benches. Of course there other alternative are wooden benches. However, these are harder(obviously) and can leave someone's behind slightly sore after practicing for a couple of hours because it is so flat.
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    More like witnessing the next generation of delusion.
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    about time they got around to allowing thermal printing option for shipping to FBA. 😀 my toner was running low 😄
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    Considering that Season 7 of Clone Wars is focused on the Seige of Mandalore and that Filoni is heavily involved in both shows, I'm hoping for some easter eggs that tie into Mandalorian to show up.
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    Those are just FBA returns ....
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    I mean he took off his goggles before he fell down, how bad could that be? (He had them on when riding swiftly, but those were back on his forehead when he was on the ground) First time I saw Deathtroopers earning their names
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    There is truth to that! My kids have opened my eyes to a few sleepers in the past. I will also add wife to that list...my wife has picked out a bunch of winners in the past that I may have overlooked....
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    I just spent several hours looking critically at these two sets (21051 Tokyo & 21052 Dubai) to offer a more detailed preview of what to expect when they are available on January 1. This includes highlighting some of the creative parts usages, new parts, printed elements, and the relative scale of the buildings in the model. The thing that surprised me most is that the scale looks all off in the Dubai model (Burj Al Arab looked too large to my eye) but it's actually pretty accurate—I did the math! For a much deeper look, please check out my article at: https://brickarchitect.com/2019/preview-21051-tokyo-21052-dubai-skyline/ Sincerely, ---tom
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