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    Time to log back off...
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    Moc I'm working on with the new hall of armor set(s). In progress, still not happy with the angles and getting the arc right but only on day 1. Sent from my SM-G960U using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    I had the pleasure of building an intricate LEGO Ideas model of Machu Picchu, built in the style of the official LEGO Architecture sets. The model was designed by Diego Baca, a proud Peruvian who wanted to help LEGO enthusiasts learn more about the globally recognized UNESCO World Heritage site. Not only did Diego build the model both digitally and using LEGO bricks, he also created a beautiful instruction manual in the style of official LEGO Architecture sets, and a matching glossy box. I had a lot of fun building the model using the easy-to-follow directions. The completed model is immediately recognizable, and looks great next to the official sets, especially the recent Great Wall set which also features historic architecture in a mountainous landscape. For an longer, in-depth review of the set and an interview with Diego about his project, you can read the whole article at: https://brickarchitect.com/2019/lego_ideas_machu-picchu-diego-baca/ If you want a chance to build it, be sure to vote for it on the LEGO Ideas site! Sincerely, —Tom
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    Lego SAH is running the free Chicken Skater Pod with $35 purchase. There are also a number of sale items that are coming up for much less than listed prices: 853759 - $2.24 40307 - $2.49 40264 - $2.49 850997 - $1.24 853772 - $1.24 853651 - $3.24 853676 - $3.24 40170 - $2.49 There are others, but these are the best ones that I found.
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    $230au from a major shopping centre in Thailand.
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    sold some architecture skyline venice and berlin for $85 and $87 respectively, fba. buyin was $15.
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    It's not limited Much more stock in production Many returns soon
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    We can agree to disagree. I have a booth at the event and nobody will be on the show floor until 1pm today.
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    Lego Kingdoms Chess Set - $30 on Mercari Rich moms unloading their kids stuff is always the best. They are much more interested in moving the product, than making their money back. The following on Craigslist for $300: 60000-1 Fire Motorcycle 60011-1 Surfer Rescue 60027-1 Monster Truck Transporter 4201-1 Loader and Tipper 4430-1 Fire Transporter 4432-1 Garbage Truck 60001-1 Fire Chief Car 60012-1 Coast Guard 4x4 & Diving Boat 60035-1 Arctic Outpost 4202-1 Mining Truck 4433-1 Dirt Bike Transporter 4643-1 Power Boat Transporter 60002-1 Fire Truck 60014-1 Coast Guard Patrol 60049-1 Helicopter Transporter 4203-1 Excavator Transporter 7741-1 Police Helicopter 60004-1 Fire Station 60015-1 Coast Guard Plane 60064-1 Arctic Supply Plane 4204-1 The Mine 4437-1 Police Pursuit 7286-1 Prisoner Transport 60007-1 High Speed Chase 60016-1 Tanker Truck 60081-1 Pickup Tow Truck 4207-1 City Garage 4440-1 Forest Police Station 7288-1 Mobile Police Unit 60008-1 Museum Break-in 60017-1 Flatbed Truck 60119-1 Ferry 4209-1 Fire Plane 4441-1 Police Dog Van 7938-1 Passenger Train 60009-1 Helicopter Arrest 60021-1 Cargo Heliplane 60032-1 Arctic Snowmobile 4427-1 Fire ATV 4439-1 Heavy-Lift Helicopter 5770-1 Lighthouse Island 5891-1 Apple Tree House 5767-1 Cool Cruiser 5763-1 Dune Hopper 5765-1 Transport Truck 5761-1 Mini Digger 5762-1 Mini Plane 31006-1 Highway Speedster 31018-1 Highway Cruiser 31000-1 Mini Speeder 31011-1 Aviation Adventures 31039-1 Blue Power Jet 6914-1 Prehistoric Hunters 70805-1 Trash Chomper 70807-1 MetalBeard's Duel 70803-1 Cloud Cuckoo Palace 70802-1 Bad Cop's Pursuit 70814-1 Emmet's Construct-o-Mech 70811-1 The Flying Flusher 70818-1 Double-Decker Couch 70812-1 Creative Ambush 70808-1 Super Cycle Chase 9441-1 Kai's Blade Cycle 70747-1 Boulder Blaster 2519-1 Skeleton Bowling 76021-1 The Milano Spaceship Rescue 9092-1 Crazy Demon 9094-1 Star Striker 75110-1 Luke Skywalker Plus these 3 bins of loose bricks weighing approximately 100 pounds
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    Hello all, Here is our Disney series 2 pre-order discount-pricing for brickpickers: Box = $209 Set = $82 Free shipping domestically ($10 international for set and $25 international shipping for a box). Ships early May. Please DM with PayPal email address for invoice. Cheers, Jon
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    It's mini. Obviously needs less power...
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    If you squint, you can see Lego giving everyone the middle finger:
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    The box is a lot bigger than I expected it to be.
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    It keeps the riff raff from posting immediately to that slick site.
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    Before you return them...check selling prices.....going for $14 AMZ, $12-16 Mercari, similar on Ebay. I also ordered a handful of "cherry pickers" and received Naboo Starfighters. But instead of the return hassle, I listed them and have already sold three and more than doubled my 3.99 buy in. Lemons = Lemonade Sent from my SM-G950U using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    The 2019 BrickPicker LEGO Raffle is now LIVE. Good luck to everyone and thank you!
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    eBay Dragon Sanctuary $300, buy in was $43 SYWR points. I miss the good old SYWR days.
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    Target got you good They played you with "exclusive" The joke is on you
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    Darth Vader Bust is back up on Target! https://www.target.com/p/lego-star-wars-darth-vader-bust-75227/-/A-76157589
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    https://m.barnesandnoble.com/b/50-off-select-lego/_/N-2sql Some 50% off clearance still lingering at Barnes and Noble
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    21311 Voltron for $125.99 in the clearance aisle of Walmart.
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    42088Technic Cherry Picker is $4 @ Target and available for shipping https://www.target.com/p/lego-technic-cherry-picker-42088/-/A-75662661
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    Darth Vader Bust? I can't be the only one who first thought of something else when reading the title...
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    Video review comparing all three Tantive sets...
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    Haiku you did try In reality, it's not English teacher mad
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    Brickheadz with stickers You thought these would be better No need to F5
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    I like the architecture of your neighbor's house. Our own version of the amazing Craigslist mirror pictures that plague the internet:
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    in case you didn't know some dude is photographing your bust...
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    I feel like these are the final words included in the epitaph on the graves of many an AFOL.
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    Went to LEGO store last weekend to pick up some sets for upcoming birthdays and take advantage of double pts. Found a harry potter diagon alley 40289 sitting on the 20% off table with a slight ding in the box. As I was checking out I asked if they had anymore. Yep, one more, with a good box. Sold both of them to me for $16 / ea. I wasn't even aware they were selling these.
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    I had to downsize too. Would love to have a large city layout but it will take a whole room. I have added newer modulars since this pick and sold the cafe corner and town hall. Opted for the GB firehouse over the FB. Going to skip the diner. If I ever just went to 4 it would be GG, PC, DO, and AS.
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    I am in the same boat.....If I take out my alternate Tower Bridge build, I have room for one more.....then what? Another cabinet......
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    Sorry. I take responsibility. Let's get this thread back on track... Tabby, can you please sprinkle more cat sh*t with your weekly reminder these will all be stacked a mile high across every global retailer by next week?
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    Never judge the size of a mans bust by his box... hmm maybe not how it goes
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    Damn you resellers! I couldn't even get one for my son Timmy!
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    Love it - let QFLLs sell and wait for prices to come back.
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    Garage sale purchase $108.00.All cleaned in seperate bags with manuals and 50 extra minifigures
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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer Lair-Subway-NYC by Ben Pitchford
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    https://www.bestbuy.com/site/lego-brickheadz-hermione-grangercolored-41616-multicolored/6265522.p?skuId=6265522 https://www.bestbuy.com/site/lego-jurassic-world-stygimoloch-breakout-75927/6201417.p?skuId=6201417 hermiome (41616) in stock for $9.99 Stygimoloch Breakout (75927) $19.99 If you buy two of the Jurassic World sets and one brickhead at a time you’ll get free shipping.
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    Use the code PERFECT3 on eBay to save $3 off something $3.01 or more.
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