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    Having now built this, it's no wonder why Lego haven't released a UCS AT-AT. Despite his being well designed and structurally very stable it was a bit of nightmare putting everything together. I spent almost a day attaching the head onto the body. Biggest build to date coming in at just over 6700 pieces. Hopefully that will be topped by the new Falcon and then my UCS collection is complete with respect of in my opinion all of the iconic ships in Star Wars universe.
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    On my local Facebook page, for $45 57 of 61 sealed bags of what I assume are Taj Mahal pieces.
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    Some early fireworks on CL over here. All three for $450. Still can't believe it.
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    Special delivery this AM round 1
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    About 6k worth of lego for ~2.2k
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    because we missed out yesterday and we're desperate for anything that resembles a deal.
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    I swear if anyone asks if they should return a damaged box from this steal....imma gonna slap some people.
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    We were on vacation in Asheville, NC 2 weeks ago, and during one of the rainy-days, I saw an ad on Craigslist for bulk lego that had some Harry Potter parts sticking out. The lot was split into multiple bags, so I offered $100 to take them all. Before leaving, she had her son run in and get the "ship" that was sitting on his shelf. He came out and plopped a Black Pearl on top of one of the boxes. =) After soaking and cleaning he pieces, the Pearl was mostly complete, only missing 1 sail and 1 mini-fig. I've also inventoried a Clone Turbo Tank, a Hogwarts, Hagrids Hut, LOTR Mines of Moira, and a Hobbit Goblin King Battle. There's more, including some space themed sets that I haven't yet identified, along with some Ninjago dragons. Good pick-up so far.
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    I'm going to have to ignore this thread for the next couple of days
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    Taj Mahal used with box and Instructions. $500
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    Slave 1 completed and added to the UCS ship shelf.
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    What an amazing build! Took us around 6 hours. The payoff on Step 236 of the yellow and red modified plate placement in Step 155 absolutely blew my mind. Bag Seven was a work of art. This set is solid gold, my favorite to date.
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    Craigslist $25.00 for both of them. 👍
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    Don't go in the Shop Your Way Rewards thread...
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    I finished my Tantive IV 10198, and it exceeded my expectations. I have had my eyes open for a good deal on a Rebel Blockade Runner 10019, but haven't come across one at a price that I can stomach yet. In the meantime, this set was awesome. If you have one and are thinking about building it or if you have been thinking about getting one, I highly recommend it!
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    Ahem. I feel obligated to commence this night of glorious victory. All Hail His Grace, @areyounormal of House Brickpicker, First of His Name, King of the Low Prices and the First Discounts, Lord of The Bricks, Discoverer of The Glitches, and Protector of All Wallets. LONG MAY HE REIGN!
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    Built the min R2 to go with Leia. Two great little builds. Will now MOC up the corridor to recreate the scene in the Tantive IV.
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    built the shuttle expedition
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    So, I finally decided to crack open the set after being able to find time. However, I had to call in some additional help. "Okay, team. Grab that thing-a-ma-brick and we'll attach it to here..." "Okay, Captain. I'm going to give you this injection for space sickness. So hold still. This won't hurt...much.." "Uh...doctor, are you sure...." "Shhhhh."
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    Been working on a UCS MOC for a while but decided to take a break and build Leia. Great little build with great techniques that allow for a number of poses. Will build similar scale R2 next to recreate that iconic scene in a new hope.
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    Party People in the Park - $23.99 (40% off)
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    Hell's no, I wear them to Packers games.
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    Droid Escape Pod. Better than expected. Now I have an excuse to slice open one of my UCS Sandcrawlers!
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    First in line for Deadpool Duck and bought the Brickheadz Spidey / Venom
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    Picked this up after work for $125.
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    Went from a great sale to nobody being able to buy Lego on Amazon today. Good job guys!
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    I'll check my girlfriend's account after my wife leaves for work.
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    Finally starting the set that I have been most looking forward to building for a while now: Tantive IV 10198. From back in the day when there weren't numbered bags, so I am starting to get organized. Should be fun!
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    LOL...someone's mad (not me). Nordstrom was their LEGO honeyhole, but that's over now.
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    My wife couldn't wait to rip into the Castle. This is 4 bags and about 200 steps in.
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    $18 yard sale special. A little dusty and a few missing small parts.
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    Well, the construction is moving along at the moment. Though, always expect the unexpected in this line of work... "Carol, where's my green syringe? It had the experimental drug in...it...HOLY MOTHERFU-" "Ermm...Doctor, did you hear something?" "Nope." "Steady as she goes, guys. Just connect it slowly. This isn't rocket science..." "Except it is, boss. Can you lend us a hand?" "No, I can't. I'm supervising. It's what I do. Supervise." "This thing isn't so heavy!" "Speak for yourself, you're using one hand, Bob! WHAT THE BRICK?!" "Oh, that makes sense..." "Oh hey, Ellen. I gave the Captain the inoculation for the space sickness!" "CAROL! That wasn't it! THAT WAS MY EXPERIMENTAL RADIATION DRUG!" "...Oh...dear..."
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    When I put the Lego Ultimate Batmobile in my cart it added 3 other discounts - price down to $49 before tax edit : same deal with Silent Mary - down to $70 edit: palace cinema down to $52.48 as well edit: Porsche 911 $105
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    Picked this lot up for $150 off craigslist. All the JW Dino's are there, except the dilophosaurus ambush one. Hard to tell what's complete and what's not, but some nice sets in there.
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    Factory fresh (last week of May/first week of June):
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    Pretty cool marketing campaign by LEGO https://www.behance.net/gallery/54239313/Build-the-future
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    I think I have a phone anxiety issue. I sent an email. They'll read it after it's shipped.
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    5 x 41233 Lashina Tank $7.48 each 5 x 441234 Bumblebee Helicopter $7.48 each 5 x 41127 Amusement Park Arcade $7.48 each 3 x 41179 Queen Dragon's Rescue $28.48 each all from one local target. Paid with red card so additional 5% off
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    After randomly being sent to Alaska my package has finally come! The last piece of the puzzle! Now I have every Marvel SDCC exclusive!
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    This has been on my short list for a while now. Finally snagged one complete (no box) for under $200. I Can't wait to set up the winter village now.
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    If you played it already you can play it again! I got another $2 - https://www.shopyourway.com/app/2/l/contests/verv