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    Saw this MOC somewhere on the web and thought it was great so decided to recreate it...
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    Little guy wanted some credit
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    cleaned out of-the-way claremont nh Walmart which ******** identified as having a significant deposit of 50% off Star Wars LEGO and other sets I was interested in and in decent quantity. ended up being one of the rare times where the inventory at the store actually exceeded what was indicated online by 3-5 sets each. pro tip: it's nearly impossible for your wife or significant other to biy&h about your seemingly "out of control" lego purchases while skulking through the repetitive walk of shame from the garage to the storage room when her mouth is stuffed with fresh delicious pastry you brought into the house first. death stare is unaffected however.
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    Since the Snowspeeders were sold out when I went to the Lego Store Thursday, I had to backorder. Was hoping to build it this weekend, so in order to quench my UCS thirst, I broke open the UCS B-Wing I won in @Ed Mack's Christmas Raffle. Its pretty amazing. The real UCS sets are just leaps and bounds above all other SW sets. However, I'm pretty sure the designer had some kind of bet going about how many non-gray pieces he could hide inside this set. There are tons of red, blue, tan, and green parts buried in the guts. Now it's just wait and see how long it takes my wife to notice it's sitting on the foyer table, because I have no other place to put it.
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    Finished this over the weekend. Really enjoyed building it, and I'm glad I didn't rush through. Displays so much better in person. I've bricklinked a few extra parts to build some extra star destroyers to go along side and make a fleet. Next UCS IST.
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    Here's the three amigos who couldn't save the Death Star in Ep IV. I think the teal outline on Black in the older UCS sticker plaques offered more contrast. I liked teal on black over the dark blue on black.
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    Until I put up some suitable shelving the only place I can display this is in my office. Anyway I've finished the fleet. "Send the fleet to the far side of Endor.... there it will stay until called for"
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    I didn't get to post yesterday, but I picked up the Snowspeeder and R2 online as an early Father's Day gift and then hit the Lego Store to spend some gift cards. I picked up Slave I (I have decided I will never find a discount) and Yoda here decided that she also wanted a "rocket ship." I love that she is getting into all of this with me!
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    Alternative build
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    Longer than expected, but finally done!
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    This sale was originally planned for end of march but got moved to May. It seemed to be one the of the largest collections, I have seen online listed for an estate sale. For me a 7.5 hr drive. Rented a large van, packed totes, saran wrap sticks. It was advertised as 30 buildings with cars for $4400, after I was told $4200, plus some other stuff separate from that lot. Left Friday to Long island. Scoped the place out and crashed at a friends. Woke 5 am, went there for 5:30 and was the 15th person already to get a ticket. (entry to estate sales vary across the country it seems- some do lists, tickets, etc) Now I had until 9:30 to panic if I would get anything, or a trip, van, etc was a waste. In line 2 guys talked about splitting the Lego and trying to sell, but didnt know much about Lego I heard one say. I went in, went to the basement. Found other raiding the smaller lego stuff on a pool table. I found the massive setup, behind caution tape with a price of $4500. I asked a worker if I want this and deal. He said I had to find Patty who runs the company and deals. Needless to say I found her, grabbed some other stuff off the pool table and bundled it all together for a deal, I think. Still going through stuff but over 30 modulars, some official- others custom. About 20+ city vehicles, alot of baseplates, unopened bricklink orders in shipping boxes for future MOCs the owner never got around to building. It seemed he had some money, lived large and the story was died in early 50's. Met a fellow brickpicker (labfreak7), left some scraps for Timmy or Timmy's Grandma who said she was buying for kids who lost their home in a fire. Spent 2 hrs saran wrapping them all, loaded them in storage totes. My friend helped load in my truck and on my way home just after 12, drove and made it home without issue. Now to sort. I have no instructions for the MOCs but hoping to track them all down. Album with Some pics here- https://flic.kr/s/aHskW9Shqa
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    There is still plenty of room in here. Keep buying!
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    Pretty happy with my latest trade and purchases. The Detention Block Rescue box is even more impressive alongside these other collectibles.
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    My CL score from last week. Built about a half dozen of these the past few years, never gets old.
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    Despite trying to let my wallet recover from May 4th, I was tempted by the Walmart clearance thread. I picked up a $35 Tie Striker for my collection and a $35 Duplo Batcave to put away for this guy (only 30% off but I couldn't resist)!
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    no hiding this. Calling the wife for the other car...
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    Also added a light kit to my Creator Ecto-1 (: home from college means more lego down time
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    Tonight I finally finished off the UCS Tie Fighter while watching Episode IV. After sitting in my build pile since December, I decided to put it together doing 1-2 bags per night over the last week. Overall, I was very happy with the set. I'm not sure why such harsh criticism? Also, I disassembled and put away Technic set 42030 Volvo L350F Wheel Loader....primarily in order to make room for more SW UCS sets. UCS Slave 1 is up next.
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    Also had chance to build another minifig frame for my Batman series:
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    Picked this up from a local collector. Very happy to have this. Came with motor and battery. I just took it apart and will clean it before build it. Did notice one piece that was not Lego branded, no big deal. Paid $200 CAD which is about $140 USD.
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    Latest UCS build. Adding the current Tie Fighter. As others have said quite a repetitive and boring build but solid and swooshable and quite impressive when finished. Great minifigure as well.
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    Back when Ewok Village was retiring, I managed to pick an opened set for $180. Finally got around to building it today (+ the new AT-ST and extra minifigs). Second picture is its new place in our modest Lego Star Wars display (above the doorway and basically in front of my desk). Great set.
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    I know I said I've stopped buying but this was calling me. I can do better. $250 for the lot ... complete with instructions and figs. Everything will be for sale.
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    I went on a harry potter buying spree last month or so and finally built them. Yes, I do hoard them so I may buy the same sets over and over again.
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    Senior, Junior and Mini-me
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    Nothing new to show built quite yet but I did upgrade some of my cars with some chrome. Ferrari FXX exhaust Hennessey Venom GT exhaust and turbo chargers Predator wheels Koenigsegg One:1 wheels and exhaust Caterham 7 620R wheels and exhaust.
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    Slowly catching up on my UCS collection. Bought this used, and took me 3 hours to build it. After building this, I really appreciate the improvements they made with the instructions on new sets. These earlier sets were very difficult to differentiate black and dark grey. I also made the mistake of building double identical wings instead of mirror images. Should have known this after building Tower Bridge. Nice looking set, but it is a bit dated. Lots of improvements can me made if they ever decide to reissue it.
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    Built this since it was may the 4th. Thanks to Tabby Boy for the sale.
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    Open for business! I loved this build. Looks great in the modular setting. Ferris Wheel is next, excited to see how they look together.
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    Built old Bessie. Only the Ewok village and New Death Star left in my backlog of UCS inventory. Need to get my hands on a Death Star 2!
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    After selling a handful of these I thought it would only be right to save one for myself and see what all the fuss is about! A nice little set, going rate of £20 seems steep but that's rare parts for you!! Either way, it does look lovely next to my UCS R2 D2.
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    Bought this yesterday and built half of it, completed second half just now.
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    75149 - Resistance X-Wing is down to $41.99 on Amazon (RRP is $79.99) - 48% off https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CIGN3MK/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER Sadly I ordered 2 on Monday at $52... Time to get my family to order a couple others
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    I just finished the Silent Mary and really loved building it. It was a very satisfying building without the premade hull. Most of the ships using the big hull pieces are so stubby and cookie cutter the same. This ship felt like a UCS Star Wars build with the internal technic frame and partial cladding and a lot less tedious than the Death Star II. This allowed the designers to make a slender tapering ship that seems to have much better sailing ship proportions. Obviously none of the sailing ships are to minifigure scale, but on this one nothing is minifigure accessible except the deck. I think that is ok since is allows the other features to be smaller and more to scale. I love all the gold. I have uploaded a comparison with the Imperial Flagship which is the biggest Lego sailing ship. You can see the Silent Mary is much shorter, especially since so much of its hull is out of the water by comparison, but it is only a few inches shorter. The real questions is whether it can eat the Imperial Flagship. As you can see, I think the Imperial Flagship is little to big a bite. Maybe just a bit off the flank.
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    I sold another Joker Steamroller this morning. Price isn't important. What is important is that now I'm down to only 41 left.
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    Select Lego sets, 40% off+ at TRU. Some good buys here on retired sets. http://www.toysrus.com/search/index.jsp?s=A-UnitRank&kw=94428may17&keywords=94428may17&origkw=94428may17&sr=1&ppg=96 LEGO Duplo Ville My First Shop [toysrus.com] (10546) $19.79 658-Piece LEGO Nexto Knights Jestro's Evil Mobile [toysrus.com] (70316) $29.99 376-Piece LEGO City Fire Engine [toysrus.com] (60112) $29.99 692-Piece LEGO Friends Heartlake Airport [toysrus.com] (41109) $56.99 884-Piece LEGO Speed Champions F14 & Scuderia Ferrari Truck [toysrus.com] (75913) $65.99
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    When I die I'm hoping that my ghost can attend the estate sale and watch all of you vultures fight over my stash of Joker Steamrollers.
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    We moved late last year, so the city has been able to expand: Couple of fun close-ups, Avengers: Grocery War Fantasy courtyard:
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    one of my best ebay message exchanges ever. we can't even make this stuff up. total fruitcake. happened 3 months ago. i was the buyer for a diagon alley set. - Sent by me at 7:47pm. "Hi. I just paid and did read your auction summary, A couple of missing pieces is fine. I take it that all minifigures are included? I also assume the lego retail box will mailed inside a shipping box for protection. Please let me know me know before mailing this set. Thanks," - seller's reply 11:34pm - "Dip those on some oil the shlt will get you faint" - my follow-up 12:24am- "What?" - seller's reply 6:07am - "I am so sorry for that message I was under the influence last night and I confused my eBay messages with my text messages. I would like to apologize for saying those words to you" - seller's reply 6:09am - "Yes it's all in the box and it will packaged as well" ha ha
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    Today we had a family day out in London to visit the DC Heroes - Art of the Brick. The models were so impressive, definitely worth a visit for those that are local. Here are a few snaps:
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    Tonight I sliced open 75052 Mos Eisley Cantina. Pretty cool set and surprised by its dismal investment performance thus far... What's not to love? Iconic scene setting, 8 minifigs, landspeeder, dewback, and vaporator. I think it's a great set and will go nicely with other Tatooine related sets.
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    Got this for xmas, finally got it done over the weekend. I'm downsizing my town to make room for a carnival, I think this will make the cut. Love the laundromat.
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    $100 TRU gift card for $85 on ebay. Limit 5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Get-a-100-Toys-R-Us-Gift-Card-for-only-85-Email-delivery-/262981798660
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    Finished building the Beatles Yellow Submarine and placed it next to the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 set:
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    This is a replica of the Detention Block Rescue using bricks from the last version of the Millenium Falcon. I built it because I did not have a chance to visit the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, but thought I can bricklink it from my existing sets with some artistic freedom, and adding some telephones. The Storm Trooper uniforms are from the Frist Order Transporter.
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    I will post that story soon. Driving, unpacking and then working today is not leaving much time. Story hopefully monday with some pics
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    I'm going to go with "has she got a sister?"
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    My haul from yesterday: Chima was $7 each from Kmart Friends Birthday party was $7 each from Kmart Puppy Championship was $4.20 each from Kmart Cabin was FREE from Kmart Battle pack was like $6 from Kmart And the crown jewel: Ghostbusters firehouse, with 85% sealed bags and only missing sticker sheets for $140 from LetGo!