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    Finally finished our Imperial Flagship. Think that will do for now. 😁
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    Technically didn’t buy this, but still.... I’m floored Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    Where is the piggy pirate 🏴‍☠️ ship?!
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    Well, yeah...otherwise you wouldn't be able to do this...
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    Not today, but on Saturday I completed my first ever triathlon, an Olympic distance race completed in 2 hours, 56 minutes, and 6 seconds. Finished 51st out of 102 people, and 3rd in my age group of 40-44 year old men. Now, time to transition to marathon training for a race in October.
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    It’s refreshing to see the lack of fake LEGO on the floor this year.
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    No City for me - too busy stacking Orthancs and Fire Bikes.
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    I’ve been moving them out of the way when looking at other themes.
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    Lots of news today. https://www.marvel.com/articles/movies/sdcc-2019-all-of-the-marvel-studios-news-coming-out-of-hall-h-at-san-diego-comic-con
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    Looks like Lego originally made 3 sets.. then said "screw it let's make one set."
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    Duh, she's hot, pure cake!
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    They often sell the extra exclusives on Sunday (the ones that people don’t pick up Thursday - Sunday). I’ll try and get some and maybe have some for people here. Captain marvel is a solid set and I think retains the highest value with two exclusive figs, so I doubt any of those are around Sunday and I don’t think eBay prices go that much lower. I think the red storm trooper set (Friday) will be just like last year’s Falcon cockpit... there were A LOT of unclaimed ones on Sunday and something tells me this will happen again with the red stormtrooper. I also think these prices drop in months to come. Batman is the wildcard. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    Just finished watching, it was great, tons of footage I've never seen and all restored beautifully.
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    Built the LEM yesterday in honor of the 50th anniversary of the landing and watched From The Earth To The Moon on HBO.
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    Of course there’s a helicopter.
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    i can't believe spidey is selling higher than barb... edit: add the twitter info >> is everyone aware of the giveaway on twitter? 5 of each exclusive item! https://twitter.com/LEGO_Group
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    I was thinking they would just use The Scuttler. The first cross-license re-release.
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    Hmm...too bad nothing at all in my area. on a side note - did order 15x 70821 at $7.99 after tax. For store pickup..wonder if i should get more
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    Wynona Ryder was more likeable and less frantic this season. Hopper overacted, but he was ok, everyone else was great. The girl who plays Nancy is a great actress.
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    Sooo Is this the line for Barb:)
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    It'll be Clayface 2.0 We just finished the other night and I think it was probably the best season.
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    So apparently the set hasn’t been officially revealed yet? The set was on sale at SDCC preview night but was pulled today.
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    Arrived in great condition. The inner bags are all sealed. "New in open box" for resale. Gotta love moms who just toss their kids stuff on eBay.
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    Hilarious eBay message exchange last night over $15 polybag sale: My bog standard message to buyers after a purchase sent it hundreds of times: Hi and thank you, I’ll drop this set off at my local post office tomorrow morning. Regards Was not expecting this reply: "What do you mean by your local post office?" Huh WTF? Hi, I will hand this over the counter at my local post office (Stafford Heights 4053) tomorrow morning. Regards Thinking that would be the end of it, Oh farck I get this reply and realise this going down hill fast: "I live in Viewbank, in Melbourne. You will have to send it to me. You advertised free delivery so you will have to send it to me." OK so she thinks she'll have to travel 1700kms (1000 miles) to collect this item from my post office. Hi, Apologies for any confusion. I will be sending this set to you tomorrow morning. My message was to let you know I will be posting your set to you tomorrow. I lodge my outgoing mail at a post office. I also wanted to convey that I post items as quickly as possible. Regards Finally Yes I was confused as I thought I had to pick it up from your post office. Thankyou for getting it sent to me asap I would add her to my BBL - but anyone who pays $15 for a Chima polybag is a highly valued buyer.
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    sand baseplates moving now at $32.99 2x per order no less. getting down to the bottom of the stash. its a bittersweet realization that i could have just ordered sand baseplates by the 100 from amazon at msrp or slightly reduced and done far better than almost any other well thought out plan or multi-hour multi-state clearance jaunt even before factoring in time, gas, frustration and yes mildred - f'n tax free NH.
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    They were on a LEGO City endcap display.
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    Saw a bunch of 30364 Popcorn carts at Target
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    Both, I've learned that being a collector kind of leads to reselling. Bought some to build, extra to sell. I don't get much time to do personal LEGO builds until Fall/Winter. Looks like I won"t use second castle for expansion, way more sense to just order extra pieces needed.
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    Drawing was at 8:30 am today I woke up at 4:20, got to SDCC at 6:10 and jumped in line. They don’t cap the line but they will warn you once it gets to a certain point that’s chances are slim Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum mobile app It’s always a guess. I’m thinking around 1500 this year. That’s been standard last few years Sent from my iPhone using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    People trashed me here 5 years ago when you could see everyone's portfolio in posts for mine being city heavy. My city sets have mostly done well, and they sell very quickly during the holidays. I also know that they are usually being sold to the end user so I don't get any complaints about having a mint box or crap like that (even thou my boxes are in good shape). The quality of the set is a big factor. The current city sets IMHO are not very good. Things like the last Airport Fire Truck, Dirt Bike Transporter, Cargo Terminal, Red Train, and Tanker Truck I made around 200% on and the little ones are easy to ship.
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    THAT was a $50 set!? I know Lego overprices sets but holy cow
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    Ok, sure... here's some of them. The set # is written on the boxes and the # written in the square is the count of sets in that box. As you can see (and I forgot), I also bought some 72005 when they were on clearance at Kohl's and earned cashback, Kohl's Cash, Yes2You Rewards.
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    US Exclusive. ... JK JK
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    Sub-prime day at KMart: 3×41151 mulan's training day 2x Duplo Carousel 1x Nightcrawler Tunnel Attack 1x 10683 Duplo Animals Box All for $0.13 OoP Thanks to 75% off clearance, my penultimate monthly $25 from a 50% off tire purchase last year, a $20 Wild Win Weds spin, another $5 Wild Win, and a $3 off $25 coupon. Also received a $10 free cash bonus (no spending minimum) which will credit in the next 24hrs and is valid for a week.
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    Pay attention to the - stupid - fact that you actually have to order something to be able to add the CODE you get when you redeem points for a Mustang Keychain. PLUS: you can only use ONE rewards code per order. So for getting the max of 5 keychains from VIP Rewards, you do in fact have to make 5 separate orders afterwards ...
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    Why have that when you can have 10 of these for the same money?
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    Like this? https://ideas.lego.com/projects/5a65c2dc-dfbe-40ce-b396-62052c1f3140
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    So, Staples is having a sale on several shipping boxes. They are also allowing you bundle the sale with a Buy $100/save $20 and $200/$40. Thanks to odysea I was able to put together a small (but not encompassing) list of boxes you might wish to pick up. You have to spend $50 to get free shipping but it might be worth it:  12 8 3 - https://www.staples.com/12-L-x-8-W-x-4-H-Shipping-Boxes-32-ECT-Brown-25-Bundle-BS120804/product_557502 20 12 4or3 - not available but I did find a 12 high box - https://www.staples.com/20-L-x-12-W-x-12-H-Shipping-Boxes-32-ECT-Brown-20-Bundle-BS201212/product_411827 24 12 4 - found a 6 high - https://www.staples.com/24-L-x-12-W-x-6-H-Multi-Depth-Shipping-Boxes-32-ECT-Brown-25-Bundle-BS241206MD/product_2647440 24 20 6 - not available 16 12 4or3 - https://www.staples.com/16-L-x-12-W-x-4-H-Shipping-Boxes-32-ECT-Brown-25-Bundle-PRA0086/product_426309 in addition I found these: 8 6 4 - https://www.staples.com/8-L-x-6-W-x-4-H-Shipping-Boxes-32-ECT-Brown-25-Bundle-PRA0016/product_481792 16 x 12 x 4 - https://www.staples.com/16-L-x-12-W-x-4-H-Shipping-Boxes-32-ECT-Brown-25-Bundle-PRA0086/product_426309 Hope this helps!
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    No idea who made this... just came across my facebook feed.
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    I can believe this. I've taken pictures of "Retiring Soon" tags on sets at the LEGO store and other exclusives surrounding them have retired sooner. You almost get the impression that the circle covers up the "er rather than later" remaining portion of the message.
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    Where is the "Girl Avengers Assemble" set? 8 minifigs + a small hill, sounds like a great idea for $90 set
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    U.S. Market is the one I am watching closely, Homer and Krusty could be the numero uno if ended in Europe shortly and dont make a return in US.
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    Geoffrey's toy box is literally a box in the middle of other stores. This one was found at a Krogers
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