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    Ask Tabby, he's claimed to have sold off his entire inventory 4 or 5 times since Halloween
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    I thought I'd build my Lego Pirate Ships in anticipation of the Silent Mary coming out. I started buying one pair of the Black Pearl and Queen Anne, then another, etc.
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    Been a while since I posted. Life has gotten busy and I am on the road less, so I have less free time... as strange as that may sound. Either way, technically didn't buy it today, But my parents are selling their house and I was cleaning out some old stuff and look what I found with my beanie babies and baseball cards.
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    Finally got round to building this beast. I must say it's very impressive and has a presence
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    This MOC is designed by BaronSat and is basically a proper Rancor pit / base for the Jabba's Palace.
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    To celebrate my recent (early March) birthday I got the Detective's Office, which I finished last week. Put it next to last year's birthday present, the Parisian Restaurant, and took these photos
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    I will most likely hold these forever, if you ever wanted them back, let me know, as I understand tough times.
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    Been looking to build a UCS AT-AT for awhile but Moc's have been too expensive with their rare parts, until the one Raskolnikov built. It's a great looking model. I have changed a few pieces and will be getting some 2x2 round tiles to put in a few places. Sorry for poor phone photo.
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    I finally got the chance to finish up the UCS Imperial Shuttle 10212 that I picked up used a while back. I really enjoyed the build and the finished product. It is as large as expected and the use of snot pieces makes its final look a lot cleaner than the IST. If you have been thinking about picking one up for your UCS or SW collection I highly recommend it! So...what should we build next? We have 10186 UCS General Grievous, 10198 Tantive IV Anniversary Edition, 75021 Republic Gunship, and 10227 UCS B-Wing Starfighter in the queue. Which do y'all recommend we start with? (I will be building it with my 6 and 8 year old.)
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    Next time you go on a pick and come back to your car and there's a lego brick on your windshield, or a little pile of them for you to step on and hurt your feet- you'll know.
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    Hesitated to crack open this new sealed set, but had the itch to build something to add to the street. Large set, but build was very basic.
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    I don't want to be a **** here, but please don't encourage this behavior. These people have zero intention of filling your order. We have 2 schools of thought on what they are doing: A.The popular belief on the Amazon Seller Forums is that these guys get enough orders that they clear some of the cash out and the rest is returned via A to Z (which is why they usually have every item priced at 9.00 or 13.00 or something dumb like that. They are able to do this because they are from other countries and have longer delivery times before people figure it out. They can set up fake "from" locations now, but the delivery times are still 1 month+ and B.The other thought is that they are doing something with your information as BA explained. The problem with both scenarios is it ties up your resources, encourages this behavior again, ties up Amazon's resources and, most importantly, makes it harder to sell on Amazon for us sellers. These guys just keep coming back again and again and again and it never ends. They are clearly getting something out of it or they wouldn't keep doing it. It also raises fees for everyone and is just a bad idea. Please don't help these guys. You are not going to get these products under any circumstances.
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    Just picked up a used Taj Mahal with box, missing one of the instructions books. $200
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    My son felt it was incomplete and filled it with ninja.
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    looks good. update: it appears lego 's tweet was removed and then reposted. https://twitter.com/LEGO_Group/status/844626752257359873
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    Built the Silent Mary ... Surprising easy build at about 3.5 hours total. The floating effect looks awesome at eye level and should make for a cool display set. The collapsible mast is a little flimsily and I am curious if it will get worse with time - I also have the chest printing error on the Jack Sparrow figure as others have noted. Overall really cool set and looking forward to the movie now!
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    I live in KY so we had Hills obviously. 74.97 was the price tag. PPP for lego is pretty consistent if not cheaper now. I took immaculate care of my stuff when I was kid. From Lego boxes, to Nintendo boxes, to really anything I wanted it pristine and mint. I remember having the people at Electronics Boutique bring all the boxes for a game out and letting me choose the best box. Thank God something appreciated as my Star Trek collection, baseball cards and beanie babies are worthless. Again, apologize if off topic but found another box of stuff. PPP was unbelievably high. Some boxes are 7.47 for 50 total pieces. Forgot how expensive lego was back then. And Legos NEVER went on sale either. I had to mow a lot of lawns to buy this stuff. Random note: Finally hit 100 posts. Should have had the Barracuda been my 100th.
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    Another UCS set to add to the collection. Not universally appreciated due to it not instantly being a winner from a investment perspective but a great build and definently a classic Star Wars ships that is universally recognised and Lego have done a good job in recreating.
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    Put Big Ben up on display... sorry pic is crooked, I got a bad shoulder right now and the shelve is above our basement stairs at the back door.
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    So I asked rtalley50 if he could expedite any orders for a non-existent birthday party next week. Here was the reply: hello friendthank you for your appreciation ,i am sorry that the shipping time is out of our controlwe can't give you any words,Happy your timeregards Seems legit. Happy your time everyone!
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    Another UCS set knocked off. Will probably be the last for a few months unfortunately, now that work has started to ramp up.
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    In anticipation of the new POTC movie along with my disappointment that we didn't get news of a new "intact" ship I picked these two beauties up off of Ebay. Enjoyed the build and even more so the outcome. What I don't understand after seeing both complete in person is why there seems to be much more draw for BP than QAR because IMO QAR is a much better looking ship. To top it off I paid roughly $70 more for BP over QAR. That being said the BP alone is a beautiful ship.
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    Finished today and a great build overall.
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    The set has been built for a while but we had an acrylic case (no bottom) made for it and the Tower Bridge. I know the plastic is still on... leaving it until it finds a home in our LEGO room. If anyone is curious, it's 1/8" acrylic made locally to my exact measurements. Big Ben's was just $50 and TB was $70 and they made them in three days after I paid. (Canadian funds so around $2 US )
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    So now I have to sign up for the Navy to get Lego deals? Dang it. My wife is going to be pissed.
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    My wife and son just finished the Disney Castle. I've never been a "castle" guy but this set is impressive.
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    I received a $100 Amazon gift card from work and put it towards this for my personal collection.
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    Inspired by last night's "Rebels" episode. I'm probably going to build a couple Y-Wings to go with it. Imperial Assault Carrier also made a noteworthy appearance last night too. Hmmm...
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    I'd be checking under my car for signs of these ....
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    My daughter and I spent the morning building the Pop Star Tour Bus and I am overjoyed with how happy she is with this set! My wife and I were not sure about the size of it (it seemed small) until we saw it fits nicely in the lane on a road plate. Thanks Brick Picker for showing me the light of not having to pay retail prices (got it for $35)! I spent the afternoon building the UCS Slave I. It seems much smaller and less detailed that I thought it would be. Oh wait, that is the 2016 Star Wars Advent calendar version...
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    Local sale -10 dimension packs. Variety of 5 level packs and 5 fun packs. Sold for 100. Buy in $10. All day baby.
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    Gothic Cathedral by Wineyard
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    1. Duel on Geonosis - 75017 2. Grand Emporium- 10211 3. Hoth Wampa Cave- 8089 4. Jabba’s Sail Barge- 75020 5. Mos Eisley Cantina-75052 6. NYC Architecture- 21028 7. Technic Excavator- 42006 8. Wookie Gunship- 75084 9. Spider Helicopter Rescue- 76016 10. Sith Infiltrator- 75096 11. Millennium Falcon- 75105 12. Jedi Scout Fighter- 75051 13. AAT- 75080 14. Dragon Mountain (Castle)- 70403 15. Tie Defender- 8087 16. Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser- 8039 17. Carnage’s Shield Sky Attack- 76036 18. Avenger’s Hydra Showdown- 76030 19. Cloud Cuckoo- 70803 20. Hulk Lab Smash- 76018 21. Gold Getaway- 70401 22. Ewok Village- 10236 23. Brandenburg Gate- 21011 24. Death Star Final Duel- 75093 25. Golden Dragon - 70503 All used, but complete with boxes. $595
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    Quick update two: I had some time to start sorting today. I poured the large bin out on a bed sheet and started sifting through it. After an hour I had pulled out about two gallons of minifigs and have some promising starts to a few sets. I had a blast and can't wait to dig around more next week. I hope you don't mind the updates. I don't know any other AFOL and figured you would get how exciting this treasure hunt can be.
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    The $150 Pick Your Spring Prize instant win sweeps is paying out. I won points 4 times in a row. https://goo.gl/O4QHC1 Extra sweeps codes: B1gSpr1ng, springWINS, springprize, PickSpring
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    These are hard to come by for people who aren't buying.
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    Ok - nobody who participated in the above conversation is EVER, EVER allowed to complain that EBay/Paypal fees are too high, even if they go up to 25%. You know it is too good to be true, and still you order. Unless you're just going to take your loss, you are going to get EBay/Paypal to make it right, which in the end costs us all money. Thanks.
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    I call this my "poor man's temple" My son received Tiger widow Island and dojo Showdown (70756) for Christmas. We're throwing a ninja themed birthday for him tomorrow and my wife wanted a Center piece. So I looked through my inventory, but I didn't have any thing large or nice enough. So I decided to MOC one using what we had. Not bad for 15 min worth of work.
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    I've been investing in sets for a few months, but last night I finished my first major build since getting back into Lego. I have a nocturnal baby and a three year old, so I typically only get through a bag of parts a night. Here is Red Five alongside the First Order Tie Fighter that hooked me back in. Now to build the UCS Tie Fighter.
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    my tribute to last week's rebel episode
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    This honestly might be the biggest deal for Kmart ever (since I've been around at least) Thanks to Phil B for finding this link earlier for the $10/50 coupons. Click http://shc.cpn2c.co/RecomService/web/bE3R sign in as guest dont choose any "hobbies" or whatever scroll to the bottom there are now $15 off $45 coupons listed. Instant 33% off. Repeat for as many coupons as you would like! Stacks with points and sales! Even better, check your emails! I got one with a SLEW of surprise offers, including this one: (largest store wide surprise point offer I have ever heard of)
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    Found these two, the last of their kind, keeping each other company, in the corner. Decided to give them a home 75904 $69.52 21303 $55.96