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    I am stealing Jaisonline's idea from last year! For each LIKE $***THIS***$ post gets I will donate 1 dollar! 1 like=1 dollar towards the schools raffle!
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    Due to last year's disappointing UCS sets I started looking at MOCs and was blown away by the Nebulon Frigate. ~ 5800 pieces later and this masterpiece now stands before me. Now addicted and can't wait for the next one. Thinking tie bomber, tie Interceptor or cavecods at at
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    I am very glad my whole family loves my hobby. My husband and I bought these today for our collection!!! Not the greatest deal ever, but I saved some money and got the sets I wanted. Not in photo are old VW Beatle and monster Haunted House
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    Chris, I think you're coming in at a time where the LEGO reselling party is coming to an end. I'm not saying there is no more money to be made; what I'm saying is that the ship is full and the general consensus is that people joining now are going to have a hard time turning this into something truly profitable. Many here are getting more close-lipped on their strategies, as there is now a lot of competition. Plus, the general state of the LEGO market is post-euphoric, with too many sets out, too many people buying for reselling/investment, a reduction in buyers and big discounts around that were unheard of even 1 year ago. Combine that with an influx of new forum members over the last 1-2 years, with many coming with the expectation that they'll be handed their fortune on a golden platter, and you can understand why there is a lot of sarcasm around. This has nothing to do with you as a person. There will always be some headshaking when people hear about you plonking down 2k GBP in less than 8 weeks, but you own your own decisions. Read into the comments what you want, but see through the sarcasm and understand that some people use it to express concern about your strategy. Nobody here would chase you away - but many (myself included) will post about the victories and the extremes, not about the daily grind of investing/reselling LEGO. You might want to consider such a posting strategy yourself as well. There is a ton of info around on this forum, and lots of comradery and compassion. Take your time to get familiar with what is appreciated (deals! success stories! fruitcakes! delivery failures! set news!) and you will find that this forum will become a second home. And yes, everyone posts something sometimes that gets a negative response from others (epic deals in Target, anyone?). Just read it as it is intended: an opinion on what you posted, and use it to shape what you post and how you post it in the future. We all started with 0 posts and 0 reputation, and we have all posted stuff that others didn't like. You'll be fine
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    I need to just vent some sadness and this forum feels better than any other due to the kindness and true care that each of you have for one another. I'm newer here but come here more often than any other forum out there. Today I learned of a car accident that occurred yesterday and unfortunately took the life of one of my best friends; his wife, whom I also consider one of my best friends, is fighting for her life in critical condition. These two were awesome and cared for others before themselves in nearly every situation. It's a shame that bad things like this occur. I don't think I've been this devastated before and not to put other people I've known who have passed above others, but these two were different and made my life and all those around them, not just "that much better" but incredibly better. Hug and kiss your kids, family and friends. As always, life is too short.
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    Ordered some track from Brick Coaster (https://www.brickcoaster.com/) and then Bricklink'd the brown pieces to make it look like a wooden roller coaster. We then modified it with power functions and technic chains to get a working lift hill. Need to modify a few other things, but the darn kids keep playing with it and getting in my way!
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    I think you missed something on the box:
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    $50 TRU GC for $40 at ebay
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    I am creating this thread to start posting some updates or sometimes may solicit some feedback for the upcoming Brickpicker v4.0 update. Progress as been somewhat slow, but continuous for a while. It's funny that I just read the the post by Nathan over @ Rebrickable who just launched his 3rd update of the site. Kudos to him. I feel the exact same way. Actually, I think all developers are just a little bit nuts when it comes to expectations and timelines. This is not going to be an in-depth post, just a kickstarter post to give me a place to where I can go to to share my thoughts and ideas as well as to gather some from all of you. You may have noticed my new graphic on the forum index that will allow you to post ideas, members can vote on them and feedback can be given. Its a cool service that allow you to build a roadmap and integrate it with project management software. The past two years I have learned to use lots of fun tool at my 9-5 job (like Jira), and I have learned to become a less chaotic engineer. Anyhow, here is a small bullet list of things to expect with v4.0: Site redesign. Everything will finally all look like its part of the same site. Price guide and Brickfolio overall Yes, sold sets will finally be there Multiple brickfolios for those that have personal and business Lots more data to do your own analysis on your collection Full syncing with Brickset/Rebrickable (instead of just the import only feature that is currently there) Brick Classifieds will be brought into Brickpicker. (probably my most hated thing I did was create a separate site) There will be a premium offering (more info will be released at a later time). There is much more to announce, but I am not ready to go into details until I actually can show a few things. There is no ETA announcement just yet. I will say it will be sooner rather than later, but not ready to commit to date. I want to make sure I will be able to hit and there is still work and QA to do. Anyhow, thats what I have for now. Again, feel free to leave some ideas for other members to read, vote on and see if it can be added into the initial release or we can add it to the roadmap for future release. More to come....
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    I lost my father in exactly the same circumstances. I never knew him. The only things I do know is what others have told me. Tell those boys everything, even stupid story's about their father, anything so they can build a picture of him in their minds. Show them photos, explain every detail. Advise them, correct them, watch over them, comfort them.... Do everything that their father would have done for them. They'll need someone to be there for them all their lives. Be that person and they'll thank you when they're old enough to understand what happened.
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    Not so much what I bought today but I did a trade with[mention=69275]Wolvergeek[/mention] and it just came in the mail! Idk about the rest of you but I think this is "the set" for me. What I mean by that is about 2 years ago I was in the mall and passed the lego store. I saw this on display and thought it was super cool! After a trip to legoland with the nieces and nephews I was "awakened". I credit this set to my awakening and honestly if it wasn't for this set I doubt I would be here much less have allllll the lego I have now. When I decided it was "ok" to buy a 400 dollar lego set it was retired and going for 600 on eBay. So I passed and was just going to wait for the right time. Well thanks to wolvergeek I was able to get one! He is a great brickpicker and if you ever do a trade with him you're in good hands! Thanks again and thanks to this great community we have here!!
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    My 3 year quest and wait is finally over! After losing out on numerous Ebay auctions (lost one last night with what seems to be in the usual last 5 seconds to a person that never bid on the item all day) and CL listings, I was finally able to buy the 3368 Space Centre I have so desired and I got it for $90 NISB with free shipping. It is the final piece I wanted for my space collection. Good things do come to those who wait...
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    Bought 2 a while ago when they were -40%, built them, and modded them. Raised the arc by 2 1/3 to fit a train through, raised the pilars by 3, and took out all the moving parts. Shortened it to 80 studs to fit well into a Lego town, train running in between the modular houses (Pet shop works well here at 16 wide)
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    My girl has been buggin for years to see the grand canyon and when I heard about these dimensions for .99 I told her ok we can go check out the canyon as long as we stop at every .99 store on the way. Just got back from the road trip and heres what I got. Not sure what to do with them yet but now I have dimensions and tumblers in the shed.
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    Update on building 10030... So it was going well. Then I get to step 19: Crud. That's a lot of parts to gather for one step. Grebbling. Lots and lots of greenling. 16x! Ouch! So I attach it all and flip the book over (it's a large instruction book) and notice something... 2x?!? Yes. Go back to step one and do everything again. Oh my aching fingers. Here's the greenling: Here's what it looked like this afternoon, after attaching the two halves: Here's what it looks like tonight, having gotten another 10 steps into it:
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    Don't know why or how, but Joker Lowrider is now $26.92 @ Walmart.com https://www.walmart.com/ip/LEGO-Batman-Movie-Joker-Car-Building-Set-70906/54595519
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    My daughter and I finished up the UCS R2-D2 that we picked up on eBay for $89+ a few bucks for the missing pieces. I have to say, it looks great! It was tough for my daughter to tell the difference between the two blue colors in the instruction book because they look so similar, so I think she ended up with a couple of 1x3 blue pieces switched around, but not really noticeable. After no UCS builds in the past we have done two in January and are hooked! Up next is the UCS Imperial AT-ST 10174 that my son and I are going to build. We picked up used/complete (other than the box) on eBay last week for $130 shipped, which I figured is worth it for the build.
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    I love it. It's completely original. Many people here criticize Lego for rehashing sets. This is certainly no rehash. We should support this set to encourage Lego to take more chances in the future. It would have been easy to make a standard ship set but they didn't. They should be applauded for that.
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    40236 Valentine Picnic (seasonal vignette) shows $9.99, but in cart it is $5.355 (?). https://shop.lego.com/en-US/Romantic-Valentine-Picnic-40236 Despite some glitches, I was able checkout with 2 of these at $5.355 each...
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    Hi everyone, 1st time poster. Great fan of everyone's work here. Anyway, I just noticed that Amazon also has the BOGO 40% for Lego Batman & Lego City sets. The discount only shows before you complete your order, though. Has this been reported by anyone else? I apologize if this has been posted already.
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    These Classic Space sets arrived today. The boxes are in great condition like the instructions. No discoloration of the bricks. Not quite a bargain but I am very happy with these classic sets. Awesome theme, timeless.
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    Old Fishing Store - Modular Building The Story The story for this modular building was that the Old Fishing Store is based upon the Christmas sets that are available. I liked the Christmas sets so I built this one on Lego Digital Designer (LDD). I really believe that this model could have a lot of genuine interest to fans of Christmas sets. This is the first of a series of modular buildings that I will be making. Summary The building consists of roughly 2160 parts and three floors: the main store, office, and lookout. I used the colors brown and sand green that gives it a realistic feeling. Three Mini-figures could be added such as a fisherman, the store keeper, one captain. And a lot of details. Production Process of the Old Fishing Store LEGO designer, Adam, is putting the last touches on the beautifully crafted Old Fishing Store before finalising the design. It's a fitting place for anyone looking to stock up on gear for their next big fishing trip! Launch: Expected Fall 2017 Thank you for continuing to be engaging and supportive fans of LEGO Ideas. It truly drives us to look forward to next year. Exprected Price for this set: ~100$/150$ Project: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/124448 Brickset: http://brickset.com/sets/21309-1 Final Look:
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    It's all good I get called worse on a daily basis plus I am an asshat and crabby at times. Still love you guys
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    Madoca makes truly amazing Mocs. The 411 step instructions are first rate and design very well thought out. Compact, excellent lines and great proportion. I still need to program the sbrick but otherwise it's complete. Highly recommended to all the Technic builders out there!
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    My latest Craigslist find today for $50. My previous picture didn't save before a few sets had been bagged.
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    I was the lucky member to win the mystery prize! My sons (and dog) helped make an unboxing video. Thank you very much brickpicker.com, Ed and Jeff.
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    10212- it's missing a few pieces which the seller either lost or it got lost in the poor packaging but I was able to finish it with spare parts until replacements come in. The realization that parts were missing kept this from being as fun as it should have been but it still looks pretty great and massive. This was a warm up for my eventual build of the 10221 SSD
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    Been waiting two years to get my favorite Star Wars vehicle in Lego form. It is mine
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    Hi even though investing in Lego has become more challenging, the potential to build anything your imagination comes up with has never been greater. A while ago I decided I wanted to MOC my own house, recycling some profits from the reselling business in a really fun project. It took me a long time - clearly I lack lots of techniques, but I'm happy to show you the current status. I'm on a building break now before I open up the rooms to add some light bricks I bought from a Dutch specialized website. Once they are up and running, I'll probably post all the interiors too... (everything is 'Modular' - at least I learned something from my PS adventures :-)) Take care. ZULU
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    It took me more than a week to realize that the U Wing has a very practical action feature.
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    Very impressive and amazing looking model. The BMW M4 DTM 1:10 racecar designed by brunojj1. I had collected and organized the pieces to build this model quite awhile ago but I wasn't sure about how to power it and control it. It uses 4XL motors, a servo motor and three sets of lights. The original design requires two V2 IR receivers and one regular receiver and three AAA or Lipo battery boxes. I was waiting because I was debating building this with the Buwizz which I ordered but it was delayed for a couple months. In the end, after getting a few more V2 receivers, I decided to build as per original design instead of waiting for Buwizz or using Sbricks. It is just too fast to try and control with a phone / tablet. Superb looking model. Sorry for poor pics with my phone.
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    2nd set from the tub I grabbed off CL. Recovered all the pieces but had to order a couple minifigures. Got a manual set too, should help with the resale. Ended up with $90 in it, the twins and Hermione figs were pricey. Still I should be able to double that easily.
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    I can't believe I'm doing this...."they're"
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    Sorry, but your customer has a point, the picture is of two of them and the price you got is the going rate for two of them. I'd be annoyed too if I was him. I really don't get why people feel the need to take photos of multiple items when only selling one.
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    Here's another 10030 update...(almost) done! Still have to build the plaque and the Tantive IV. But the ISD is complete!
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    Picked up a couple things yesterday. I think everything was talked about and shown via other threads. Only thing I didn't mention yesterday was the Sea Cow. Don't own any LM sets but I saw it on offerup and decided to buy it. Got it for 220 Sealed. Noticed used ones going for 300 so I figured it was a good price!
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    If you're really out, then you would serve a really good purpose by finding another hobby, job, or whatever, and just bailing from letting Lego bother you this much. Seriously. Find something else... no need to harp on everything, every day, on every hour in forums like this. Life's too short to let little plastic interlocking blocks upset you and cause you to be so grumpy all the time. Maybe you need a trip to Rio? Or perhaps take up cricket or whatever angry brits find worthwhile to do to chill their negative angsty tones.
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    I agree. The key is to have the Lego have as little impact in your home and relationship as possible. I was single for a while before meeting my girlfriend. I knew early on that bringing a girl home on a date to a house full of Lego was most likely not going to end up in the bedroom...wink wink. Fortunately I have a building in the back and a big garage and I actually have zero Lego on display in my living space. Somehow I managed to land a girl way out of my league and I was a bit nervous to drop this bomb on her. So after dating my girlfriend for a bit I decided to show her my hobby. Her first impression was less then thrilled. All she saw was the amount of money it cost me to have all that plastic stacked on shelves. Fortunately that didn't last long. One evening of sitting in the cave building while watching movies and she was hooked. Now it's one of her favorite things to do and she loves going deal hunting with me. Life is good.
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    Just finished 10243 Parisian restaurant. 3rd modular build after PC and PS. By far the best so far! The roof section is just gorgeous. I'd buy that by itself Had a bit of help from my 4 year old which was fun
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