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    Sniped this one a couple weeks ago figuring my hopes of finding a sub $200 Cafe Corner were going to come down to buying it in pieces. Since some of the rarest pieces are the red slopes, this listing looked promising. For $33.50 it came with all the slopes, with a few extra to spare. After looking through my spares at home, I have nearly all the brown pieces... so the majority of two floors were taken care of. But that didn't account for the rest of the rare pieces, which include the very expensive doors and dark blue poles. Then this listing appears while rocking the youngest to sleep. It includes the entire first floor and all those pesky blue parts and doors (as well as a few other sets). I think this is about as close to a sub $200 Cafe Corner as I'm gonna find. I grabbed the manuals around a year ago in a large instruction lot and have debated selling them, but now they will be used to finish off the modular collection.
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    60204 on Amazon for $65...no limits Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    21314 Tron for $21.99 at Walmart Looks like rollbacks are firing https://www.walmart.com/ip/LEGO-Ideas-TRON-Legacy-21314/109693758 Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    Nothing like blowing snow with your infant cookie in hand
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    Even more annoying how LEGO made an exact copy, artwork and all, of a set. I'm still dumbfounded that they did such a thing.
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    more recently, frustration free means it comes in its own outer cardboard carton . i ordered enough where its not going to make sense to ship it one at a time if it is indeed label slappin' time. now can we get a riddle to confirm we ain't sending our money on vacation? though at this price there is always the holiday quick flip for $5.
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    Best Buy. Doesn’t look like the micro fighter though 🤔
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    He was a big drop shipper on EBay back during the no discounts on exclusives days. He’d knock 10% or so off and then drop ship from Amazon. Legend
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    I was thinking Hershey kisses.
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    I need $250, no whammies
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    Halgvozd the Purifier by Djokson
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    Nice tree but underwhelming for a holiday promo
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    Dymo 4XL is worth every penny. I've probably printed well over 20,000 labels on one. I think @Foreman Porgy's experience is atypical. Best thing is that it will do international labels with the integrated CN22 form if you use Endicia or other service. And FedEx labels if ou do more than just USPS.
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    That's just a lazy loser no matter what the truth of their life is. If you can't afford something, then surprise, you cannot afford it. Maybe save the charity for the funeral he'll need from vaping... or whatever...
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    Haven't most recent UCS sets been big busts? 😉
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    I think you are looking at a regular 2x2 turntable with a black base and an LBG top (part 3680c02). Which means the entire black part is mounted sideways and likely contains a brick modified 1x2 with 2 studs on one side to hold the wheel holder in place.
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    Local LEGO mgr told me they maybe sell one BaCC every 2-3 weeks. They commented that the Tantive IV (NOT a UCS) is not selling well either. LEGO needs a totally new UCS set. Something that hasn't been done before. I suspect the UCS MF remake is the exception to the recent UCS sales only because the original resell price was so out-of-reach for the rest of us poor people.
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    This is true. Lots of takers out there...but for 50% of lot calculator totals.
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    Similar to what happened with UCS Falcon then and clearly no coincidence. Lego deliberately restricting stock in the first few months to generate hype and sales at full RRP then flooding the market when the SAH exclusivity period ends.
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    But why hurry? Myer (and others) will be selling it in one of there 20% off sales this time next year. 🙂
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    Thanks bro...just got me $18.50 (I even asked the seller to wait 2 days for payment because I had a feeling this was coming)...still can't seem to double dip app purchases w/ Rakuten
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    Target sale starts in 2 days. Tantive will be cheap cheap.
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    if you're into Lego City Space, Myer have 60228 Deep Space Rocket Launch for $99 ( RRP $160) https://www.myer.com.au/p/lego-city-dep-space-rocket-and-launch-control
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    You have a written agreement and books are reconciled with receipts. Also you find someone that has a reputable job, look them up on state court records, etc...
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    that's amazon's way of usually just slapping your shipping label onto lego's shipping box.
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    I am not sure who you are referring to when you say "dearest" but maybe you are referring to me. Women call me dear and honey all the time. 😍 Anyway...I think a lot of this sets's future will be determined by the new UCS Falcon. If that retires and does well, this set will have some potential. If the Falcon hangs around forever and appreciates slowly after retirement, this set will have no takers. There are too many people that already have the 10030 and won't have the extra cash to plop down $700.00 for this set. There are just too many other wonderful sets released on an annual basis to collect them all. People have to cut somewhere. Also, the fact that this set is just too hard to store and ship and a huge risk for resellers will deter quite a few.
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    After hovering over your username flag and the image, I will accept anything you say on the subject as a fact.
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    I order dishwasher salts from EBay all the time, and it is always fulfilled by Amazon. I believe Amazon even promotes using their warehousing services for all marketplaces a vendor sells at, so that is probably how this works. I would recommend you read the 10 pages, because it makes it very clear what risks you run with selling through ToyCentric, and how ToyCentric cheats on Amazon.
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    Nope. Nothing relevant to add yet.
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    For the chosen! 10% off (upto $50 off) ebay.com (Expires 09/30/19) USE CODE: TEN4FALL
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    There you go.. you have a perfect Xmas gift for the neighbors
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    The set wins for the architecture alone in my opinion with being a classic gingerbread property the cherry on top. Who cares about Christmas, I want this in my cityscape year round.
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    With a gingerbread baby!
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    Dark Blue, Medium Blue And White house inspired by Kristel. by Anne-Marie Perreault
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    We don't serve food here! by legomeee
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    Sure, its not a complete list but this covers most of the torso parts, I already had a few hair pieces and heads; Peter Davidson - Torso Suit with Buttons and White Open Collar Shirt with Dark Tan Marks Pattern / Tan Arms / Light Flesh Hands Item No: 973pb2332c01 Christopher Eccleston - Torso Leather Jacket with Gray Striped Undershirt and Silver Buckle with Dark Tan Belt Pattern / Black Arms / Black Hands Item No: 973pb1550c01 Jodie Whittaker - Torso Hooded Sweatshirt Open with Drawstrings over Dark Red Top Pattern / Light Bluish Gray Arms / Light Flesh Hands Item No: 973pb2066c01 Tan Minifig, Hair Mid-Length Tousled with Side Part Black Minifig, Utensil Umbrella Folded Tom Baker - Torso LotR Coat 3 Buttons and Dark Tan Scarf Pattern (Pippin)Item No: 973pb1148 Minifig, Hair Tousled - Item No: 10048 Sylvestor McCoy - Torso Indiana Jones Waistcoat, Jacket, Green Bow Tie & Diary Pattern / Dark Tan Arms / Light Flesh Hands - Item No: 973pb0132c01 Black Minifig, Utensil Umbrella Folded Patrick Troughton - The Penguin - Fur CollarItem No: sh096 William Hartnell - [Part 973pb1452c01] Torso Jacket with Lapels, Dark Blue Vest and Dark Tan Ascot Pattern / Black Arms / Light Flesh Hands David Tennent - Torso Suit Pinstripe Jacket and Gold Tie Pattern / Dark Blue Arms / Yellow HandsItem No: 973pb0899c01 Reddish Brown Minifig, Hair Spiked Paul McGann - Torso PotC Jacket over Vest with Buttons and Dark Brown Scarf Pattern / Reddish Brown Arms / Light Flesh Hands - Item No: 973pb0882c01 John Hurt - Torso PotC Vest over Dark Tan Shirt and Light Bluish Gray Scarf Pattern / Dark Tan Arms / Light Flesh Hands - Item No: 973pb0881c01 Colin Baker - Torso Arabian Robe with Pendant and Patches Pattern / Dark Tan Arms / Light Flesh HandsItem No: 973pb0648c01
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    Yeah, there are 3 types of comments: a.(easily influenced soccer mom) Take my money, I need this set and look friends maybe your kids should get one too. b.(pragmatic) Lego is too expensive, no wonder they are firing people. I could buy a hundred edible gingerbread houses for the same money c.(opportunistic) This set is retired so secondary market reseller prices apply - by the way I have one for sale for just 99 USD if anyone is interested. The post came from 4th September and the big price rise on Amazon started that same day - I guess she must have been paid to influence by someone who had a vested interest or a lot of stock to clear. We don´t have date by date sales on Bricklink but it´s clear the mass buying happened in early September because the August monthly sales were on a par with previous months. Ebay data shows less than one sale per day up until the afternoon of 4th September (European time) then MULTIPLE SALES PER HOUR that same day carrying on through to the weekend. Guess she is very good at influencing people and should really be hired by Trump ASAP.
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    The Alpha and the Omega... The 10030 got me into the UCS series with regards to the LEGO investment/reselling business....the 75252 will get me out of it...
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