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    10242 MINI Cooper - $80.99 - https://www.walmart.com/ip/LEGO-Creator-Expert-MINI-Cooper-10242/46354473 10247 Ferris Wheel - $140.99 - https://www.walmart.com/ip/LEGO-Creator-Expert-Ferris-Wheel-10247/42104279 10253 Big Ben - $199.99 - https://www.walmart.com/ip/LEGO-Creator-Expert-Big-Ben-10253/51720864
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    Hi, Long time listener first time caller as they say 😀 My general rule of thumb is sell for 50% more than I bought....this then gives me a healthy profit after all costs and taxes. My aim was always to just get a better return then interest rates, ISA's etc. Generally this means selling after retirement having bought for at least 33% off RRP in the first place and then wait for price to reach the point I need... when I started this my crystal ball was saying (naively) Star Wars, dc, marvel and those larger modular sets...that was 2-3 years ago... Having a son who got me into lego meant I focussed in this area but it is not the case as far as winners... I am sure you all have your stories of surprising sales when it comes to themes...but for me its Friends, Elves (with dragons), medium creator sets, some Technic, and Speed Champions (people love those cars!). Some other obvious (with hindsight!) winners for me were Jurassic World/Park, Wall-e, Scooby Doo... You could of bought the larger JP sets at RRP and still made good money I feel. As for a turkey at 50% is still a turkey...I tend to agree but with some hesitation. Angry Birds at 50% off looked like a dead duck, but I am now seeing some healthy returns on the Castle and Ship, so that was a surprise. I guess kids still watch and play them so you still have new audiences to attract. Anyway, a few thoughts from someone who still feels very much a newbie at this though with a few learnings along the way! 😁
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    Ant man and the wasp (76109) is down to $12.99 wal mart online
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    If people routinely got fired for bad business decisions at Lego, they would be hiring new management monthly
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    Not that you deserve it after that smart ass response to my simple answer to your question, but the box is the same size as the double character Brickheadz sets. Someone apparently pissed in your cheerios today given the tone of your posts tonight across multiple threads. Sorry to hear that.
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    This is Harry Potter though. Potter fans are insatiable, this is one promo absolutely worth shelving for a few years. This will exceed Gingerbread House with absolute certainty.
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    For me, them losing $5,000 worth of inventory It actually didn't end up being too bad. I opened a case with Amazon and they reimbursed me for all of the lost inventory after I submitted receipts to document that I had actually purchased the inventory.
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    Yesterday I emailed Lego and told them i purchased Hogwarts back in October. Within the same day I got a reply indicating that they would ship me the Diagon promo...and minutes later I got the shipped notification. SO I got the double VIP pts and Diagon Alley promo. Lego gets a huge thumbs up for saving me the trouble of returning it and buying again (which I probably would not have done due to being a lazy azz) [Hello everyone this is like my 1st or 2nd post ever here...I just recently (last 3 months) got re-aquainted w/ my childhood toy...for the sake of my 7 year-old]
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    Perhaps the last chance for this price!!! https://www.walmart.com/ip/LEGO-Creator-Expert-Ferris-Wheel-10247/42104279 Not bad price for this guy too....https://www.walmart.com/ip/LEGO-Technic-Airport-Rescue-Vehicle-42068/55126272 Sorry.....pcaster was way ahead of me
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    Stan Lee by Klyph R'ha Ben Sun
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    In case some of you missed these: Double VIP points + mini Diagon Alley is still available Hogwarts Castle 71043 https://shop.lego.com/en-US/Hogwarts-Castle-71043 WV Fire Station: https://shop.lego.com/en-US/Winter-Village-Fire-Station-10263
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    Target : POTC SM : $149 + GC
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    amazon price matches target or walmart so many times my first tipoff that an item is on a better sale is seeing it on max profit list which is the first thing i look at every morning. didn't see anyone other than max profit posting that minecraft farm cottage was on sale for 40% off yesterday. i see now its crept back up.
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    Max Profit tends to always cover up the appearance of new posts. I see Max Profit as the last post and rarely check to see what I've missed. Especially first thing in the morning. I know, my fault.
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    Yea, these points deals never stack.
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    Thanks everyone or the help, I definitely learned a few things. The set is Qty. 1 75052 (Cantina). I am pretty small time and usually only reuse boxes and the box I had that fit this set was bigger than it needed to be which is why the priority mail rate was so high. Turns out the flat rate board game box is the cheapest way to go and my post office although they don't normally stock them had about 15 on hand from someone who had extra. Sent from my SM-G930V using Brickpicker Forum mobile app
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    As the Sith Infiltrators, Resistance Troop Transporters, Encounter on Jakku, and Vader's TIE Advanced vs A-Wing in my inventory are all proving... Especially Resistance Troop Transporter, retired nearly 2 years ago, still isn't selling, even at the same 50% off I got it for.
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    It's rumoured in the UK too: https://www.thebrickfan.com/lego-sets-retiring-soon-for-2018/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LegoEverlasting-LegoReviewsNews+(The+Brick+Fan+-+LEGO+Reviews+%26+News) But, discounts have been poor in the UK and every man and his dog have been talking about it, so I'll pass. However, it also states that Women of NASA is on the list so that'll be a good test I think - can't wait.
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    Follow up to the Shopko coupon. It does work on toys. Also, they are currently having a 20% Lego sale that will stack (in store at least. I haven’t checked online). However...you need to be careful with Shopko because they like to mark sets up $5-$10 over msrp, ala TRU. After crunching some numbers on a few sets in the aisle and using normal msrp the best deal you can get here is a set normally priced $29.99 that they have marked up to 34.99. Example is the 76100 Black Panther Royal Talon Fighter Attack. Normal msrp is $29.99. They have it tagged at $34.99. After the 20% off it gets down to $27.99. Subtract the $10 off $$25 and you get it for $17.99, before tax. 40% off. I bought a few.
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    Technic Power Functions 8293 - $19.99 @ Walmart https://www.walmart.com/ip/LEGO-Technic-Power-Functions-Motor-Set-8293/53720907
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    Picked this up today for $40 . Box is open but all bags are sealed with all the loose stuff.
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