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    You can tell it´s been a quiet retirements season. MSRP = Make sets retire please RRP = Retire, Remake, Police Station
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    Supposedly 40% off 75192 UCS MILF via Amazon https://press.aboutamazon.com/news-releases/news-release-details/amazons-black-friday-deals-week-almost-here-more-deals-day-and I secretly hope it's the microfighter... because it's the Ultimate microfighter
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    Hopefully we have a bunch of cockwaving
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    I can confirm this isn't the conversation stopper it is portrayed to be when talking to your wife.
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    I've been bundling the "losers" that I've purchased at 50-90% off RRP for 10-20% below RRP. For smaller sets I'll bundle 2-4 together and for larger sets I'll throw in a smaller set or polybag. Themed polybag bundles do well priced at $3-5 each. Staying in the $15-$60 range seems to be the sweet spot.
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    Ok, so doing a little digging uncovered that the Costco with the Voltrons is in Utah. None in my Costco here in Illinois.
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    Architecture Studio 21050 Buy in 105.99, Sold for 279.99 + Shipping on Ebay.
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    They are hardly freebies with those minimum spends.
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    This is definitely the dumbest fight in quite a while. I wonder how awesome it must feel to be able to proudly state that you schooled everyone on the definition of RRP. I couldn't agree more. Let's discuss a much more pressing matter...whether or not to use rewards points during double VIP. It's been awhile since we've debated that.
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    Actually RRP is recommended retail price
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    If anyone is at the Rockefeller Lego store and is interested
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    Love me a good Joel/MST3K meme...
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    The Bantha looks interesting....
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    I wish they’d come out with a truck that carriers more than a helicopter.[emoji53]
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    Europe is wet, cold and gloomy this time of year. Stuck inside nothing to do. Definitely makes for grumpiness... thankfully they can’t own firearms!
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    Close enough, I have a bad feeling about this.
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    The Brick Fan just posted this article about a new feature that allows you to check your local LEGO Store for in-stock inventory. https://www.thebrickfan.com/lego-store-inventory-checker-on-shophome/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LegoEverlasting-LegoReviewsNews+(The+Brick+Fan+-+LEGO+Reviews+%26+News)
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    I watched and enjoyed it. My 10 yr old son who has pretty much ignored everything SW after TLJ (wouldn't even watch Solo) also liked it and asked me ?s about it and when the next episode is. I also caught him watching TCW reruns as he really liked that show along with Rebels. getting back to me... Not sure if I really liked because my expectations were very low going in (thank TLJ, Solo, and Resistance for that) or it was actually decent. Regardless, chapter 1 kept me interested and I never found myself checking how much time was remaining. a few things i liked and noticed (some of which us now widely wrote about on the 'net). the imperial doc who really wants Mando to get it alive, has a “il” patch. That logo was also worn by the clones while training on Kamino during AOTC. Someone wearing Boba Fett armor was next to Mando briefly in the shadows while walking toward the blacksmith's room. The Fett helmet even seemed to have the same dent. i like the Life Day reference by that opening scene blue alien. that same blue alien should not have had a normal voice, that was too Star Trek TNG. Usually, SW aliens have a modified voice. i wish planet names were listed. IG's battle movements were awesome.
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    Hahaha. Well, not completely over my head. I knew the deal you were referring to! 😎
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    The less people are reminded of some sets, the less they may remember to hoard them so it´s not necessarily a bad thing. My catalogue has 14 pages of Ninjago and SW and half a page of Architecture and that´s just the way it should be.
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    Bricklink is having issues right now - getting 504 Gateway Errors most of the time. Front page still loads fine, but nothing else seems to load reliably (or at all).
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    It means you have to call them to check if they have stock. Typically happens when stock levels are down to the last 1 or 2 items or there has been a return.
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    WOW! Checked one of my recent $5 codes and it came up as $45! Just bought the new MF to let the kids build....the current 20% discount combined with 10% R Club and this $45 coupon results in a 50% off discount! Sweeeeeeet 😎
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    Exactly.. I have the very same feeling.. those insisting on keeping up with 6-studs chassis will sooner or later realize that its absolutely normal in other spheres of modelling industry (such as 1:xx car models or plastic models of everything and anything) that there are always various scales 1:16.. 1:25 etc.. This thing is a pure beauty.. lets hope that LEGO does not overflood the market that it ends up for 8 bucks in the trash corner of Walmart.
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    they say that stuff every year with all promos. They still stack whenever there is plenty to go around. No reason not to keep happy customers.
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    I want all the promos too with the Batmobile, how do I get them all? All of them please.
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    He says 5 mins before it sells out. Bets ? I'm going with 1 min 30 sec.
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    now the tech savvy reseller w/ bots will get them all
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    LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Outer Space Model Rocket for Kids and Adults, Science Building Kit (1900 Pieces) https://amzn.to/2OuDv5p List Price: $119.99 Price: $89.99 You Save: $30.00 (25%) Standard Packaging has the discounted price, not the frustration free version.
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    The LEGO LEGO Shop at Home website is notoriously unreliable regarding the "retiring soon" tag. Don't use it for your investment strategies.
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    A lot of those sellers likely have stolen product, or product they get from freight auctions for 80-90% off MSRP. I get offered stolen LEGO a few times a month; usually 30-40 boxes at a time. I run a legitimate business so I don't buy these, but for people that aren't incorporated and just sell as a hobby it's pretty much a dream to be offered product like that for pennies on the dollar. That being said, I do have a story about an auction a few years ago. I managed to buy a pallet of those Saturn V rockets a few months after they were released. There were about 40 of them in total and I paid $1,100 for all. Was a shipment to the local Amazon/Walmart (can't remember which) warehouse that got damaged and auctioned off. Happens a lot more often than you would think. In this case it's pretty unlikely that 100+ sellers all managed to find product from auctions, though. But each of them having 2-3 stolen boxes to sell is, in my opinion, quite reasonable. Fortunately I've never had any trouble waiting out listings like that. As you said, it's less to worry about later.
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    I like it. It checks off some boxes. Potter. Unique. Unlikely to be remade. Easy to store and ship. I was buying from Target at $40 with the $10 gift card deal last spring & summer. Walmart clearance at $30 they disappeared quick and didn’t linger, so that’s a good sign of its potential popularity. I still like it, but these recent online clearance sales will have an impact. Will probably be a mid-long range hold now.
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    It will likely be a lightning deal though, with a limit of one. This increases the chances significantly.
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    At $500 this set will still be gone in seconds. A PM from other sites will be the only shot for many to get one. I have a feeling if it's only AMZ, I'll be out in the rain along with many others. I was hoping for $600 or $640, a 20/25% discount would last longer. I'd rather have a good shot at 25% than a prayer at 40%
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    I don't think LEGO made a lot of those carousels. I made a purchase the first day they were available but my order went backorder by morning. By the time I received my order the carousel was missing. I called CS who sent me a nutcracker and a couple of polybags as compensation. NOT the same, but what can you do? Also doesn't say much for the nutcracker, which I thought was a pretty decent set for people who love nutcrackers, but apparently they still have those sitting around.
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    All of these are remakes of previous sets, maybe different scales but all the same. For the second half of 2020 it should be a lot better: 4211X large helicopter 4211X cherry picker truck 42111 fairground mixer 42114 Backhoe digger with pneumatics (flagship set) 42115 supercar (possibly McLaren Senna)
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    I do love that the first two episodes focus on making SW weird again. It’s going to be a while before I can get the image of Jawa’s eating a giant hairy egg out of my memory. In other news, Disney + continued the long tradition of tweaking the shootout between Han and Greedo. https://www.wired.com/story/star-wars-disney-plus-han-greedo/ Reading the article, I had no idea how much the scene had been altered multiple times over the ages.
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    Meijer today and tomorrow: BOGO40% on Lego Disney, Hidden Side, Ninjago and Classic 15% off total toy purchase with MPerks coupon $30 rewards on $200 toy purchase (running until Dec) And if you are lucky there is a $5 off $50/$10 off $75 register coupon that printed for me a while ago, valid until 11/23. Used all the above together with $8 in rewards to get 2x 70670 Ninjago Monastery for $46 each before tax to add to my Temple of Airjitzu.
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    Yes. YMMV, but I've even had them price adjust set(s) slightly higher than WM/Amazon so total crosses $50 threshold. It auto-triggered GC @ register.
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    Sellers are getting stock photos replaced with home photos. How? Why? Please stop. https://www.amazon.com/LEGO-Architecture-Fallingwater-Discontinued-manufacturer/dp/B002IXYSGO/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=21005&qid=1573679366&s=toys-and-games&sr=1-1
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    Thanks for the Friday chuckle. Love the whole, "I don't know how you screwed me over..." bit! Internet gold from the start of the message!
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    ^The price? Nothing is more likely to damage a minty fresh box than air pillows. They are only good for keeping an item from moving around but then why are you shipping empty space in the first place - it costs money. Those things are harder than rocks so when they receive an impact the force transfer on to the next weakest link eg the lego box. I am sure someone has done extensive testing on this but for me the best solution is always to cut an exterior box snuggly down to size, at most with a layer of bubble wrap round the lego box to avoid scuffing.
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    Arrived at home to this from ebay. Label stuck to the side. The conversation has been even better. Worth the price of admission. Someone is about to receive their SNAD wakeup call.
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