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    Looks to have a few gold bricks too.
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    Neat build. The brown and dark brown was difficult to see in the instructions, so I can see some people getting frustrated. Otherwise everything was perfect. Not a single extra piece in this set.
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    Exclusive creator? creator like set? being sold at Legolands around the world. Brickset entry: https://brickset.com/sets/40346-1
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    First image I've seen of the 75948 Clock Tower linked to the older sets - courtesy of Instagram #legoleaks:
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    I've ordered over the phone from Legoland gift shops in the past. Shipping may be high, but it should at least be accessible that way (one hopes).
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    Big Bang Theory's selling for $95 on Amazon right now & was pretty easy to pick up for $35. Not amazing but I wouldn't call that tanking either.
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    This arrived yesterday. Should make at least 5x my buy in for Watto. Randomly browsing eBay is one of the very few perks of having to feed a baby in the middle of the night.
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    Sure Seinfeld is obvious, but if I had my pick of "old out of production comedy"...
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    Costco random 90-250 pcs sets $9.97
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    If they were going to made a set based on an old out of production comedy... they should have went for the obvious choice. I predict a lot of early sales for the Friends set, then stagnation, then good discounts, then a healthy bump on the aftermarket as long as the show continues to be broadcast broadly on different streaming mediums. If that ends, these could be as hard to move as Adventure Time. On a side note, how much fun will the "lego friends" search on eBay and Amazon be? You'll get ancient comedies and pink sets.
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    10176 King's Castle - $50 Castle is complete with box and instructions. Came with 17 Castle figures, but only a handful actually went to the set.
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    Lego SaH in the UK now selling full boxes... Not seen that before. Sales not so good?
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    I rec'd a LEGO set NISB today from ebay purchase. what makes it interesting is that the sender basically only used brown wrapping paper taped with duct tape around the set box and stuck a Priority Mail Label on it. And it arrived...pristine....after travelling across the whole darn country. Seriously what are the odds of this? In contrast, the last time a seller used the original box as the ONLY box...the "package" came in pieces in a USPS Bucket along w/ misc crap the postal worker wanted to get rid off.
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    My amazing class and I want to thank each of you for your support! It means the world to us. We are so blessed! 😀 Here's a photo of them participating in a world wide event with Dr. Jane Goodall!
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    Very nice addition to the Saturn V. Except... I find myself emotionally tied to my first LEGO lunar lander:
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    LOL..I was a little uptight back then. On a serious note, while Brickpicker will always have a special place for LEGO sets, but diversification into other toys like Funkos and action figures is already in the works. I guess we can add a lipstick section for some oldtimers and clown fanatics.
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    Well these BL sellers won't be happy about this.
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    Agreed. I don't think everything needs to be at a certain relative scale. Besides, the house in the show isn't anything to write home about, so this works and the upside-down is exactly as it should be. I wish they would have included Will's fort somewhere in the build, but overall, this is a pretty good representation of the source material. @Frank Brickowski I respect your opinion but based on your comments, this set just isn't for you. The minifigs included are THE main characters and the vehicle is iconic. Leaving any of those out would not make sense.
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    I think it’s supposed to go in the other room away from your modulars. Country living!
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    Bought a 75192 for 675. That is all.
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    It's a great set...taking a long time to get this one to market. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/ab7ac32b-e713-489d-bdc6-e14b22738ba8
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    I love this set I’m a big fan of this set. Actually, I’m a big fan of treehouses, lol. I always wanted to put together the LEGO Treehouse that was the tour set (and the smaller retail exclusive), but haven’t picked either up. This will scratch that itch just fine. This set was approved Oct 2018 so it’s a long time coming. I’m guessing the design team is really giving it a go. I hope the final product isn’t too different as I really like the complexity of this one.
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    You are a winner to me and St. Paul kids and teachers!
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    Four winners qualified for the $100.00 Amazon Gift Card and bonus sets.
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    I heard this comes with an exclusive Stanley Kubrick minifigure? Any truth to this?
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    ^ They should have kept that Woody.
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    I would like to see rollercoaster 'track packs' for sale like they sell for trains. The individual rollercoaster tracks are available ala carte on Bricklink but it would be more convenient being sold in its own pack.
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    Reported to be only $89.99 at LLCA, so that’s a pretty good value.
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    Good memory! Jeff has dozens of great domain names that we have bought over the years. Really depends upon how much we diversify. The bread and butter of this site is now definitely reselling and good deals, so we will give the people what they want.
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    the main issue i have with tc is the behavior they induce in the seemingly clueless fba sellers who aggressively compete on price without understanding that tc's business model will always undercut them until ebay and amazon price points reach equilibrium (which will never happen as long as there are inpatient 1%'er buyers in the mix). as an fbm seller, you are stuck and hope the buyer reads TC's crap reviews. tc has you beat on shipping cost because they have none and they still collect the amazon shipping credit as pure profit since the ebay seller has to foot the shipping bill. as an fba seller, you are selling to a different market who doesn't even look at TC's price because they ain't prime. and yet there are numerous fba sellers who just ignore this in their eagerness to trip over themselves to compete with a stockless seller to compete for price-sensitive buyers who are looking for a good deal instead of price-insensitive buyers who are looking to have the item in their hands in 1-2 days. i know who i want as my customer.
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    It's all good...There are lots of positive things going on behind the scenes. I will explain more in a few weeks, but the last 6 months has only confirmed to me that reselling LEGO sets is a viable way to make money.
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    Yea - A joke that makes lots of money selling thousands of toys a month, that he doesn't even have.
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    30% off all sets at Frys.com with code 2288. Stacks with sets already discounted by 20%
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    If the price was in DKK, I'm pretty sure the country was not The Netherlands .... Just sayin'
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    UCS Tie Fighter 75095 UCS Red-5 10240 UCS Snowspeeder 75144 $750 cash. A victory for these turds.
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    I’ve got a few extra if anyone is interested. Open to trades of fair offers too.
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    https://shop.lego.com/en-US/product/Winter-Village-Station-10259 https://shop.lego.com/en-US/product/Brick-Bank-10251 https://shop.lego.com/en-US/product/The-Joker-Manor-70922 meanwhile https://shop.lego.com/en-US/product/Winter-Holiday-Train-10254
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