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Found 258 results

  1. According to the usually reliable source Just2Good we'll get a new Darth Vader's Tie Advanced with set number 75150. Source:
  2. Mega Bloks Star Trek revealed at the New York Comic-Con. Everything so far has been based on the original classic television series that started it all.
  3. 2016

    I'm not sure if we already have this here so I just post it:
  4. First look at Dr Strange set. Digging the Dr Strange mini figure.
  5. First images:
  6. Before the list of sets was taken down from the Amazon site, I did notice a full selection of more vehicles (around six or so) for this Toys R Us exclusive theme. A couple of which are supposed to be a Mustang and then somewhere is a Camaro. I should have realized what had happened was going to happen and make a copy for later reference but no use crying over spilled milk. Well if they are to continue the racing form tradition in the prior wave with this one, I imagine all will be based on modern models. Never mind, I just found a copy of the list. Here are the Speed Champions for 2016 everybody! 75870 - Chevrolet Corvette Z06 = 14.99 €75871 - Ford Mustang GT = 14.99 €75872 - Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro = 14.99 €75874 - Chevrolet Camaro = 34.99 €75875 - Ford F-150 Raptor = 49.99 €
  7. Read on a french site today, the upcoming sets for winter of 2016... Microfighters Series 3 - 4 are from rebels, and 2 are from Ep72 new Force Awakens sets "Battle on Takodana" and the Pirate Transport2 new Battle packs from the Force Awakens2 Battlepacks from Battlefront Game6 of those Construction Figures4 Old Trilogy Sets (Hoth Attack, Bespin Carbon Freezing Chamber (YEAH), Droid Escape Pod, ROTS Obi Wan Jedi Interceptor).
  8. Please let this rumor be wrong roller coaster (awesome) friends? (Noooooooo!!!!!!!)
  9. These would be quite popular.
  10. Lego has just updated their "License Conflicts and Resolutions" page and it stipulates that any submitted project related to the Doctor Who property will be accepted for possible review in the future if and when it achieves the required supporter milestone. Of course this does not guarantee a single thing but given many of us now have a Back to the Future Delorean sitting on a shelf with a space beside it awaiting the upcoming Ghostbusters Ecto-1 car, the chance of also having a small Tardis does not appear to be that farfetched of a concept, does it? Via The Brick Fan
  11. According to the usually reliable source Just2Good we'll get a new AT-TE Walker with set number 75157. Source:
  12. A seemingly credible source on EB says that the 2016 Winter Village Seasonal set will be a new Christmas Train. We haven't had a decent real train in a while, and with last year's rehash set there are Winter Village collectors eager for something new. If they do this set well, it will be an investment winner due to the double category demand. If you are still hanging onto 10173's you may want to sell off any stock before the official announcement and pictures.
  13. 2016

    Now this Creator set offers a lot of bang for your buck (however much that will be) between the main model of a camper to the alternates with a home then fancy yacht. Far out.
  14. 71301 - Ketar Creature of Stone = 9.99 €71302 - Akida Creature of Water = 9.99 €71303 - Ikir Creature of Fire = 9.99 €71304 - Terak Creature of Earth = 9.99 €71305 - Lewa Unifier of Jungle = 14.99 €71306 - Pohatu Unifier of Stone = 14.99 €71307 - Gali Unifier of Water = 14.99 €71308 - Tahu Unifier of Fire = 19.99 €71310 - Umarak the Hunter = 19.99 €
  15. Description from this set as found on Brickset: I had high hopes for this set and am very pleased with the results. Rey, BB-8, Unkar Plutt, Teedo and another Jakku Thug are included along with Teedo’s Luggabeast which is mainly brick built but includes some new leg elements which are articulated independently. This model measured about 15cm in length. I cannot comment on the quality of the minifigures as they were not shown. Unkar Plutt’s junk shop at Niima Outpost also appears in the set and looks as ramshackle as it is in the movie. A couple of small huts and tents are spread across a 16x16 plate and a 8x16 plate along with lots of small assemblies which represent old engines and other bits of scrap harvested from crashed Rebel and Imperial starships. This may be the only interesting new set of the TFA Summer 2016 sets! Eagerly looking forward to the first pictures of this set, when it will be displayed at the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg later this week!
  16. 2016

    There is a new biggest Technic set in town 3927 pieces.