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Found 87 results

  1. The most powerful rocket ever flown is blasting off in LEGO bricks this June! #LEGOApollo
  2. Here is the list of current and upcoming polybags in the LEGO world. If you've found a polybag that's not on this list, or have any update to give us, please note it in the comments below. This information is put together from a number of different sources on the Internet, including real world reports. Availability in your area may vary. This information is US-based. These are from within the last 12 months. Polybags Currently Available Set # Theme Set Name Locations 30350 City Drilling Machine Walmart 30347 City Fire Car Target, Walmart 30354 City Hot Rod Target 30348 City Mini Dumper Legoland 30346 City Prison Island Helicopter Walmart 30474 Creator Reindeer TRU 30546 DC Super Hero Girls Kyrpto Saves the Day Legoland, TRU 71342 Dimensions Green Arrow GameStop 71340 Dimensions Supergirl PS4 Starter Pack 30397 Disney Olaf's Summertime Fun Walmart 30259 Elves Azari's Magic Fire Walmart 30398 Friends Adventure Camp Bridge Walmart 30399 Friends Bowling Alley Legoland, Target, Walmart 30400 Friends Fitness Center Legoland 30338 Juniors Fireman Target, Walmart 30522 Lego Batman Movie Batman in the Phantom Zone Target Unknown Lego Batman Movie Lego Batman Movie Accessory Pack Lego Store 30523 Lego Batman Movie The Joker Battle Training Legoland 30524 Lego Batman Movie Mini Batwing 30376 Nexo Knights Knighton Rider 30371 Nexo Knights Knight's Cycle Legoland 30374 Nexo Knights Lava Slinger Legoland, Target 30372 Nexo Knights Robin's Mini Fortrex Legoland 30423 Ninjago Anchor-Jet Legoland 30421 Ninjago Skybound Plane Legoland 30424 Ninjago Wu-Cru Training Dojo Walmart 30425 Ninjago Wu-Cru Training Dummy Legoland 30601 Scooby Doo Scooby Doo DVD/Blu Ray 5004406 Star Wars First Order General Legoland, TRU 30276 Star Wars First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Target 30277 Star Wars First Order Star Destroyer Best Buy, Legoland, Target, Walmart 30279 Star Wars Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle Legoland, Meijer, Target, Walmart 30278 Star Wars Poe's X-Wing Fighter Target, Walmart 5004408 Star Wars Rebel A-wing Pilot Legoland, TRU 30496 Star Wars U-Wing Fighter Legoland 30446 Super-Heroes The Batmobile Walmart 30447 Super-Heroes Captain America's Motorcycle Legoland, Target, TRU, Walmart 30604 Super-Heroes Cosmic Boy DVD/Blu Ray 30448 Super-Heroes Spider-Man vs The Venom Symbiote TRU 30606 Super-Heroes Nightwing DVD/Blu Ray Polybags Coming Soon Set # Theme Set Name 30351 City Police Helicopter 30352 City Police Car 30353 City Tractor 30477 Creator Chameleon 30476 Creator Happy Turtle 30475 Creator Off Roader 30551 Disney Cinderella's Kitchen 30323 Duplo My First Fish 30324 Duplo My Town 30401 Friends Pool Foam Slide 30208 Friends Smoothie Stand 30612 Lego Batman Movie Batgirl 5002949 Lego Batman Movie Batman Battle Pod 30607 Lego Batman Movie Disco Batman - Tears of Batman 5002948 Lego Batman Movie Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman Keychain 30521 Lego Batman Movie Mini Batmobile 30377 Nexo Knights Motor Horse 30378 Nexo Knights Shrunken Headquarters 30426 Ninjago Stealthy Swamp Airboat 30611 Star Wars R2-D2 Unknown Super-Heroes The Milano Polybags That Appear to be Unavailable Set # Theme Set Name Locations Last Sighting 30349 City Sports Car Legoland, Target Jun 2016 30311 City Swamp Police Helicopter TRU Jun 2016 30471 Creator Helicopter Legoland Jun 2016 30472 Creator Parrot Lego Store Mar 2016 30285 Creator Tiger TRU Jun 2016 30321 Duplo Duck Mar 2016 30322 Duplo Wildlife Legoland Jun 2016 2000447 Education Mini Milo CES 2016 Giveaway Feb 2016 30375 Elves Sira's Adventurous Airglider Jun 2016 30396 Friends Cupcake Stall Legoland, Target Sep 2016 30204 Friends Wish Fountain TRU Jun 2016 30473 Juniors Racer Legoland Jun 2016 30320 Jurassic World Gallimimus Trap Gamestop Jun 2016 30373 Nexo Knights Knighton Hyper Cannon Legoland Jun 2016 30291 Ninjago Anacondrai Battle Mech Legoland, TRU Jun 2016 5002144 Ninjago Dareth vs. Nindroid TRU Jun 2016 30422 Ninjago Kai's Mini Dragon, Target Mar 2016 30602 Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Jun 2016 5002122 Star Wars TC-4 Legoland Jun 2016 30603 Super-Heroes Batman Classic TV Series - Mr. Freeze Jun 2016 5002125 Super-Heroes Electro TRU Feb 2016 30168 Super-Heroes Gun mounting system (Iron Patriot) Gamestop Jun 2016 5003084 Super-Heroes Hulk TRU Feb 2016 5002946 Super-Heroes Silver Centurion Gamestop Jun 2016 5002947 Star Wars Admiral Yularen Legoland Sep 2016 30274 Star Wars AT-DP Legoland Mar 2016 5002948 Star Wars C-3P0 TRU Jun 2016 30605 Star Wars Finn (FN-2187) Gamestop Jun 2016 30272 Star Wars A-Wing Starfighter Legoland Mar 2016 30275 Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype Legoland Jun 2016 View full blog article
  3. This is the first rumor i've seen related to the January 1st winter wave of 2017. Sounds like a Yoda's Hut, the UCS Snowspeeder, and a new round of microfighters series 4, and a few Rogue One battlepacks are on the way.. It sounds like the following could happen. 75144 UCS Snowspeeder Yoda's Hutt 75160 (rebel pilot), 75161 (tie pilot), 75162 (rebel pilot), 75163 (Imperial Officer) 75164 Rogue One Rebel Battle Pack 75165 Rogue One Imperial Battle Pack 75166 Set with R2D2, and Yoda 75169 (possible landspeeder or could be Tusken Raider Attack themed set) has Luke, Obi-Wan, 3PO, and Tusken Raider 75170 (rebels set with Chopper, Kanan, Thrawn) 75171 Rogue One set with 3 minis (AT-AT's might be safe for a while!) 75272 Rebels set 75173 (sounds like a jedi final duel type set) with Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Maul 75174 Desert Skiff with Han, Chewie, Fett, Weequay 75179 Set with Lando, Rebel Pilot, Crewman
  4. LEGO Technic Winter 2017 Official Images Posted: 08 Nov 2016 01:27 PM PST Continuing with some official images that Brickset has found on, there are now images of the LEGO Technic winter 2017 sets. Helicopter (42057) Stunt Bike (42058) Stunt Truck (42059) Roadwork Crew (42060) Container Yard (42062) Ocean Explorer (42064) RC Tracked Racer (42065)
  5. 2017
  6. Here's a first look at the 2017 City theme, concentrating on cops and robbers. Thanks @pstebbing ATV Arrest (60135) Police Starter Set (60136) Tow Truck Trouble (60137) High-Speed Chase (60138) Mobile Command Center (60139) Bulldozer Break-In (60140) Police Station (60141) Auto Transport Heist (60143)
  7. Just realized we don't have a thread on this. Here's some info via Delta Customs, via TheBrickFan: First, Wonder Woman movie sets: Second, Thor: Ragnarok info:
  8. Available May 1, should be $30 and exclusive to Toys R Us
  9. No idea what theme this is from but new 2017 chess set 40174 £45.99 seen at lego store
  10. We can store all posts related to this set here. It currently looks like # produced is between 2,500 and 4,000. From Lego... To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars saga, Star Wars Celebration attendees will have the chance to enter a raffle to purchase a special-edition LEGO Star Wars set inspired by the Detention Block AA-23 from the original 1977 film! A Star Wars Celebration exclusive, the set includes Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in Stormtrooper disguises ready to infiltrate the Death Star and rescue Princess Leia. The opportunity to purchase this exclusive set is being raffled off on the Star Wars Celebration website prior to the event for attendees only, beginning now through 12:01AM EST on Friday, April 6th. All winners will be randomly selected to purchase the exclusive onsite at the LEGO booth next week, and will be notified by April 7th.
  11. I am a passenger, and I ride and I ride. I ride through the city's backside. I see the stars come out of the sky. Yeah, they're bright in a hollow sky. You know it looks so good tonight.
  12. Better run through the jungle....
  13. She's a witch of trouble in electric blue, in her own mad mind she's in love with you. Now what you gonna do? Strange brew, kill what's inside of you.
  14. 2017

    Per Allen Tran on Flicker
  15. This seems to be a new set, available at least at the Leicester Square store, but hopefully elsewhere. RRP is 99.99GBP, contains 4500 1x1 pieces in 4 shades of grey and 1 yellow, plus a 48x48 baseplate.